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RE: Hello! Salut! こんにちは! Xin chào! 你好!Hola! नमस्ते My Introduction

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Lovely to meet you @hegetiby. Is your wife on Steemit by any chance? Would be nice to start building a teaching group with Montessori enthusiasts ;)
Which movie was it? I've seen a few but maybe I've missed a more recent one...


This is the movie: Maria Montessori: una vita per i bambini (2007)

She has an account on Steemit but not much time to use it, lol. That would be a great idea, maybe she would love it. Nice to meet you too, your enthusiasm is contagious. :)

Oh yes I've seen this one.
I can fully understand the lack of time needed for steemit... teachers are always way too busy, even more so at this time of the year!
I look forward to reading your posts and sharing more contagious enthusiasm :)