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RE: Hello! Salut! こんにちは! Xin chào! 你好!Hola! नमस्ते My Introduction

Great story and beautiful calling, my wife is a teacher too and she always talks about Montessori, we´ve seen the movie and I was very impressed. Would like to see her methods taught more widely.

Seems like you have lots of fun in your trips, safe travels and enjoy all the people you encounter in the way! :)


Lovely to meet you @hegetiby. Is your wife on Steemit by any chance? Would be nice to start building a teaching group with Montessori enthusiasts ;)
Which movie was it? I've seen a few but maybe I've missed a more recent one...

This is the movie: Maria Montessori: una vita per i bambini (2007)

She has an account on Steemit but not much time to use it, lol. That would be a great idea, maybe she would love it. Nice to meet you too, your enthusiasm is contagious. :)

Oh yes I've seen this one.
I can fully understand the lack of time needed for steemit... teachers are always way too busy, even more so at this time of the year!
I look forward to reading your posts and sharing more contagious enthusiasm :)