Hello Steemit!!...

Hello there, going by Oscarblue04 for now and will reveal my true name as time goes on whilst I try to get comfortable here (Just slightly cyber conscious resulting from past professions). I am from Australia, have been an IT systems administrator, an aspiring Quant financial Analyst and an aspiring Coder.
Am an early cryto adopter, just by chance being by being introduced to it by an associate. I am a very high advocator of good quality crypto projects, therefore I really enjoy critical analysis of any project in that space.

Have shied away from and disconnected myself from social media since 2014 with the exception of twitter, hence I am taking some time to see if I can find my place here. I have other interests as well, of which I wish to share on Steemit, these include health and fitness, healthy food, gardening and finance. I wouldn’t really consider myself as a creative artsy person, more often than not, I keep finding myself being a square peg in a round hole ( the irony of my life ;-)).

As a result I have never really considered attempting to fully sharing and being part of a community, but after discovering steemit on one of my favourite past times (watching you tube) and doing some research and observing information on the platform’s posts, I’ve decided to give it a try and here I am, joining the community.

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Welcome! I like your writing style, keep it up. As I can see from the last paragraph- "research", good job on doing so. Based on my research I think you haven't made a mistake registering here.

Welcome to the Steem World! Its a different type of social media @oscarblue04 !
I have recently made an orientation video that will help you in your journey here - and will hopefully answer all the questions that took me months to figure out.
I wish you all the best here on Steem!

Hello welcome to steemit Oscar! : )

Welcome to the community! Funny, I have seen a lot of people from Australia! good to have another aussie and look forward to reading your content as time goes on.