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Blog deleted by user !

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great introduction, Wellcome to Steemit

Welcome from me too...May your stay here be amazing...

  ·  last year (edited)

Do you plan on continuing to steal other Steemians' posts like you did on your previous account @onlinemoneygurug?

Edit: Hmm not off to a great start here.

@drakos - you are here by cursed and when moon reaches the mid sky today lighting will strike on your steem wallet and your steem will vanish, all the steem blocks that you sign will becomes signed by the guru. Thou shall not play with the guru ...

I'm not afraid of the Guru, I can kick ass!

That gif brought you a new fan @drakos

The more the merrier. Welcome to my world :)

Is there a Why should I vote for drakos? article? Would like to see it.

  ·  last year (edited)

You can check my blog and witness updates, I've done various things for this platform. This post from last month summarizes things up

Voted :)

btw I didn't knew that ajay dev-gun had pulled off this sort of stuff. @drakos he is generally supposed to be not so chuck-norris types

  ·  last year (edited)

He was very impressive in Singham (from which I made that animated gif). Very cool action movie.

  ·  last year (edited)

I am impressed @drakos :-) btw, we have some 29 official languages in India. "Official" is defined as the ones printed on the currency notes. My native language is a different one from South India. (A region called Kerala). People think everyone in India speaks one language and all ....


RIP mobile users' data caps. Also Australians

Sorry to break the internet with my gif.

I think cloudfront has now edge locations in Australia thus making it faster.

via 1.1 (CloudFront) x-amz-cf-id Aa70DVIGa_A-YaLAFfg-u5Ll_0YKQXlPIyk_xnM6_6UxzkUqbWkfcg== x-cache Hit from cloudfront

Australian ISPs universally or almost universally cap their customers' data use and options are sparse, last I checked.

My information might be somewhat outdated though:

hahaha nice



great-!! :-)

hahahaha nice visual

How does the Steemit Platform earn money?

The platform is just a software program, "owned" by token holders who are paid in more tokens based on their contribution to the platform through content creation, curation, and software development. The tokens gain value as more people join the platform and hold back (or "hoard") the SteemPower token to give them more influence over the growing network. So the contributors are rewarded with "money" that attracts new contributors in a beautiful example of the "token economics" revolution created by blockchain and cryptoassets. With limited use the "money" isn't worth much, but the incentives are in place for the use to exponentially increase and therefore for the "money" and the value of the network to exponentially increase. Make sense?

what jarotondi said. Its a fun way to enjoy content and make a little money plus if you create you can be rewarded as well. If you want to try and network and stuff too it can be good because working together goes a long way. Join @coderotation and also if you're interested in exercising for STEEM join @the-en. Happy Steemin'

They print it like Germany did in times of the hyperinflation.

Print, print, print... sometimes they run out of paper, that's when the blockchain crashes.
They drive to the nearest printing shop then, get all the paper, and the blockchain starts again.

#magic #TotallyNotAJoke


What needs to happen here is @berniesanders swooping in and start #takingcandyfromabitch.


The politician isn't even a socialist.

poor you @pfunk :-D You are cursed by the Guru .. ROFL

He must be trembling!

  ·  last year (edited)

@pfunk knows nothing about the kundalini power that links together all the blocks in the blockchains. Modern physicists have traveled in USS enterprise and tried to explain the same using the concept of Mycelium Networks. Great scientists like Paul Stamets have tried to explore and doomed in the parallel universes.

"The veins and muscles that hold our galaxies together."- Paul Stamets, 2256 ("Context Is for Kings ")

Beware of the force and RESPECT those who control.

Paul Stamets must have eaten a lot of mushrooms to go 250 years into the future and send something back to now.

yes @pfunk i think he can do this..

i like it

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Look! You got votes!

  ·  last year (edited)

@Promobot was used to promote this post and has an interface to purchase automated vote reversal. (25-50% discount vs flagging).

Try it out at

I want it too

hello @promobot. to my post was not done upvote,transfered 10 sbd can you return them to me? @aleqssteemiter

@promobot i also want to promote my post. can you give me the details about that?

Go to There you'll see a lot of bid bots including promobot and you can buy their vote from that website.

Thank you for guiding me my friend

thanks for apvote @promobot

Fuck this trash!
This is a $1 post at best.
Make me waste my VP that could have went to a content creator.

@echowhale team swimming by with your upvotes and reesteem, another team member will upvote shortly 1/2

Reviewed and upvoted

flagged for disagreement of rewards on this nonsense.

It's right up there.

lol...the only way this could have made sense is if the fella had included tags like comedy, fun, jokes....but even then, i doubt comedy lovers would have been amused, but at least i would understand he would have tried and failed at a stupid joke!

Whats going on here i will say deserved to be ...

deserved to be flagged?? Just like the other nonsense your accounts post?

It's possible @onlinemoneyguruu is borrowing part of his name from @moneyguruu.

are you saying they aren't all the same person?

  ·  last year (edited)

Seems to be a pattern of accounts they follow :D

@tarazkp my dear friend i am working online since 10 years now and i have a youtube channel where i am helping people to build there online presence in different platforms and steemit is one of them .

If you have seen lot and lot of Indian users in last 1 month on steemit its all because of my videos on youtube about it . I teach people on how to use the platform and explain them all goods and bads on the platform so they can earn from that platform and few people out of those learners become successful and few people are like @onlinemoneyguruu who take complete shortcuts to find success .
For me if you still think i am the same person running both account i will say there is no need for me to proove things as my articles and this guy articles has no similarity so pls see my steemit work before you bring out your decision .

And yes for sure if this guy continues this way of working i will be joining in for sure to flag him as well as even i don't want these kind of article or introduction to trend on steemit .

And if you have any query for me you can simply ping me i am here to answer all ..

Sumit kapoor

Sathya makes a valid point. While I don't support bid bot use, I don't completely condemn it either. It has some use cases when used in moderation. While I wholeheartedly appreciate your enthusiasm towards Steem and promoting it on YT, the issue is some of what you say in your videos is factually incorrect. However it's understandable since you are using it from only a few weeks at best.

This place is not a get quick rich scheme but came across like it in your very first video. I've even upvoted that I think to show my support.

It's amazing that many users have come over here following your videos, but unfortunately nearly all of them post a ton of shit content adding zero value to the platform and zero value to themselves.

When I'm curating content I find so much crappy posts and comments that I have often considered flagging arbitrarily just to make a point about quality>quantity.

But I have restrained from nuking their accounts to zilch simply because I felt some of these users will understand the pitfalls of spamming the blockchain on their own and stick to good content creation sooner than latter.

However, most by this point have ruined their rep by spamming and begging for upvotes, follows and resteems. It will put off many curators out of India from considering Indian authors.

It's a major detriment to my efforts from 2 years to onboard and retain and promote Indian talent. Another reason that I'm considering flagging.

I've been engaged in various community building exercise specific to India and I support people who don't use bid bots. I love the enthusiasm of IMers such as yourself to promote this place to your followers on YT. An old friend Harsh runs Shoutmeloud and I have massive respect for anyone who is successful in that domain.

I recommend you spend some additional time understanding how the platform works or take help from someone who knows it better if you find yourself with some extra time. So that you can inform your users how to make the most out of this place.

As an early adopter, the benefits of working with the system outweighs anything else. Appreciation in the value of Steem earned will also go a long way in helping users over a longer period of time.

But this is not a google adsense replacement nor it's equivalent. Not everyone will make $500 in a month or even $100 for that matter but some may earn even more.

But please be careful in what you promise to your users as most of them are likely to fail in their outright desperation to earn a quick income overnight and leave the platform saying its bullshit and whatnot while it was their attempt that failed, not the platform itself.

yes very well said and with details my friend but thing is people will learn with time . I have explained them there is no shortcuts here and to use bots with limited use many of them are using and working over it in good way and i can see lot of them progressing well but i cannot control whole community . They will learn with time how this platform works . @firepower

@firepower - may the godess of fire embrace you and increase your STEEM POWER. You will find more blocks and rewarded. Amen and may force be with you!

Bro, is this you?

Most of your videos about steemit seems to be misleading. I'm here for over 6 months now and I completely know the working of steemit. Probably more than you. Steemit is not an easy way to make a lot of money. Lot of shitposters entering this platform won't do anything good for any.

So, next time when you make a video, please tell the flocks about the reality. Don't mislead them.

@jerrybanfield was such an youtuber who had misled a lot. And now he is the most abhored person on steem blockchain. Don't be like him.

@sathyasankar let me tell you my first account when i started steemit was 1.5 years back but i never got time to work on steemit .

For now you might be working over here actively for 6 months let me tell you my friend jerry or any other person might be here for some money but i am in no need for such money i am just trying my best to teach about steemit to fellow indian community and out of those 10000 people for sure about 200-500 will succeed and that is my only target .

About misleading people i don't find anything misleading my friend its just matter of things which i have done on every platform where people say this is impossible and that is impossible but everything is possible if you are serious about it and i am just conveying those message to my people .

Rest thanks for your concern i am not here to be next jerry as i am not here for full time just giving it few hours now a days so i can help community .

Sumit Kapoor

10 days ago you started ramping up your vote buying, 8 days ago, the other, 1 day ogo the next. I just see a pattern. If it isn't you, that is good.

Btw, you should really, really heavily warn people about the risks of leverage trading and be very clear about using reference links perhaps.

My friend i have 325k followers on youtube so upvotes has to come on my post . About leverage trading i told them the same its very risky and only experts should use it and if you use it then be ready for huge profit or complete loss . @tarazkp

@sathyasankar Money Guru is the person who teach people how to deal with Crypto currency ,,,and he is role model for youth sir,,,,he is giving uncondtional support and love to his don't take him in wrong way bro....

@onlinemoneygurug and @onlinemoneyguruu are the same person. @moneyguruu is a different person, as far as I can tell.

@pfunk Don't know how people above judged that above account is run by me .. I can never do this kind of posting on steemit infact i missed introduce yourself post in begin as well as i didn't knew that it is compulsory to do ..

No worries. I think it's clear enough you're not the same. Steem on :)

cheers mate. Have to say, I have never been gullible but, I don't remember being this untrusting before Steem :D

The pics are too little.

  ·  last year (edited)

@pfunk @tarazkp - you are talking about mere 4 dimensional variables like time and space. Do you think the guru is confined by the limitations like time and space like you two mortals ? Thou Shalt know bettersssss!!!! Guru exists in multiple blockchain accounts, NAIs and blocks and blockchains at the same time. Guru is the genesis of the blockchain, the alpha block and the omnipresent oracle connecting and binding all the chains together.

Will @steemcleaners flag this if I report this post? Already some of my friends have reported this shit.

potentially but, who really knows these days what they will flag or not.

I asked them about this on discord. They said flag is unlikely as he hasn't done anything wrong as per their guidelines. I remember $1200+ post of jerry was brought down to zero without the help of steemcleaners!

If this post continues to be on trending, hereafter, many will tend to push their shitposts like this! This is an easy way!

anything is possible with Guru's blessing. Stay blessed.

Lol. I don't even believe in God! But I do agree, Guru> God. Hari ohm!

Potentially but,
Who really knows these days what
They will flag or not.

                 - tarazkp

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I downvoted it too

Comment removed by user !

Then why are you flagging some comments? Show show decency, especially after posting such!


The “introduceyourself/introducemyself” tag is for creating one introductory post that tells us about you. Users are encouraged to use this tag exclusively for that, and not to reuse it.

More information:

The Game of Tags

Full Downvote because of the pool rape.

We have another haejin here can you help ? @berniesanders

To create presence i have done it .. everyone is free to use their money .. if you are not happy with rewards my post is getting you are not allowed to misuse your flag power !

Flagging for disagreement with rewards is perfectly OK. Besides, everyone is free to use their money, as you say.

Welcome to Steemit!

No offense but why is this post worth over $700?

Because he invested that much with bid bots.

I have no idea either.

Welcome to the community!!

Flagged for bid bot abuse. Thanks for the introduction but this post has little substance to merit over $660 of rewards which should go to authors who put considerable effort into their content. This should be reallocated to the reward pool accordingly.


Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved! Thank you for reporting this abuse, @flagawhale categorized as bid bot abuse. This post was submitted via our Discord Community channel. Check us out on the following link!
SFR Discord

You have just joined. You are on day 0! And you already know how to use bots and smuggle a 124 word post, (including the title, tags and captions) into trending?

You are already expecting criticism, which is clear fact you already know you are doing something generally controversial, which pretty much implies you already have have your feet settled here!

So to be frank with you, i will not be a hypocrite to say you re welcome, just might already be older than me!

So there you have it! constructive criticism: this post doesn't belong to Trending.

Most trending posts don't belong there. I've given this one a small flag and supported those he flagged for daring to use their vote for the good of steemit

lol...i didn't even notice he downvoted a well weighed in comment. Very funny. Otherwise thanks

Was having a look at the #introduceyourself and then saw this post so I kept asking mysel " how did this get to the trending page?" this guy needs to respect steemit trending page.

This one is a comedian using wrong tags! lol...

I am not doing this again !

haha @mirrors Indeed

Tysm for your comment @mirrors :)

I’m guessing that you and @moneyguruu are one and the same person.

Sending this post to trending is quite pathetic.

@mazzle i don't think my friend you have checked my profile on youtube i am online coach helping people to learn different platforms but in here few people use similar names to mine thinking that they will achieve same having just the same name .
For me if you are flagging this out i have no issues because such small introduction article don't deserve to trend for sure .
But without knowing the fact if its me or someone else pls don't use my name friend :)
Sumit kapoor

@moneyguruu i have not used your name bubby !

You did in the first version, which is still on the blockchain by the way. Nice attempt at hiding it.

Well said bhaiya.

He mentioned you were the "friend" who introduced him to Steemit in the first version of this post. And has since edited it.

@mazzle yes i read it myself my name was there in his post and for sure now he has hidded it . Anyhow next time if this thing continues will for sure take action against it .

If I were in your position I’d be flagging every single thing that he did. Comments included.

Hmmm I'm thinking we might need to bring out the big guns on this character.

We may have little ammo, but we try.

Comment removed by user !

For me i will be flagging you as well if i see my name getting damaged becs of you @onlinemoneyguruu .

@moneyguruu it will not happen from next time .

You are my neighbor. Nice to meet you. Very glad to see you here in trending post. Good luck my friend.

@steemflagrewards bid bot abuse

Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved! Thank you for reporting this abuse, @freebornangel categorized as bid bot abuse. This post was submitted via our Discord Community channel. Check us out on the following link!
SFR Discord

hi @onlinemoneyguruu u are doing a great job.... and i want to remember @moneyguruu that when he introduced steemit he said interact with more people nad do... upvote for upvote...and we paod for making account... now the same person say that no just upvote best post.... i have seen so many posts in trending.. which even dont are understandable.. @onlinemoneyguruu if this man know how to dos.. what other people do in months and he know the shortcut as well then y r u jealous... and @moneyguruu how can u say him that he is using ur name... there is nike and hike in market... but nike nevwr said y are u using my name... @moneyguruu if u want to answer him... answer him with ur post... dont tell people to flag him

Thank you so much @aabidlone for this positive comment :)

Hello Bhowmik pandey ,welcome to steemit. hope you will have a great time in steemit.

Welcome @onlinemoneyguruu

So You are a Businessman ... Nice meeting you ...

Can You share your real name ?

BY The way Freevote @20%

Just follow for free votes for you future posts. I would be interacting too if your content is sensible .. thank You

Thank You

getting 744$ on introduction post..waao only steemit can do this for a beginner.. best of lick buddy.. i will be following you


oh man .... you might have went slow ...

if this is first post then how your reputation is 57,

@onlinemoneyguruu, I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Thank you in advance!

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Hahaha nice i got flagged by him for mentioning this. It hurts? Its the truth B

Good going i hope you will find success on steemit !

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi sir i think Name of moneyguruu evre time in trading area

Greetings partner @moneyguruu the friend @onlinemoneyguruu had a good start at Steemit

@moneyguruu Thanks bro :) wish you success too on steemit !

@moneyguruu How he is on trending without post any blog ? Pls tell us or explain in video.

In the first post..good going bro...I request to moneyguru ...can you please tell us how we could do this ?

You got my 100% downvote because this post doesn't deserves to be on the trending page.

Welcome to Steem @onlinemoneyguruu.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

There’s good to see about Indian on Steemit

But there must not confusion about identity

It’s not healthy way to confuse identity

Hope it will be solved out soon

i dont know what is happening in steemit. you are telling this is your first post and how you will got the that much of reputation.