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Your post was immediately funny....but those comments had me in hysterics!!! I think a few needed to let of STEAM so you have done your civic duty. I'll be waiting for the Michelle Obama post.


I love the Hillary comment LOLOL!!! I wish I saw this when it happened.

It was hysterical...except for the flags.

I know! And by someone with a screen name that starts with liberty, I can't quite get over that one!

I'm gobsmacked - since I last looked there has been a huge pile more self righteous comments - I thought up to a few months ago most people on Steemit had more than two brain cells, but not any more.

And I used to think more followers was a good thing, but now I'm starting to think it isn't!

I was also astounded. It does make for good reading, I'm going to look at round 2....😂


I hope never to encounter those people on Steemit again... I'm tempted to do a post about humour (which they can't even spell) having just been declared illegal in America, but I'm not looking for another flag spanking at the moment!

Did your rep drop?

No - rep only drops if the flaggers have higher reps - in this case it was all money and not rep

I just wondered as I saw, um shall we say the main complainant ,had high STEAM power

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