Who the fuck is Spaminator and why can they comment on my posts - do they own STEEMIT???

I put the tag "introduce yourself" next to a photo of myself. This was the second time I have used the tag "introduceyourself".

If Steemit is such a democratic platform how can controlling fuckers like Spaminator make a comment on my post and criticise me for adding a tag for FUCK'S SAKE

I joined Steemit because I heard it was a way to create content and make some money. No real money so far - because its crypto - and crypto is going to ZERO - including the $30K we invested in crypto last year. I hate crypto - its a massive joke and a fucking ponzi scheme. All of us poor fools who bought any crypto will never see that money again. I can't even withdraw my Bitcoin from Coinbase "because your country doesn't support sales". So that's $1000 I will never see again.

Thank you SHITCOIN.

Groups and individuals like Spaminator are the reason people are leaving Steemit in droves.

Just to piss them off - I used the tag again.



Sorry to hear you entered crypto last year. Was bad timing. Invest only if you believe in the projects & the people working on them.

And yes Steem should be a free platform for all - #CensorshipResistant. Have faith in $steem. It's only a matter of time.

During this time continue to post and accumulate more $steem & sp. Follow @culgin he has lots of ideas how to maximise your earnings on steemit.

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The “introduceyourself/introducemyself” tag is for creating one introductory post that tells us about you. Users are encouraged to use this tag exclusively for that, and not to reuse it.

More information:

The Game of Tags

I have been on this useless platform for a fucking year. I should stick with WordPress or Linkedin - where I can write content without dealing with these wankers.

There is no reason to be angry. There are bots that are you telling that "introduceyourself" is only there to introduce yourself once to the community.
Nothing more. Same with the "Welcome to Steemit" posts, they automaticly search for "introduceyourself" posts and saying hello. I dont know why you're so toxic about little things like that... =)

I have every reason to be angry. Why did you even comment on my post. You are toxic. FUCK OFF

It is simply not true what you're saying about cryptos. There are other services which may payout in your country, other than Coinbase. With Steem and most other cryptocurrencies, you can transfer money everywhere you like within a very short amount of time and very cheap, with STEEM even free and blazing fast (3 seconds). That has nothing todo with Exchanges that aren't operating in your country.

If you want to make some money, you can network, comment or upvote content from other steem users. :) Its not a Get-rich-quick scheme.

The measure of a currency as a medium of exchange is its ease of use. You have no idea the level of trauma I have endured in my life. If bitcoin goes to $100 k I will eat my words. However we lost $30k in crypto. I am angry. And you don’t have to comment on my posts. There’s that. No one loves a troll.

Do you want the dollar, the pound, the Euro, other centralized, Rothschild controlled, FRS managed, fiat money to rise, again, to continue in global slavery, control, tyranny, or do you want cryptocurrencies to replace them more and more as they have been so far for the past decade or so globally?

I want to be able to eat, pay the rent. Not interested in fairyland made up currency that has no underlying value in exchanges which are hacked by criminals. Crypto has as much value as Monopoly money. The founder of ethereum said its value could go to zero. I had $90 in ethereum now it’s worth $14. So low I can’t even afford the transaction to dump it. Yes give me fiat money. Real money. My husband bought $30k of crypto. That money is worthless now

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Upvoted. You know that cryptocurrencies has been following the trends, the slope, the shadow, the patterns, of Bitcoin, since 2009 or so, generally, with some exceptions, but basically we can see it look like the stock market and Bitcoin has been reverse mirroring the dollar to some extent and the dollar is doing better right now which seems to cause Bitcoin to go down, but Bitcoin may rise again someday, especially if people continue to abandon the dollar and other fiat.

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Cryptos is a ponzi scheme? Wtf hahaha

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