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RE: Introducing: World Of Photography - Gamification Of Sharing Photography On Steemit - Earn XP, Upvotes And Steem By Sharing Your Photography

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I see it has been asked, but nobody cares to answer. So may I ask again:

What is "XP" ???


yeah right, i didn't know too...


I'm sorry no one explained this to you sooner! :(

It's a common shorthand for experience generally, in American English.. or maybe slang rather? Not too sure.

Oppss I didn't know too....

now you know right..

Thanks, i didn't know either

No answer ? What is "XP" man?

Short for "experience"

XP - Experience Points

It stands for Experience Points. In games it is often used to track the progress of growth.

XP, in my understanding,,, will be the point that you get from posting photo or comment. it will accumulate and at a certain level your 'Account Level' will increase. ![Capture_xp.JPG](

This is really a great initiative. I am in a hope that contest winners will be best on quality, not based on experience points.

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