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in introduceyourself •  2 years ago

Hi to all my followers.
It looks like I may be getting close to one of my short time goals -

to collect 1000 followers in the first 100 days.


Let my blogs title page not confuse you. Even I have made my registration in 2016, yet on May 8, 2017 all my figures were still all zeros (0 post, 0 SP, 0 rewards, 0 followers). Somehow after initial registration in 2016 I got so disappointed in steemit, that I did just NOTHING. After one year, I got to re-discover Steemit once again. After a few days I said --- hmmm, can I get 1000 followers in 100 days ? It maybe not easy, but still possible. Why not to try?


Now I see that only 3 days are left, and I am 44 followers short from my target. Nobody knows, how much success I'll get in the next 3 days. If I miss this - No problem. It is all just for fun. Like everything else I do here on Steemit. It just brings pure fun.

Money wise I could do noticably better if not purchasings any of these Steems, but keeping my BTC's instead. Especially with that WILD WILD RUN we see on BTC charts last two weeks.
But who knows, things may turn all upside-down in just next few weeks.
Everything is possible. Because this is CRYPTOS !

One thing I do not regret - I got tons of pure and unique FUN here, and lots of new friends.

Which I am so thanksfull for indeed. Thanks you all for beeing with me.

If you decide to give a little help for me to reach my goal - it sure will be wonderfull.
Every account counts. Even more efective and productive would be (I trust), if you decide to resteem this post.
But don't do it, if you find it not atractive, abusive or stupid. It is all up to YOU.


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Great job. Good luck in the future.
Next step the limit of 10,000 followers?


ohhh no, way too far. Next is 2000, then 3K, 4K, 5K...step by step

A big congratulations to you sir. Upvoted and resteemed


Thank you so much for your resteem @yaanivapeji. It is a valuable support indeed. And I'm trying to show you, how much I do appreciate this.


Thank you too for the upvotes. It is highly appreciated. Congratulations again. Enjoy the rest of the day.

Good job done. Wish you luch with reaching your goal!


Thank you so much for your resteem @gintare. ACIU LABAI

I arrived to comment to say well done (well done!) and noticed a very creepy set of numbers!!



666 & 66 ? ha ha !


Creepy stuff!

superb job, contratulations

Well done. Ive been on steemit for abt 50days and have less than 100 followers haha. I think for 1000 followers in 100days is an achievement! 🏆
Keep the good work:)

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⭐️ My congratulations! 👍😎

That was great sir. I will be your follower too. Good luck.

wonderfull and its really ur great work sir also resteemed it to see more people ur great succes sir

Congratulations and thanks for contributing high-quality content here on Steemit ... !

Congrats on almost having 1k followers in such a short time :)!

A fun day @obealfa,may be successful friends and can keep your follower

@onealfa sir, you can easily reach 1000 follower within these 3 days, my all the best wishes are with you, you are doing great here..the most interesting part for me here is that i also joined back in july 2016, but did nothing, but now i am getting active in steemit these days after rediscovering its potential, but a long way to go for me, i think.

Dear @onealfa
My congratulations!
Up-voted and resteemed.

Ok I am in! I am old and a bit salted myself! Best Wishes! Hopefully you will find a little something to keep you on my blog as well!
Love and Peace @onealfa,

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Also great expression of your thank you message.

I am now your follower. You encourage someone like me, a beginner here. Thanks.

Wow that's great to see Great work one of the motivating post's to see today i will try to break that record hahah just kidding :) you are amazing

Congratulation to you sir. I just followed you and resteem plus upvote your post.


You can check this post out

Congrats @onealfa ! Great work. I'm slapping some STEEM at the promote button for ya. Cheers!

I support your aspiration! Subscribe! )
Please evaluate my photo: https://steemit.com/steemitphotochallenge/@roma-nt/steemit-photo-challenge-50-entry-1-welcome-to-the-nignii-tagil
I wish you to exceed the plan

Great start! Congratulations!:)

If possible when you think it is possible. Congratulations

Go for it! It really inspires me.
Thank you and best of luck!

Wow man 1000 in 100 days is a really great achievement. you can tell the hardwork you are putting on it, great post my friend and keep it on!! Cheers on that goal, and greeting from Uruguay.

I wish you the best luck and fun! :)

Congrats! It's a huge success :)

Well done Sir! Keep going! Don't stop!


A big success , enjoy it you did it keep growing

Sky is the limit :)
I really like your new signature.

wow sir its impossible but u don it with ur hard and great working congrats sir many many congrats....resteemed it sir

Congratulations, this is a big milestones i think. I want to reach this also ad soon as possible :) Upvoted and resteemed, i hope i can help you to reach your goal :) Have a nice day!

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+1 You earned my following dude! :)

Upvote. Hope you like my story :))

Cool! There's nothing like good clean fun and it's great you think of it that way.
I'm your 980th follower and just resteemed to aid you with your goal.

Congratulations buddy.

My congratz my dear elder friend @onealfa
Wow... it is awesome...
1000 followers in 97 days...wow..it is my dream...
I really like and happy include my name your followers list...
Wel done...

Upvorted and resteemed...

8 more! You can do it :D 💪

Congratulations, you are reached 1000+ followers today, great job :)

how did you do it?


Congrats on your milestone :) Newbie here and loving it..
check out my first contest ever :)
https://steemit.com/contest/@splendorhub/celebration-time-200-followers-milestone-giveaway-contest-sbd-s best wishes :)

Wow, if a math is done that means 9.85 followers a day and going by the numbers you might get 30 followers in 3 days. At the time of writing this comment you are at 970 followers, that means 1000 in 3 days is possible.