Introducing Me. Who is Me

I recently realised that, I have been existing behind this account without a proper introduction.
How would my readers connect with my content without, me giving them outlines of a face and personality to bear in mind when they pay my blog a visit.

So hete it is.

Call me olayinka but don't yell. I'm a Nigerian. I try to joggle freelancing and education.

Has it been stressful??
I guess so.. Because there have been times when I have to choose between jobs and homeworks, beteeen a gig and going to class, between fixing my tool or paying for something in school.

At last I prefer to summarise it all in a phrase. "its been by the grace".

So, what am I here to do??

Its probably homicidal if I admit to being here just to blow your mind, but I have said what isn't far from the truth.

I'm also here to joggle between many niches, as much as I find interesting and within my capacity to venture and greatly impress.

Now, Don't I deserve one or two brief welcome notes??
Lets coexist in harmony.👌
I promise to be helpful where I can and always exist in the spirit community.


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All the Best!!!

Welcome to Steem, @olayinkasnr!

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