Introducing @nutritionmission

Hello fellow Steemians!! My name is Allyson (aka @nutritionmission) and I am excited to be joining this platform.

I recently graduated with a bachelor’s in food, nutrition, and dietetics, and I have worked in community dietetics and the food industry throughout my professional career. I consider myself a health conscious foodie looking to use my knowledge and resources to educate. My hobbies include creating recipes, playing soccer, taking pictures, and traveling.

I am from a small farm town in the suburbs of Chicago. I believe this is where I sparked my interest in nutrition, because I was able to see where food comes from and how it is processed.

As for traveling, I have backpacked through Europe, taken an RV across the United States, hiked through the smokey mountains, and recently vacationed at a remote island of the coast of Belize.

Due to my background in food and health, these are the topics I will be highlighting in my posts. Nutrition is something that I love to research and write about, and I hope you find it as enjoyable as I do. Since I also love to travel and try new food, I will try to incorporate pictures of places/foods I try while on the go.

I am looking forward to learning and educating on this platform. Comment below on some topics in nutrition that you would like to read about!! (:

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Welcome to the platform @nutritionmission !
As a hobby chef myself I'm always on the lookout for new food pages so I will definitely be checking your blog pretty regularly. Also I would love to hear more in the future about your experiences traveling!

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Fantastic intro post. We're glad you are on the platform and look forward to working and collaborating with you. Welcome to the platform!

Welcome to Steem, @nutritionmission!

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Welcome to Steemit @nutritionmission!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Welcome to the platform. Looking forward to reading your posts!

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Welcome dear! 😍😘😗😙🤗🤗

Welcome to steemit @nutritionmission.

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Welcome, Allyson! Great to have you here, Mrs. Nutritionist! You just got a new friend ;)