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Hello dear reader.

I’ve been lurking around here for a while now, so I thought it was about time I made an #introduceyourself post.

Who am I, you ask? Well, as my profile bio snippet says, I’m a gamer, game tester, streamer and YouTuber. I also do a fair bit of graphic design and video editing, since that sort of comes with the territory when you are a streamer. I’ve been playing video games since I was a kid. Back in the day, one of my friends got a Commodore 64 (ancient, I know!) for his birthday, some of my classmates and I got really hooked, and gaming has stayed with me ever since. (You might call me a nerd, and yes, you would be correct.)

If you know what this is, you’re either my age or older. Or a bigger nerd than I am. Or both.

The games I play, test, stream or make videos about, have a very wide range with regards to genre, gameplay and budget, ranging from AAA to indie, FPS to puzzle to adventure to RPG to card games, from closed alpha tests (I do a lot of alpha and beta testing) to launch releases to games more than 10 years old, single- or multiplayer. To me it doesn’t really matter, as long as I’m having fun playing. I do find myself being partial towards horror, adventure and puzzle platformers though.

When it comes to crypto and games, it seems like a majority of games which incorporate cryptocurrencies use Ethereum, so I’ve been looking into that, but it’s time-consuming and a daunting prospect, to say the least. I have a feeling I’ll have more coming on the subject of cryptogaming and cryptostreaming in future posts. There are some interesting-looking games on the Steem platform which I haven’t had the time to dive into yet, so those are high up on my to-check-out list for sure. I’ve already invested a bit in one of the games, to show support for the project and also because I see a future for the game in question, as well as the business model.

My main platform is PC, but I do have a PlayStation as well. Over the years, I’ve owned several generations of different consoles from most of the biggest makers, but nowadays its #pcmasterrace for me.

I get pretty excited about new hardware, so I’ve built my own main rig and my streaming rig myself. I built my first PC back in 1996, and I still build or upgrade whenever I have the time and resources to do so. Again because, to me it’s fun.

Here’s my current setup. I’ll describe my rigs, their specs and setups in a future post.

I don’t do all of these things (gaming, testing, streaming or any other content creation), in order to financially support myself, but as a hobby – because to me it’s fun. Within the streaming community, there’s a saying which goes something like “streaming is a hobby, until it isn’t anymore”. Nobody can really tell who coined the phrase, the origin of the statement has been lost. But basically, what it means is, if you get into streaming (or any gaming-related content creation for that matter), don’t expect financial wealth overnight. The same sentiment could be applied to any online platform for content creators (including this one), whatever the content itself may be. Building up a following and/or network takes time. Choices of platform are few (and in fierce competition with each other) and money is hard to come by.

The platform of choice for streamers has long been – and still is – Twitch (formerly known as Wanting a piece of the pie, YouTube set up their own streaming service a while ago, Sony and Microsoft each have their own for the PlayStation and Xbox respectively, so does Steam (no, not Steem) and most recently, Discord. You might think then, that a streamer is spoilt for choice. But being the behemoth that it is (owned by Amazon and all…), if you want the most fully-featured back- and front-end, Twitch cannot be beaten. At least not for a while yet. So, I’ll definitely continue streaming on Twitch, but I am also looking into other platforms, to see what they have to offer. The connection between Steem and streaming live content seems an interesting one to me, and one that could be explored further. So, lately I’ve been looking into Vimm (which seems like it’s completely deserted), and I have also read a bit about what happened to DLive (which seems like a complete mess). Suggestions would be more than welcome in a comment below.

I’ll also continue (or get back into, rather) uploading videos to YouTube, because, well, it’s YouTube… and it’s free… Despite the fact that YouTube very recently completely shafted smaller content creators, it’s still the best free video hosting solution on the market, in my opinion. If nothing else, then simply for archival purposes. Dtube seems like something I definitely should look into, since it’s relevant for a Steem user who posts video content. But at the moment it doesn’t even come close to YouTube, regarding features and functionality.

In the future, I plan to post videos of game tests and/or reviews, along with full videos, highlights and clips from my streams, and maybe links to live streams. Posting “User X just went live”-links doesn’t lend itself particularly well to this platform, as opposed to Discord for example. I also plan to post tutorials for streaming and/or recording games, how you can set up your rig, what software you can use, editing videos etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading this brief introduction, and please feel free to get in touch if you want to. Besides here, you can catch me on the following platforms (among others):

Twitch Twitter Youtube

Source - Source - Source

This is Northmountain, signing off. Bye-bye.

Note: Pictures/graphics/photographs in this post have been created/designed/etc. by me, unless stated otherwise.


Did that Commodore 64 have a Jump Man game? We had a keyboard looking game console that looked just like that. I'm guessing that is what we had, unless if there might be something else that is similar to this. So, we were playing the Jump Man game. Well, I don't remember what the name of that game was. It was a man jumping and climbing up and down through a cave with bats. So, it was like that Mario vs Donkey Kong game except in a cave and without that ape or that plumber. I was born in 1985 in Oregon.

It doesn't ring a bell, but there were so many games, even on that old thing back then!

I tend to prefer 2D games.

Hahaha. Too funny. I posted a comment specifically about Jumpman. That game was awesome!

Cool that. I love Jump Man, AKA Mario Bros yo.

I know who you are, and I'm so glad you encouraged yourself to join us. Welcome.

Many thanks for the welcome!

Welcome to Steemit northmountain. The official FAQ can be found here and has A LOT of information - Also remember, Steemit is just ONE of the sites built that uses Steem the blockchain. You should also check out DTube and DSound for starters and if you're a gamer, Steem Monsters! There are many other cool apps but I can't list them all here, there's just too many! But I'd also like to mention Steempeak, it's a better blogging platform that has a lot of cool features. Welcome to the blockchain! :) Oh, and if you're interested in creating your own tokens or smart contracts, check Steem engine!

Thanks for the tips and the welcome!

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Thank you so much for your interest!

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Great to have you on the blockchain, @northmountain. Following with interest.

Welcome northmountain!
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Video games are being developed on Ethereum and Steem. Now, I wonder, are there also games for Bitcoin, etc? I'm still on YouTube even after YouTube murdered at least two of my channels already because a lot of people are still there. So, we can go to where the people are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc, and tell them about Steemit, Bitchute, Gab, Minds, Banned.Video, etc, etc.

Hey there @northmountain , I am new to steem as well and much like you, I have a passion for gaming/tech but also crypto and the marriage of the two. I review Dapps on the EOS platform, being a "nerd" as you say myself I am sure you remember Diablo 2 back in the day and the item market, growing up in that era I have longed for a time when the new motto would be "get paid to play" which is exactly what blockchain+gaming is equaling , it's just so much more fun that way. Your content seems interesting and since we share interest if you want to learn some more about upcoming/released/my favorites/gaming opportunities in the crypto space for EOS and ETH feel free to give me a follow, I will be following you as well, and perhaps we can learn from eachother and keep one another informed! I've recently started a blog called Nicks Dapp Picks where I play and review different gaming dapps from around the cryptoverse, RPGs/Strategy/Games of chance/etc. Welcome to steem brother!

Oh yes, I was in on Diablo from the beginning, but gave up on the series after playing Diablo 2 for a while. Thanks for the welcome!

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