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Did that Commodore 64 have a Jump Man game? We had a keyboard looking game console that looked just like that. I'm guessing that is what we had, unless if there might be something else that is similar to this. So, we were playing the Jump Man game. Well, I don't remember what the name of that game was. It was a man jumping and climbing up and down through a cave with bats. So, it was like that Mario vs Donkey Kong game except in a cave and without that ape or that plumber. I was born in 1985 in Oregon.


It doesn't ring a bell, but there were so many games, even on that old thing back then!

I tend to prefer 2D games.

Hahaha. Too funny. I posted a comment specifically about Jumpman. That game was awesome!

Cool that. I love Jump Man, AKA Mario Bros yo.

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