Wuzzup!? I'm Noah :D

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Hey Guys!

I'm Noah, and i would like to introduce myself to the steemit community :)

I'm from Germany and i can speak English and German very well.
I like Programming and working with my 3D Printer!
In my free time I ride my motorcycle and i like working on it too!
Propably, I'll post stuff about these things :)
Programming tutorials, projects with 3D Printers and experiences i get while riding and working on my motorcycle.

I hope I'll have a great time on steemit and that you like my Storys that i post! :)
If you've got any questions, just ask me! :)


Welcome Noah, what sort of projects have you done on 3d printer. Im interested to hear about them :)


I've done many projects...
For example, i printed small things to repair something, for example a new handle for the fridge, a plastic screw that broke off on my ikea desk lamp...
And I printed a lot of useless stuff.... But I think, everybody with a 3D Printer has done that..... xD
I designed and printed upgrades for my printer so i could get better print quality...
It's a lot that I've done :)
I don't think, I'm able to describe everything :D

I look forward to hopefully seeing some posts show casing your projects :).

I think the best part is when you use it to print fixes for broken items.

Welcome Noah. I hope you have a lovely experince on Steemit.

Hi! Tanks, I hope so too :)

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! :-)

Welcome to Steemit!

welcome to steemit, i also am interesting in seeing your future content..

Hi! Thanks :)

Hello to you as well Noah.... Hope you are having a great day.

Welcome to Steem @nojo121 I have sent you a tip

Welcome to Steemit @nojo121. Uploading your own photo is better way to know u. Do your best

Welcome Noah :-) Nice to have you onboard - Follow me and I will follow you ;-)

Welcome aboard, Noah! Follow me at https://steemit.com/@bitgeek

welcome nice to meet you looking forward to see your work and the motorbike too

Hi! Thanks :)
you can already read about one project of mine here:

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