Restauration of a Commodore C64

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The plastics were yellowed, everything was dusty and somebody drew on it with a permanent marker...


Also, two keys were replaced with black keys from the older version of the C64.


So, I first started with testing, if it still works. After plugging it in, it works perfectly fine!



I started the disassembly by removing the keys. I used a thin metal pry-tool to gently pry up each key. This showed, how dirty and disgusting the keyboard was! I noticed, that one pin was longer than the other! You’ll see why, later on.


Then I opened the C64 up by unclipping three latches.


I removed the shielding and this revealed the dusty and dirty motherboard.


I removed the motherboard and the shield and started working on the keyboard.
The keyboard was very easy to remove. First unplug it and then release a few more latches. (Don’t forget to remove the power LED)
To tear the keyboard down, I removed 24 (!) screws on the bottom and desoldering the shift lock key. This revealed, that the one pin, which was longer than the others, in fact was a wrong replacement part, like the two black keys.

IMG_20170607_164130_LI (2).jpg


The C64 was very dirty, so I started cleaning it. For the case I used a special sponge (Don’t ask me, what it is made of…) to remove the dirt and the marker lines. It worked perfectly!


For the motherboard and the keyboard-frame, I just used an old toothbrush and some rubbing alcohol to clean it.
I cleaned the keys by giving them a good wash with soap and water. (Look how dirty the water is, after the first wash!) After five washes, the keys were clean again.


The springs, I just brushed of the dust, because water would cause them to rust.

Fixing the yellowed plastics

To fix the yellowed plastics I used a hydrogen-peroxide cream. First, I coated every key and covered it with cling film, so it wouldn’t dry out. I repeated this with the top and the bottom of the case.


After I was done coating them, I laid the parts in the sun, because hydrogen-peroxide needs UV-Light to react with the yellowed plastics.


Because the weather was pretty bad, I let them outside the whole day. Normally, it would only take about 1-2 hours on a sunny day.
I washed everything and started with the assembly.


I started, by putting the shielding and the motherboard back inside the case and screwing it tight. One of the screw-hole-stems broke off, so I glued it back into place.


I replaced the wrong sized pin and screw the keyboard back together.
I plugged the keyboard back into the motherboard and clipped it into the top-half of the case.
Before closing the C64 up again, I connected the power LED because the cable of it is very short. Then I was able to just close the case because it doesn’t need any screws.


I put every spring in its position and started putting the keys back where they belong.


Before and after comparison


I also used a C64 of the same model I got from the same owner to show you the difference, hydrogen-peroxide and the sun makes.


I hope, you liked my project :)
I only did this documentation four you guys, the steemit community :)


The difference betweeb vefore and after is amazing! That was lucky it still worked when you first started it, saved a ton of work I'm sure! Thanks for sharing.

You're right!
But I've also fixed broken ones before :)

I've never built a computer, let alone taken one apart and then fixed it, so I'm inpressed! I might actually give building my own computer a shot these next couple of months, do you have any recommendations on where to start? I was planning to work through some youtube demos a friend had sent me, and of course see if anyone had posted about this topic on steemit!

just try, there's not much, that you can do wrong :)

That was kind of my thinking, just jump in and see what happens. Thanks.

yeah, no problem :)

Loved the post. It brings back many memories. I have an old C64 sitting in the cupboard. Time to dust it off and get it going again! Thanks for sharing. I have resteemed!

Do it!
It's a very fun and easy project :)
And you can always get great results!
If you have any questions, just ask.

Very good work! Very detailed - good pictures with explanations. . Thank you for another quality post.

Thanks for the good feedback!
I love doing this stuff, when other people like it too :)

Wow this is incredible. Repairing / taking apart electronics is a dying art these days.

I know, and i love it! I'll do more projects in the future :)

Love the detail! great post :)

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Nice, I remember playing Chuckie Egg on on a Commodore 64.

I just started playing maniac mansion. It's awesome :)

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