RE: Introducing my very early prototype to the community of Steem - a frontend with a quest to find and display gems produced by common Steem users

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Introducing my very early prototype to the community of Steem - a frontend with a quest to find and display gems produced by common Steem users

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Well the hope was that hive mind was going to solve some of these issues and group content in a better way for the users. Grouping content for users and communities so that our feeds were a lot more relevant. Since there has been no mention of it again it might be a while coming if at all.
That leaves a big gap on the site for what you are trying to do. I have to say partiko is so easy to use that if they could combine your vision with their app it would be very hard to top.

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But to my knowledge hive wouldn't fix the main trending list that is supposed to display the best content that is produced in Steem ecosystem.

There are millions of people who just browse the first page of couple times a day. Currently I dislike the trending we have so it's a problem.

What we as users need to do is start demanding features like these, I'm sure one of the many frontends already working will jump in to fill this need and if not, I'll keep slowly building mine so it'll be usable but I'd prefer if app like Partiko would make the necessary change and offer users option to hide promoted posts totally.


No I don't think that it's designed to fix the trending page but from what I understand it will allow communities to form and group content together in better ways.

If you are interested in sport there would be a community for it which would have good well supported sports content rather that what we have now which would be the trending section under the sports hashtag. The same issues that we have with all trending posts.

I might be completely wrong with that but it's what I remember from the developer posts on the subject. A better process for filtering good content to the front.

I'm sure some of the front end sites will move towards this at some stage but if you are the first mover to fill that gap then it might be yours that people look to use. Even if it's rough and ready now so are most sites at the beginning but with time and effort they continue to improve.

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I'm sure someone will eventually join in, it's clear there's people who want it. And why wouldn't they, I'd see it as a another community forming up within Steem that chooses to engage only with others who don't use money to promote content.

I'm more of an idea guy, problem solver. Not that good of maintaining and staying put but I'll get all the required functionality built so people who wish can use this as their daily frontend if no other service offers their users more control over ads like they really should.