Neuroscience Student Pursues Steemit over PhD?!

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Hello Steemians!

After just over a month on Steemit, I call tell that this platform offers something truly unique. After learning more about the technical aspects of Steemit and the Steem blockchain, and exploring different communities using the platform, I can say that I am very excited about the future of this project. It allows me to integrate so many of my interests into one effort. It has provided me with an outlet for my science/philosophy writing hobby, and has connected me with other researchers, clinicians, students, and science enthusiasts with whom I can discuss interesting topics. It resonates with my blockchain interests, and reminds me of what got me excited about crypto to begin with: the incredible potential to provide social and financial freedoms for the masses of people without them.

With the explosion of new users on Steemit, and the updates being made by the Steemit team and @heimindanger to dTube, I am growing confident that this ecosystem is only improving. Having become less and less enthusiastic about continuing in academia (for a plethora of reasons), I will be putting much of my effort into Steemit. I will soon be announcing a new project which will aim to further bring on new users and promote quality content on Steemit! Steemit has the potential to let me live the life that I want to live; one where I can do work while I travel, and direct my own research and work.

Me in Cusco, Peru

Who am I

I am a Behavioral Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology student at Lehigh University, where I also do Neurodegenerative research in a Fruit Fly lab. I became extremely interested in what I later learned is called the hard problem of consciousness, the question about how a subjective experience can arise from a physical substrate or process. For this reason I decided to study the two fields which saddle this amazing phenomenon: Neuroscience, the study of the brain, and psychology, the study of the mind. In doing so I have become extremely interested in molecular biology, neuro-psychopharmacology (the study of conscious altering substances like LSD on the mind and brain), theoretical physics, and mindfulness meditation. Basically, I just want to know all the answers to life and the universe.

Between dissecting fly brains and studying for exams I enjoying reading and writing about science, politics, and philosophy. I am a big traveler, and hope to share some of my up coming backpacking trips with Steemit! I like to hike, ski and snowboard, play guitar, and cook!

iceland silloett.jpg

Me Hiking in the Eastern Fjords of Iceland

Goal of my Blog

Overall, my goal is to integrate peer reviewed literature with the experiences of everyday life. I want to help bridge the gap between scientific discovery and practical use, and facilitate a more articulate and productive conversation. I attempt to do this in my writing by pulling on both peer reviewed literature and books, podcasts, news articles, and videos. I value facts over feelings in writing, and my goal is to think and learn, not to force a particular argument.

Me Kayaking on a Lake in Maine

Previous Posts

Here is a short preview of some of my previous writing, which might give you a feel for my writing style. Most of them start by discussing psychological or philosophical questions, and then they dive into some neuroscience or chemistry later on.

Neural Plasticity: Shaping How We View Ourselves

We experience life linearly through time as a single person. While we feel like individual, unchanging entities, our bodies and minds are always changing. From moment to moment you are made up of a significantly different population, organization, orientation, and state of cells. You are in a unique instance in your life which consists of a unique environmental situation and a unique psychological perspective.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.” - Heraclitus

While every moment is intrinsically distinct, one thing is certainly conserved: We only live in the current moment. We have the capacity, however, to remember the past, and to think about the future. This is different than the ability to actually experience the future or past; it could be thought of as a present experience which contains the conceptualization or depiction of the future or past. But each experience molds us like waves on a rock, and leave memories and physical alterations behind.

Manipulating Memories: Instantly Eliminate a Fear

Through memories, our past experiences shape how we respond to an event. This is especially true for the formative early years of our lives, during the "critical period" when our neurons can rapidly change by forming new connections and 'pruning' others through elevated neural plasticity. This malleable stage of life enables quick adaptation to new environments and rapid and robust learning. It is responsible for children being capable of picking up a language or skill far quicker than an adult could, and for childhood experiences having a large impact on a persons conceptualization of the world.
Since early experiences can have such an impact on children, a single bad event can cause serious trauma or fear. These fears can follow an individual into adulthood even if the adult recognizes the fear as being irrational. Some adults can even point to the event(s) in their childhood which they think started the fear.

Thanks so much for reading! I am very excited to continue posting on Steemit and reading more awesome content by you guys!


nice post and awesome pictures you got there. you have really grown so fast . its great to have you here

I totally agree. I've been following you and through various other channels I've found an outlet with more potential than a traditional peer-reviewed journal communication. We as Steemians are the peer reviewers!

Keep a look out for my upcoming project announcement! :)

Good to have you here :)

Hi Nick, Well I will say an 'official' Hello :) I have been following your posts with much interest, some of them are a stretch for me to fully grasp, but I am fascinated nonetheless. I look forward to reading and engaging more, I am fascinated how science has never actually discovered this 'thing' called 'matter' and then goes on to suggest that consciousness arises from it! I would enjoy this debate :)
All the very best of success to you here on Steemit.

Great travel pictures. Neuroscience is something I am interested in, and look forward to reading more posts on the subject. Quote from Heraclitus tells me, life is being renewed moment to moment. If you want to experience the freshness of life, be here now. Thanks for the reminder. Cheers!

Welcome to Steemit brother! Neuroscience sounds very intresting and just the way you have presented yoursef, i can imagine that you will bring great value to this community. Following you. Cheers.

Welcome @ngans ! Your research area looks very interesting and the linked articles are of great quality :) Definitely following!

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Welcome, nice intro post, look forward to following you. Great pictures also, thanks :)

Welcome to steemit ngans
Cusco looks nice.
Have a nice day.

Welcome to Steemit! Your science seems very interesting 😊

Bro, you are an hour away from me. LMK when you come into philly.

Based on your interests I hope you've been looking at erowid. It's an interesting community on shall we say "neuropharmacological agents"

I let you know!

Yeah, haha im familiar with erowid!

welcome here and enjoy with steemit

Wow. Love this. Thank you.

Good luck on your way :D

Welcome! Awesome! I love brain science! Brain science vs. steemit? I am sure one can do a great research about the impact of steemit on the human brain.. ;-) Good luck. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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great stuff very well put .my question is where do the little annoying fruit flise come from ,i was having this conversation just last month with my sister

Today I enjoyed the snow. At us in Siberia (Russia) a snow he yet did not thaw

I like the layout. You should be one of the more interesting members. And neuroscience is a fascinating subject.

Welcome to the site (though I guess you're hardly brand new ;) ). I look forward to reading more of your posts.