Introducing Nexus Global: Suitable Mining for everyone!

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Hello Steemit community,

this is our introduction article for the blog here on Steemit. At first we want to share more about our company philosophy.

Philosophy of Nexus Global

Nexus sees itself as a multinational MLM company, which follows the approach that those characters that shape our corporate culture in a sustainable way are much more important than the constant increase in profits.

Furthermore, Nexus not only relies on a single product, but builds on a variety of online products, such as education, online gambling, live betting, forex trading, binary options, Cryptotrading, ICO/IPO and Bitcoin Mining and an exchange. These products meet the need for durability as well as profit maximization and, of course, long-term thoughts.

The highlight of this is that Nexus has all combined these products in a so-called multiwallet. In this form it is a complete Novation on the worldwide MLM market.

Nexus knows no national borders, or is closing itself against foreign cultures, combines the most diverse religions and beliefs under one roof and sees itself as a company for everyone.

Through the technical genius of the hybrid marketing plan, Nexus can perfectly map both the typical binaryplannetworker, affiliate Unilevel Marketer, and investors. Each distributor is able to create multiple income lines and partly completely passive.

Nexus is the company of the present and the future, with the flexibility in the multiwallet perfectly prepared for market-relevant change and young enough to provide free space for the development of individual individuals.

Nexus Global Ltd. & Nexus Global Mining Ltd., Christian Michel Scheibener, Founder & CEO


What is Nexus Global offering to their members?

Nexus offers the world's first real multiwallet in the field of multi-level marketing, with more and more upcoming features and income streams.


As an entry-level and main product we have our educational packages paired with Hashpower, of electricity for generating Bitcoins, Ethereum, dash, etc.

Our Mining Products

We are offering suitable Mining Packages for everyone!

With Nexus Global you will find the right mining product for your financial situation and you can start to profit from the crypto market in no time.





The Nexus Global Academy

Learning, understanding, applying & earning.

The Nexus Global Academy aims to provide our partners with an essential basic knowledge of mining, binary options, Forex trading, Cryptotrading, ICO/IPO and in the future also gold and silver trading.

Here in different chapters, depending on which package you have purchased, that knowledge can be acquired by reading the content and viewing the supporting videos, this knowledge is also queried in chapter-relevant quizzes.

The courses of the Nexus Global Academy:


The core team behind Nexus Global:


Christian Michel Scheibener - CEO & Co Founder

Christian Michel Scheibener has been working in the sales sector for almost 20 years. His career is based on a financial studies and several years of management experience in the Multilevelmarketing field. As a Kryptowährungsenthusiast, he is an honor to lead Nexus Global as co-founder and CEO at unprecedented Heights.

Michael Thomale - CMO & Co Founder

Michael Thomale has been an entrepreneur for over 27 years. Michael has been active for many years in the field of consulting, training and shareholder area. Company management with specialization exit, ICO or IPO.

Manuel Garcia - Online Marketing & Webdesign

It does not calculate in days and weeks, but in clicks and leads! Manuel Garcia is active in online marketing and has specialized in the areas of Facebook performance Marketing & Smarte sales Funnel concepts with his agency. Together with Arndt Bieberstein, he has written on the flag for Nexus to produce the best processes and tools for partner acquisition and management.

Bieberstein Arndt - Programming Academy

WebApps, databases, project planning, automation – a man for everything. Since childhood, Arndt Bieberstein is a passionate programmer software Architect. The more complex the processes, the more it blooms. For Nexus, there is only the best of the best to bring the global player to the top.

The Nexus Global Roadmap for 2018:


We will provide you more information about our company and especially about the cryptocurrency market, such as the Merchant & Akquisition market. Follow for futures articles and stay tuned!



This article was published by @future24.

--> Click here to join Nexus Global

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