My Introduction - Travelling Queen narisatravel Please support my first day on steemit

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My Introduction - Travelling Queen @narisatravel Please support my first day on steemit

Hello Steemit! I hope everyone would be fine and shine who comes to my post and help me to Follow, Upvote, Comment and Resteem to make my first day better on steemit.

Introduction of myself

I am Narisara Nok, I love my name but my friends call me Narisa because it’s small name and they enjoy to say my nickname Narisa.

I am happy with my nickname Narisa and everywhere I use it. Even on steemit I would like to make my name Narisa and make new friends So please whoever is reading my post please call me Narisa.
I am from Thailand a beautiful country which famous all over the world, People like to come here from foreign countries and make their holidays better.

I am a student of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) last year. I enjoyed a lot of my college life and now it’s my last year, Enjoyment is going to be end soon and I am so upset because of that 
I love to travel and visit the world. I have done a lot of traveling in my whole life you can see some of my traveling images in this post I will do other posts of my traveling later when I get some free time.
My friend @angelinacastle bring me here on steemit please follow her also.

My dad is a businessman he gives me everything that I needed in my whole life, My dad is my real hero who made me always happy I am happy because of my dad and I hope my dad will be also happy one day because of me because I will do something that will make my dad proud.

My dream is to visit the whole world almost 15 countries I have visited but it’s nothing I will visit more in coming months but first I want to start my new business for my income.

Some of my traveling photos

After completing my bachelor degree, I am deciding to start my own business to make my degree useful and bright my future like my dad. My dad will always support me to get started my business and please my all friends pray for me.
One of the best habits of mine is to help others, I really feel good when someone smiles because of me, Believe me it makes my heart bigger and it feels like I have done something in my life, I am also requesting to all of you please help each other’s to make happy. Please follow me to make me happy hehe just kidding. :D

My Hobbies

-I love to do traveling my life is all about traveling.
-I love to do shopping because it makes my personality better.
-I love to do beauty parlor work because it make me beautiful hehe :D
-I have many other hobbies just like games, sports, gym etc.

I think it’s enough for introduce me, You will know me very well please keep in touch with me follow me and do regular commenting upvoting so we can know each other better.
Love you my new steemit friends.


Great story. I can tell from your post you are a very kind person. Best of luck to you in your adventures.

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Welcome aboard the Steemit Train @narisatravel!

I really like your pictures and am glad to know that you are visiting Canada as well! Did you see my series on the Canadian Rockies? To visit Thailand is a real dream of mine, what blessings it is for you to have been born there...

Your name is also another magnificent grace, I love it too! Looking forward to seeing your next adventures and reading about them too.

Namaste :)

Thank you so much for your kind words for me. Please don't forget to meet me at Thailand. Did you see my another post of traveling?

I am also a BBA Student . I mean I was. And then completed MBA . Now free from all.

Is it you ? Welcome to Steemit

WaOo.. really you are also student of business great. Yeah it's me, i have many pictures were captured on this trip will upload later.

Can't wait to see. Lovely to connect with you.

Hello. Welcome to steemit! I love to travel too!😀 you’re blessed to have a dad who supports you. Enjoy sharing your travel here. You take good photos, by the way😀

Thanks a lot you are lucky my first commenter and friend on steemit :)

You’re welcome😀 looking forward to your posts. Followed you😀

Bundle of thanks dear :)

welcome to this community ...hopefully you can reach what you want on this community ...

Thank you so much, Yupp sure with the help of my followers i can reach :)

Thanks you so much, Please stay connected to see my traveling posts thanks.

||||||||||||welcome|||||||||||||| Here on steemit hope you enjoy your stay here like going on the parlor ... Again stay tune for happy life and earnings.

Thanks for your kind welcomee... Yupp i will enjoy because of you guys :)

Thank you so much please stay connected to see my traveling posts.

Upvoted! always looking for travel-minded people, welcome and hope you like the platform.
like your goal to see the whole world, i traveled for four years and post about it now, have a look if you want

will keep an eye out for your posts

Thank you so much please keep in touch for more my posts, I did another post of travelling :)

Welcome to the platform and you're very fortunate that you also have a supportive father as well.

Yeah i am happy to have my great father, I am here becasue of my Father. Thanks a lot please stay connected to see my more traveling posts.

Sure thing that I will give you a follow!

Thank you so much i did another post ..!

welcome @narisatravel.. Nice to know you. Hope you succeed there. And I also want to always connect with you to equally advance each of our bloh

Thanks a lot to be my new friends here, Sure please connect with me for my future traveling posts.

Nice post, I'm lookin forward to see more about your travelling experience and adventures.

I would tell you welcome to steemit but I'm a new one as well ( joined yesterday ) haha

Sure please stay connected to see my more travelling posts.. Ohh welcome to you also hehe two new members met suddenly :)

I followed you, if you have some time you can check out my story and tell me what you think!

I kind of find your introduce yourself post ...real, honest, simple and clear...expecially the I like to help people smile part and I love travelling..Tell u what to travel alot become an air hosteesss....Narisa

Thanks you so much for your kind comment on my post. Please stay connected to see my more posts of travelling.

hy welcome to steemit...
your photography is amazing i like it...
may you have good journey on steemit

Thank you so much please stay connected for more traveling posts with photographs.

welcome am also a newbie here. Looking forward to your post!

Great to know you, sure i will post my travelling posts daily.

Great introduction.
Welcome on Steemit.
I think you will doing great here.
Wish you big success! :)

Thank you for your kind appreciation, I followed you please stay connected to see my more traveling posts :)

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Welcome onboard. Your pics are awesome. 😃

Thanks you so much, Stay connected to see my more traveling posts with awesome pictures.

hello and welcome @narisatravel~~

Thank you so much friend to comment on my 1st day.

You got a 0.82% upvote from @allaz courtesy of @angelinacastle!

Welcome @narisatravel you are sure to find many friends here who love travel and love blogging about their travel experiences.

Thanks for visiting me I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much for your kind response, Sure i will find many friends related to my topic.

Friends I know in travel, using and assisting fellow travelers to use crypto whilst traveling is @exploretraveler here in Steemit, they are also on other social media platforms.

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