Introducing myself: Greetings Steemit Community! This is Edouard :-)

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Wow, Steemit, what a cool concept! 

I discovered the community a few days ago, and since then, have been wandering throughout many blogs dealing with a grand variety of topics. There is a lot of quality here. One can definitely tell that authors have been putting an effort! Moreover, the few people I have interacted with since I first logged in have been really welcoming. So, now, time to formally introduce myself: 

Greetings Steemians!  

My name is Edouard (@muphy), a French dude living in The Netherlands. 

I was a research scientist for a large corporation for more than a decade, and then slammed the door: ethical issues, mid-life crisis, fed up of wasting my energy for some rich assholes instead of helping those that really need it.  It took for me to reach my early forties to wake up. So I caught up on what I really loved: composing music and teaching.

Now, 4 years later, I make a comfortable living from these two activities as a music producer for media and as a private Physics teacher. Today, I am happier than I have ever been and feel enriched with a purpose in life. 

Composing in the studio...

...and playing around on the white board, at the frontier between Newtonian physics and quantum mechanics.

So what can I bring to such a cool community like Steemit? I am primarily a musician, so plan to spice up Steemit in this area. Of course I will be posting my latest butt-shaking electro-pop hits. All musicians do that. So I will also be proactive in developing this platform, via the discussion of ideas in comments, blogging about the music business for musicians as well as for video creators. 

For example, would some of you like to purchase the license of the music they use on their videos using Steem? I need to mature this idea, understand the site better and then will post about that. 

Here is one of the latest track I posted for sale a couple of weeks ago. The first licence was sold the next day! 

Being a science geek and a knowledge addict, I am pretty much fond of all physics, but have my favorites topics which are cosmology and particle / quantum physics. Surprisingly, these topics are already taught during the last years of High School. When I discovered this: Super cool! I went for it, and now I have a dozen students that I see one-on-one, by small group or by Skype. Sometimes, the local international schools contact me when exams are approaching to give their students a new perspective that can unlock the mental blocks they created for themselves during the year. Some of my regular students call me Super Teacher lol!  

Encouraged by this, I made a bunch of videos which I grouped in a Youtube Channel: Physics Made Easy. I love making videos, it is so much fun, but also so time consuming… so I post in bursts to save time on the video studio set up (3-4 videos within 2 weeks, and then nothing for 3-4 months). I know, this is really not a good marketing strategy, but I don’t care: the goal for me is to have fun with it, not for it to become a hassle!  


So what could I bring to Steemit in that area: I am planning to explore D-Tube and enrich it with these educational videos. I wish also to get involved with 1/ the scientific community here, and 2/ helping from time to time high school physics students that need a little clarification. I might also share with you why Physics is such an amazing topic by blogging, and in the process, maybe make a few new adepts of the wonders of Nature.    

Something completely different: you might see from time time my companion, Higgsy. I picked her up last June when she was just 8 weeks old. The first thing she did, when we arrived home was to run towards me, climb up my leg, my back (ouch!) and reach my shoulders, where she decided to set up camp! Such a cute little heart :-)


Moving around and exploring is also something I enjoy, and actually need. For example, one of my students made me discover longboarding earlier this year. She completed hooked me onto it, and now I love cruising around, discovering new sceneries and surfing the roads.  

And it’s even better to surf the streets with other. In the video below, cruising around The Hague with local LongBoarding community.  

There’s more of course, but I’d rather stop now… It’s already a long post, and talking about me all along makes me feel like boasting… which is not really my nature.   

I look forward to meeting with you gals and guys, exchanging ideas, developing mutually our creativity, and helping to make the Steemit community rock the world! I’m so proud to be one of you now and can’t wait to become more engaged! 

See you out there in the Steem Universe, 



Music production:

Physics Tuition:

Youtube Channel (Physics): Physics Made Easy

Youtube Channel (Music Production Courses): Music Production Made Easy


Hello Welcome to Steemit wish you best of luck ! Glad to see more people like you


Welcome on Steemit @muphy!

I hope that you will participe in our community with pleasure, I was preparing to you some usefull links and tutorials for beginners.

Steemnow - this is website where you can check your Upvote power

SteemFollowers – great website for beginners, you can get upvote for upvote

DeadFollowers – here you can check how many dead followers you have

hey there and welcome :) I think if you are trying to post a lot of music you should have a look at "D Sound" as well. It is based on the principle of steem only for music!

I'll give you a follow :)

Thank you for the welcome and for the tip on D-Sound, @tobedata. I'll check it out. By the way, I read your latest post (About people making pictures about beautiful things). Super writing, love it!

Bienvenido, también soy nueva. Tengo que decirte que me ha gustado tu presentación y por lo visto es bueno animar a los que comienzan,¡ánimo!

Dear @Orgaescola. Thank you for your kind comment. I just read your own introduction. Teacher to teacher, I so understand what you mean! Maybe you can continue helping others on Steemit, and also by creating video courses on various platform of the internet (Udemy, SKillshare etc...). Lots of teacher do!

Glad to have you on-board @muphy. Will look forward for more of your posts.

Thank you Dean. I checked you posts you seem to be quite into environmental systems. Very informative articles!

Thank you @muphy. I look forward to your posts too. Have followed you to make sure your posts will show up on my feed.^^ Check out the #steem-stem channel in steemit chat, you'll find many Steemit users there who are involved in the STEM fields. Or you can check @steemstem. Cheers!

Really nice post. Welcome here on steemit @muphy :) looking forward to some good content from you

Thank you @Aximot. I checked your blog. Nice one on gravitational waves :-)

Thank you :D Being still in school it is nice to hear this from someone who knows really much about physics :D

Hi @rebele93, thank you for your welcome. I checked your page, Synth Geek? What's your favorite synth?

I use a lot of the Arturia soft-synths as VSTs in Ableton. I have a MOOG Slim Phatty, and I recently got the Toriaz AS-1 which is a Pioneer box that use the Dave Smith Prophet voice. I'm looking to pick up a 3 tier Moog Mother 32 stack next.


Welcome muphy... nice intro... follow me for future posts update.

Thank you @Mabhedal, like me, you are new, so all my wishes of success on Steemit!

Hello @muphy, nice post. You are welcome to this lovely community where your efforts are been rewarded. I bet you will have a wonderful time in this community.
Have a nice day @kenking

Thank you @Kenking, yes I am quite excited to have found this alternative social Internet! And it is not only for the money, it's for the fun and truthfulness of connections that I feel has progressively disappeared from other networks

Great music track. Very impressed.
Welcome to Steemit!

Hi @dadview. Thank you very much for your kind post and welcome.
All my best wishes of continued happiness to your family!

Saluton edouard kaj bonvenon je Steemit! That is a beautiful intro. Hope you will enjoy this community. I look forward seeing more from you. Iam following you.
Nice to see you on the longbord. This summer I took over that of my son. And before I got something interesting to ride on:

Dear @Johano, Thank you for your kind comment, and your welcome in Esperanto! I must admit I used Google translate! And also used it for the article you suggested.
I have never seen these things before! No wonder your son is afraid of them, they look challenging to ride! And on the photo, please wear protection (knees, elbows, head) when you are trying something new like this ;-). Let me know how you progress with them, I am very curious about these funny rollers! What are they called by the way?

Thanks. Yeah once I fall off and badly hurt myself. The problem is not to get on those skaters, the real challenge commes when you get off. Specially when you are not 20 anymore. But it is such fun.

Awesome! Welcome to steemit-what a great intro post!

Loved that EDM native American sound...are you going to try to do something with SMTs once they are able to be created?

Thank you @protegeaa! I am very new here, what do you mean by SMTs?

Great question-SMTs are Smart Media Tokens. You can use them to create your own token on the steemit blockchain, kickstarting your own project! You can start here:
Also, the steemit CEO is @ned , you should follow him as he is making videos about SMTs explaining them better than I am.

Hi @protegeaa, after 2 months here exploring, posting, commenting, reading... am back on my first post and reading the comments in a new light... yes SMTs appear really like an exciting opportunity... i am already following what s going on with these...just imagin if some big lads like YT or FB picks 'em up....

Welcome to Steemit @muphy. Nice introduction post. Interesting combination between being a music producer for media and as a private Physics teacher. Glad to see that you are feel happy and enriched in your life. Upvoted and Followed. Have great day!

Thank you so much @apprentice001. It was an interesting exercise actually to write this post. It was like looking at a map, and checking out where I am in life :-)!
I checked your page. Wow, you are quite talented in drawings! Even if I lived in Japan for a couple of years, I am not the biggest fan of manga. Yet, my favorite cartoons of all times are those of Miyasaki. I must have watched his movies 10 times each!
Keep making people dream with your talent!

No problem @muphy! And thank you for checking out my page. I also enjoy the movies from Miyasaki and have also watched some a few times like "Howl's Moving Castle", "Princess Mononoke", "Spirited Away"... which is your favourite? Thanks for the kind words, I will keep drawing and welcoming new joiners onto Steemit. Have a fantastic day!

The movie that made me discover Miyasaki is my grand favorite: Spirited Away. The story and all the creatures hypnotised me! So creative!

Nice introduction. You have a great variety of talents. 👍🏼

Thank you @laylahsophia. I checked your blog, it seems that I am not the only one! Very good article on the role of intuition in scientific research!

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Nice murphy you are into physics, that is really a good science, followed so i can learn more of this .

Thank you, wishing you a great day

Hey , How are you ?
welcome to steemit @muphy
following you now. :D
follow me back pls.

A new Steemian ^^ hello @muphy I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, wish you much luck! I will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk

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Welcome onboard, @muphy. Enjoyed reading about you and your work. That's a good track, thanks for sharing it with us. Would love to see more of Higgsy, she is cute. :)

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