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Hi everybody, I'm Esther Akpan by name but I'm fondly known as msglam. I'm 25years old and a citizen of the world(born in Nigeria but currently residing in Uyo).


I was introduced to steemit by my friend @jogrin who has convinced me for over a month now to join the platform especially anytime I request for money from him.i owe him for bringing me to this great forum.

I am a student of University Of Uyo and also a makeup artist by profession. As a makeup artist which I am, my duty is to apply makeup and prosthetics on the human body for events like television shows, film making, fashion, modelling industries etc. I derive joy from what I do by enhancing individual looks for different
special occasions .

I am so excited to get to know you guys and be a part of this great community. It has been benefiting to my friend @jogrin who introduced me here and I hope it does too for me. I'm looking forward to making a great deal out of here and contributing positively to this platform. Thank you all for reading, God bless you all


Welcome to Steemit, 🙏🏽 Your post just popped up as I posted mine, so it’s just fate that I saw your page as it was birthed.

Good start with your introduction post. The rules are that there really are no rules. Steemit is self governing community. But to grow here are my personal tips:
-just be you and tell us more about that. What are you studying? Where? Why?
-always include a picture in your posts, or even 2-3
-post least weekly, or better yet daily. But not more than once or twice per day.
-if you post a lot of words (a Long post) include paragraph breaks and photos along the way. Makes it much easier for the reader to digest.
-engage with readers...if someone comments then reply back, even if it’s just a “thank you.”

hi .. congratulations on joining steemit .. do not give up and keep my friend's spirit .. follow and upvote and salam know from me @n17am from Indonesia.

Thank you

awesome titel

Thank you

I will, thanks

Nice to see you on steemit
Please follow me @saifulaz

Welcome onboard! Hope you'll find it great in here..

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