I'm not sure I am because my boobs are not big enough...

Plz follow me i really need the money

@sift666 what's wrong with you?
I know you and saw your past posts and had a positive feedback about you in the past
I thought you are a good one
what happened to you? why I suddenly see this post by you?
Is this account hacked
I don't believe that you are @sift666 that I knew and followed

Yes it is me - I saw three versions of the same fake post so I did a pisstake of them, but then some people flipped out and flagged my post. One of those fake posts earned over $80

They didn't flag the original fake posts though.

My point was to show how little background checking a lot of the new Steemers actually do.

It all worked better than I ever intended, but I didn't mean to trick any of my real followers such as yourself.

If I made it too plain it was a joke it wouldn't have been a joke...

And now I'm trolling because the post is getting quite a lot of attention and I'm not sure how long it will continue

for that I didn't believe it's you because I know you well
@sift666 do you accept me as a friend?

Just a big LOL!


Yes sure - it's all the usual me and I hope we are all cool, I was just having a laugh

no problem mate
have fun
If you don't mind, I would like to be a personal friend to you
just send me you FB or any contact with 0.001 sbd through my wallet

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