Education is the master key

Knowledge and wisdom are different, Education will provide the knowledge,
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
Education might be the key, but which door that key opens we each must find.

I have done bs zoology

Congrats! I love that you share this kind of thing. nothing better than sharing our achievements.!
That the successes keep coming!

congratulations for the degrees ! :)

Well done @money-dreamer! Education is the most powerful weapon that nobody can steal. God bless!

I could be stolen and forced to work.

I think you posted a house not too long ago, even if you don't live there you will be nearby at some point, it's getting easier to track you down everyday!

Nice... and somewhat inspirational. Education is a valuable thing. Keeping striving for knowledge and growing to new heights.

Good for you man! I had to put a hold on schooling due to financial nightmares. Hopefully I'll be able to head back there somewhat soon.

Adam Nathaniel Cox... Got your name, tracking you through the NSA database... Lol

And someone's got a Masters in Computer Science, cool. But nah, I've got no job for you. I helped resteemed though

Great job with the education. I earned two of those High School and Associate of Arts the education I have enjoyed most is the degree of hard knocks or another way to say, the education of experiences. Love to you

You don't upvote your own post?

I do, but I usually wait at least an hour so I don't interfere with the curation hours.

Hi @money-dreamer, you've really acquired quality education. I wish I'm done with mine too.

You are great brother. Education is the key factor for success and progress. Congratulation friend. Thanks for sharing.

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Cool. Call me at (702) 830-3856. My name is I.J.

The most beautiful thing in life is man's own success.

Education is very important. It is a acheivement that no one can take away from you. And only someone who has education knows just how powerful it is.

Amazing paper there, well done. What a hard struggle to get it. @money-dreamer

Can hardly see some words, but kudos all the same. Yet to do my degree.

wow! That's a lot of studies!!!

thank you for the post, I was interested to see your photos your achievements, thank you very much

Hi Adam, how can I contact you on steemitchat or discord? I have some ideas about steemit bot and need to talk to someone who rules them)))

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if you are still in high school you are still young you will soon be learning college. spirit

WOW! You have done great in your life.. Your parents must be so proud of you and your achievements even here.. Keep on inspiring us please.. Thanks

How would you be able to help set up a steem-fishing site?

Wow im so amazed. Godbless you more :)

I did Marine Transportation. hehe.

Nice of yours! Congratulations!

Nice. good luck

It is great to have education like yours!

great achievement ... best of luck for the next

Wow. This is great. Kudos.

I am very interested to see those certificates of yours. Thank u @moneydreamer for sharing your personal achievements.

Thank u @money-dreamer for sharing your personal achievements with us.

someday i have that one

Congratulation @money-dreamer for your achievement. Be proud of it.

Congratulations Boss. I have a project that would need your expertee. Please contact me at [email protected] or whatsapp 00233 2706 33170

first of all congratulation.I am in Industrial department at Uet Peshawar..I am grauated from Islamia college peshawar

Wow! Good for you man. I also have a degree in Computer Engineering back when Java was still starting. Our programming language was Assembly language and C. I see that you also have masters degree in Computer Science. Congratulations and more power to you.

Maafkan aku @money-dreamer... 😁
Saya harap Anda dapat membantu saya memilih jabatan saya: Dunia


Very good post, amazing.

Get your geek on 🤓

Education is the key to success ...

Hey @adam

Steemit should hire you for development.

I only have 2-3 degrees and they are useless.

You are using your education for your and Steemit growth. Keep up the good work.

Congrats brother! it takes persistence to achieve that higher education. Will definitely reach out to you when I need a website done. Or hmu if there's anything you can help me out with on the Steemit platform. Much appreciated!


Indeed, learning is a lifelong process.

welcome to steemit :)

Let’s hear it for community college! I’ve been teaching at various cc’s for 30 years, and am a tenured professor at Community College of Philadelphia.

Nice work man!

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