Hello Steemit !

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Hi Steemit!

I keep noticing this new site here and there so I thought I would give it a try and introduce myself. I am a 32 year old stay at home mommy and I was blessed with my first baby 8 months ago and plan to be posting about our life. I hope to include baby food recipes, easy breakfasts, dinner recipes for busy parents, fun things to do with babies, plus the struggles that new mommies face and how I keep my life balanced.

My husband and I have been married for two and a half years and live in Dallas, TX. I am lucky enough to have two amazingly supportive sisters along with my dad and stepmom living here as well, we are a close family. I love to read, eat, exercise, hike and watch 'days of our lives' an American soap opera (I know I'm ridiculous). I strive to be a positive person and try not to sweat the small stuff.

Please follow me as I share the good and not so good parts of being a mom.

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Hello @mommydays,

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The SteemTrail Community looks forward to more great stuff from you. So, please keep up the great work!

Keep on Steemin!

Oh wow! Thank you

Welcome to the community @mommydays. Looking forward to your post about kids. I'm a parent and need to learn because I believe that I still have so much to learn about parenting.

I only know what is working for me, I am no expert :) thank you for the welcome.

Nobody is expert when it comes to parenting and sharing experiences could help in the same way or the other.

Hey, welcome to steemit. Good luck on here! Followed and upvoted.

Hi there :) ...out of curiosity how did you find out about Steemit?

My husband saw it on CNBC and rolling stone

Welcome to steemit @mommydays! I have an 8-year old myself so will look forward to reading your posts! Followed :)

Welcome @mommydays , upvoted and following! Please take a look at @ourlifestory too :)

upvoting and Following, please look at my site @networker5

Thank you I will

Hey @mommydays welcome and I look forward to your posts from Texas!

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