Introducing myself 😁😎

Here it comes 😄

  • I have decided to make this post and introduce myself to you because I haven't made one yet despite the fact that I have been using steemit for almost a year.


  • In the past I have been trying to make cryptocurrency price analysis but I did not really understand it so I've stopped 😅. I will definitely do some in the future as soon as we see some bigger price movements in cryptos.

  • Now I am focused more on the investing as a whole and I am trying to get to as much knowledge as possible about economy, history of money and also about cryptocurrencies of which I am a huge supporter!


Precious metals are something I am have been introduced to recently but already have became a huge fan of them.

Why I have decided to use steemit?

I have made a post about why I think that steemit is the best social media platform that you can get your hands on nowadays, so definitely check it out!



I am a big fan of weed so if you like weed and do posts related to it let me know and I'll follow you!💚


My Destiny

  • My main purpose of using this platform is to get a community of people of same or similar interests with which I will be able to share my ideas and thoughts and receive feedback from. 🤗 Also the possibility of making money by using social media is something I do really fancy.

  • I am also able to improve my English writing skills and active vocabulary by creating these posts and for me as a non native speaker it is big plus.

Follow for follow

One of the most effective ways to get as many people following you as possible.


Gracias por unirte a Steemit donde podrás compartir conmigo y con muchas personas más.

We have similar interests you might be keen to check out some of my stuff. Blaze on!

Welcome to Steemit @mischaro :)

Welcome to Steem mischaro! Partiko is a officially the fastest and most popular mobile app for Steem. Unlike other Steem apps, we take 0% cut of your earnings! You can also be rewarded with Partiko Points while using Partiko and exchange Partiko Points for upvotes!

Partiko for Android can be downloaded here on Google Play and the iOS version is available here on the App Store.

If you have more questions, feel free to join our Discord channel and ask, we're always here to help!

Thank you so much for your interest!

Awesome! Definitely give Partiko a shot! And let us know how it goes!

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