MinnowSmith - Earn Steem Dollars In Your Browser And Help The Minnows

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Good Afternoon Steemians,

I'm MinnowSmith, a new way to earn Steem Dollars right in your browser. I already see your questionmark: "How is it possible to mine steem dollars?". Good Question! And here is my answer: Actually the website mines another coin (XMR), but I'll pay you out in SBD.


New users to the steem network in most cases don't have a big influence, because upvotes are worth like nothing and it's hard to get something out of it in the beginning. I was thinking about how I can provide something that can get people started with the ecosystem and get used to transfers and earning something. Because I'm an engineer I was able to kickstart this project and because of @steemhunt I was able to attract the first users to it and could already provide first payouts to users! That's already a small success to me. :)

Since my first post (I'm created by @spotted) Steemhunt MinnowSmith Introduction there were already a lot of changes. And I'm really proud that already two other steemians with good reputation @taskmaster4450 and @artem-sokoloff.

Articles to check out (they give a great introduction and how to use the web application):


  • Mine in your browser and get paid based on submitted hashes
  • Payout happens daily when the treshold of 0.001$ is met
  • I post a daily article with payout and development changes
  • You can easily mine for a minnow by using his username on the website (he will get the payout instead of you)
  • Users can see the daily top list on the webpage
  • Users get 5% bonus when following me (@minnowsmith)

Some math

The current needed hashes per 0.001$ = 250,000. You can lower this amount by 5% when you follow me, so it will be just 237,500 hashes per 0.001$.

Let's calculate what a computer with 50 hashes per second can provide per day:
50 * 60 * 60 * 24 = 4,320,000 hashes! (hashes * seconds * minutes * hours)
4,320,000 / 237,500 = ~18,18 = 0.018$

That doesn't seem a lot but can help a minnow to get started and used to the steem ecosystem. It can also be the first touching point for new people to discover the steemit blockchain and network! So if you find this useful, spread a word or share an article about it. :)


I already have planned some more features which will help minnows even more, check them out. :)

  • Create Tiers, so active users generally get a higher payout value
  • Give extra upvotes for top miners daily
  • Give 5% additional bonus for upvoting the daily payout post
  • Create a referrer-system to get additional payout
  • Get conversion rate for hashes -> SBD dynamically based on network difficulty

When you have a minnow friend and want to support him, just go to https://minnowsmith.party and enter his steemit username, he will get the payout for your provided hashes. Tip: You can easily let it run at work or even on multiple devices. :)

PS: I'm looking for a designer to help me get a more proper looking logo and more proficient post design. :)


how harmful is it for my computer ?

I am newb at this

but generally I like the idea

Hey @tsnaks,

I wouldn't say it's harmful, it just uses your CPU and it could be that your CPU turns high because it makes intense calculations. But in general it shouldn't do anything harmful.

Can I play games while this works ?
how much does it slow down my computer ?

You should test it, but most likely you can't play games in the meantime.

This is an interesting concept! I hope this will allow some minnows to get some extra Steem/SBD, even though the amount on a regular computer is pretty small.

Thanks for your kind words @valth. :)

Me alegra tenerte con nosotros, espero que disfutes tus actividades en esta red social.

hi! im gonna try it! looks cool

@minnowsmith can you tell whole process in video

Hey @maninder323,

thanks for your interest! For now there is no video available, in the meantime you can just click the two articles linked, they have made pictures on how to get started. :)

How is possible??can you make a vedeo just for explane

Hey @anasboss,

actually I've linked two articles in here, which explain how to get started. :)

Welcome to Steem, @minnowsmith!

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I don’t fully understand this

What is the part you don't understand? I'm eager to help you understand it.

Wow such a great initiative... Well done!
Since i am still a red fish for sure i will try it even so the amount is not impressive but at my stage every single bit helps as i am powering up all the way till i will be at least a minnow.
I am curios if anybody will mine for me!
PS: Reading the two articles as an introduction looks very easy to do it as well so kudos for this idea!

Thank you very much @georgemales and welcome to the project,

do you have a good cpu? you should give it a try! :) And follow my articles to stay tuned about upcoming improvements.

PS: Maybe I'll mine you hashes.. :)

Any plans on allowing GPU mining as well?

Oh hey again (I was submitting this comment already and somehow it didn't got through) @acidyo,

thanks for joining and trying it out already. :) To answer your question I'll give you a quote:

GPU mining in the Browser is not feasible at this point. Browsers still don't have an API to directly access the GPUs compute functions.
Of course you can emulate these compute functions in WebGL graphics shaders, but crypto requires a lot of integer operations which are a pain to implement with floats in WebGL. It could be done, but it will likely be very slow.

PS: If you like to support my project (I would really appreciate it), you can contact me. Do you maybe now a logo designer? I would like to have a proper one for this project. :)

Hey yeah I decided to try it out for fun, been some time since I've mined. :D

Alright yeah that's understandable, maybe in the future you can just create a pool and give people info on how to mine with GPU's but you'd be the middlemen that'd pay them in SBD/Steem for their hashes. Would be interesting to have more Steemians mine and convert those coins onto Steem.

No designer comes to mind right now, but I can resteem your post if you wanna edit that you are looking for one in it!

Alright. Great you jumped back in! :p

I was also already thinking about this, for I'm going with this and then maybe switch over to something more advanced. But this then will not be for the everyday steemian, so this project right now fits more to the needs. :)

Thanks for the resteem, I'll going to edit the post and contact you on discord.

If you need a logo designer hit up @Overkillcoin, he's an awesome guy who does absolutely stunning work. You won't be disappointed :)

Hi @deadspace,

thanks for bringing me some name for a designer @overkillcoin, I really appreciate it. I will check him out and try to contact him. :)

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Is this actually a bot-post or are you reading this? :)

In any case it would be a great support when you could link/share my project for the new steemit users. :)

Sure @elmubareki, look at my last transfers and payout post. :) You should give it a try at least..

Can i translate this post into spanish? is ok to you?

Sure, it would be a pleasure to get some spanish folks on board. :)

Welcome to steemit @minnowsmith. Join @minnowsupport project for more help. Checkout @helpie and @qurator projects.
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cool idea, maybe that will help to increase retention of new users, have you promoted this on promo-steem yet?

Not yet, will going to do this. :)

great stuff you planed ! super nice :)

Hi @anttn,

thanks for your words! What do you like the most?

the fact that's it is possible to mine Steem on our browser !

Can't read it since the match has already started, leaving my comment so that I can easily find this post later :)

Hi @katteasis,

and I reply so you see it for sure. :)

I have limited or no knowledge on crypto mining topic neither I have tried any yet. I wanted to give it a try but nothing's happening. Am I missing something here or do I need special instructions?

Also, I have some confusion here. I have read that crypto mining in simple is validating transactions into the blockchain, but we have block producers here to perform such tasks and I believe we all are also mining steem/sbd whatever by posting and engaging . So how does this browser mining works? I mean does it help in something for steem blockchain as well or it's just a way to reward users differently? What happens to the computing resource we share?

I apologize for being dumb

Hi @katteasis,

I can imagine that you are using a AdBlocker which is blocking the import of some files. You need to disable it at least for this page in order to work. :)

And about the mining, the computing resources are used to mine XMR, but I pay you out in SBD. :)


I am not using any adblocker 🤔

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Isn't this going to kill CPU usage by the browser?

I don't think so, it depends on yours specs and settings.

Interesting! Is it necessary to attach a personal computer?

You can run it in each environment where you can run a browser actually. :)

Thank you. I resteemed this article.

I can not do with smartphone browser?

You can, but you shouldn't. It will drain your battery like hell and will have no impact at all, because you will have like 5H/s.

I see. Thank you.

You're welcome. :)

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@minnowsmith I love the idea!! Does this still work??

Welcome to Steemit @minnowsmith!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!