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Introducing myself to the steemit community

Good afternoon everybody! Seeing how this is in introductions, you have already guessed that I am a noob to steemit. In fact, I am pretty much a noob at posting anything anywhere. I am the long time girlfriend of @xeldal and have been indirectly involved with crypt o-currencies since around 2010 because of him. His adventures have become my adventures even if I am kicking and screaming discontent. I should add the discontent stems from his habit of hijacking my computers for mining and bot purposes.

My interests include but are not limited to video games and ranting about the continuous delays of the next Zelda game. Seriously Nintendo and Eiji Aonuma get your shit together. I also have an unhealthy obsession with youtube vine compilations.

@xeldal has been trying to get me to post for awhile now and while browsing, came across post https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@theshell/my-life-as-the-wife-of-rossco99. While I am not a wife, I can most definitely relate to being involved with someone deeply active in the crypto world. So with not much more to say I would like to give a shout out to @theshell for bringing me out of my shell.


Welcome, thanks for the shout out :-)

FYI, using the VR compatible fork of the excellent Dolphin emulator, you can play Wind Waker and Twilight Princess in VR on the Oculus Rift or Vive. It takes a little fiddling with the settings to get it perfect but after that it's a beauty. Like it was meant to be played that way.

Seriously? I have never played anything in VR, the only VR experiences I have partaken in have been cheesy roller coaster simulations at amusement parks way back in the day. I must have a LoZ experience in VR. Only then will my life be made complete.

I recommend the Oculus. It has better image quality, and is better supported by Dolphin. It is also $200 cheaper than Vive.

There is a detailed guide to how to set up Gamecube isos properly in Dolphin that I posted some time ago. It was focused on Metroid Prime but works fine for the Gamecube Zeldas too, they just have different patches you need to activate to make them display correctly compared to Metroid. It is much easier than it sounds.

You are my new best friend=)

Aint no thing but a chicken wing, my dude. (⌐■⌣■)

Is there anyway to get zelda in fps mode much like the steam home versions?
Also using the touch controllers or is that too much to ask :)

I don't think so.

Welcome and hope I can learn from you... blessings 😁👍🏼🌺🎶🍂📚

Lol! This brings back so many wonderful memories of playing Zelda! "Hey!Listen!" pissed me off so much. :D

Me too but I was super sad when she ditched me in the end. That fairy stood by me through the happiest and darkest of times.

hehe! Glad to see you here. Welcome!

Hey! Listen! Navi is in Majora's Mask.

Anyway, welcome onboard the Steem boat which is steempowered :-)

Actually Navi is in Ocarina of Time. I believe you may be thinking of Tatl. Thanks for the welcome=)


Glad you came out of your shell to say HI! I love playing games, but I prefer board games! :) Anyways CHEERs to being on Steemit.

hi midnas-howler just dropping by to say thank you for supporting me godbless ..

Welcome.. lol, one year later... Hope to be as advanced in 1 year..

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