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RE: Hello, great to be here :)

in #introduceyourself3 years ago

Thank you Britt and Josie, I followed and upvoted some content on the 'vote for a witness' contacts you shared. I am a little confused as to how it works but im guessing it's a kind of communal vote sharing concept? Would much appreciate more info on it as I've received over 30 votes.

I really should setup discord, seems there is a whole world of things happening there. Thank you for your support and advice, and I'm happy to return it anyway i can.

And yes, I'm Mick... greetings from australia :)


Yes Discord is the side way to steem, there the questions asking is free so I hope to see you there talking sharing and caring is what we do there with a lot of like minded people it should be fun !

Cause you were my 2700 th follower I upvoted your second blog with 100 % upvote .

Good luck and blog soon

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