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The printer refused to print so I had to improvise!

Hello steemit community! Hello fellow steemian, you who chose to read this post of mine.

This is my #introduceyourself post. Below you’ll read my story. But that story is not who I am. It is only my story. And for you, it’s a story. Not sure what I mean? Allow me then a small sidetrack and soon I’ll introduce myself to you.

You probably have seen this video of Jim Carrey «losing it» during an impromptu interview at a fashion show or something like that.

Well, although I do believe that he is, indeed, trolling the journalist, as some said, he isn’t kidding about what he says and he has definitely not «lost it». He is sharing a profound truth. Not that we don’t exist per se, materially speaking, but that what we perceive as ourselves is not who we are. It is a story that comprises of events distorted by memory and viewed through the prism of our conditional learning. So basically «our self» doesn’t exist. «Em... what?». It is the story that the ego has created, with which it identifies and through which it presents itself to you and to the world as... well... you! Got it? No?

«So, you mean to say, newbie, that I confuse myself with this ego? That this ego tricks me into believing that I’m it?». Exactly! «Well, if I’m not that ego... then who am I??». You are the consciousness, the being, the space behind it. «Wha...?»

Watch the following video. This guy, Prince Ea, talks about this, motivated by the interview of Jim Carrey. Watch it. It’s only a few minutes, it’s funny, he does a great job explaining things and who knows... it might change your life.

The line with «catma» cracks me up every time! It’s so funny! Anyhow... I didn’t know this guy before this video but he talks about very profound things in a very interesting way. You can follow him on the social media if you like. And it’s true, what he says. That’s not dogma. I’m not trying to introduce you to a cult here. Really. What he says, what I, so confusingly, tried to say, what Eckhart Tolle and other great spiritual leaders are saying, are only pointers, road signs, pointing to the truth. They are not the truth. So you don’t have to «believe» in anything. And actually trying to might lead you in the opposite direction. Substitute one belief system with another. No. All you have to do, all you can do, is follow the pointers and experience this detachment from the incessant, repetitive, uncreative thinking, and the peace that exists there. The peace that accompanies the release from the ego.

Time to actually introduce myself

But enough of that. You clicked on this post to know who I am. And you’ll get my story. Although from the previous paragraphs you might learn more about me than from the story that follows.

My name is Michalis, as you might have guessed, and I live in Athens, Greece. You know, the country of Parthenon, souvlaki, ouzo and syrtaki, the country of great history, of democracy and philosophy that gave birth to western civilization, the country of beaches, islands and sun almost all year round, the country that can’t escape the financial crisis still and has become the pariah of Europe. Come on, you know Greece!


So, I live in Athens but I was born and raised in the island of Crete. It should come as no surprise then, that one of my favorite writers is Nikos Kazantzakis. I came to Athens to study Physics and after acquiring my diploma I did my master’s on Nuclear Physics & Elementary Particles.

Somewhere between the first and second year of my master’s I started to realize that I don’t really like the prospect of academic career. I was beginning to feel trapped in what I was doing. Not that I didn’t like Physics. It has always fascinated me. But I had grown tired of crunching numbers, running simulations and wondering if and why this or that graph had moved a little. It felt that I hadn’t singed up for this. And sure, having a semi-crazy supervisor played its part, as well.

I wanted to find an activity to engage in, something completely different from what I was doing. And so it happened that I joined the theatrical group of the university. That was it. I was hooked. Going to the meetings and the rehearsals became the new thing to look for. And, even more so, putting the show on at the end of the year. “Camino Real” by Tennessee Williams. That was the first play I took part in.


As you have probably guessed, after I finished my master’s, instead of continuing my studies for a PhD, I said goodbye to the Physics department and went to a drama school, much to my supervisor’s dismay. But not so much to my parents’, much less than I would have expected. I wouldn’t go as far as to say they were enthusiastic about the idea but they were supportive nevertheless.

I’ll say it straight away. Going to drama school was the best decision of my life. Not because I became some successful actor. Perhaps not even a great actor (although I am pretty good). It was the best decision, because that study made me a better person. Three years after starting at the drama school, when I graduated, I was a different person. And, of course, I have learned and realized many things since I graduated, not only about acting, but also about the workings of the mind and the ego. Many, many things. However, the foundations of who “I am” today were set during those three years.

Hey, by the way, if you want to see me in action you can check this showreel of commercials I have done over the years. It has subtitles!

So, I am an actor/nuclear physicist. To whomever I say that to, they look at me with disbelief written all over their faces, as if I’m pulling their leg. And then I’m all “no seriously”. That also works with colleagues, when they find out that I have a master’s degree in nuclear physics. “Really? Wow!” is their reaction. Now, part of that disbelief, a huge part in fact, is because it’s hard for most people, actors included, to grasp how someone jumps from nuclear physics to acting. Mathematical, scientific, rational thinking on one side, artistic, free thinking and emotional drive on the other. But I believe that this is where the balance lies. The other part of disbelief, is because of how difficult and exotic nuclear physics sound. Which is enhanced by the language. You see in Greek it’s the equivalent of “rocket science”. “Oh, come on! I can’t believe you don’t understand that! It’s not like it’s nuclear physics!”

Now, if you checked my profile, you probably saw “aspiring iOS developer” as well, in my short description. Well, for the past few months I have taken a break from actively pursuing new jobs in acting. After a couple of disappointments early this year I thought it might be best if I took a small step back. During this “sabbatical” I thought: “What would I like to do? What would I like to learn? Well, how about I learn how to make iPhone apps?”. And that’s why this is up there. It’s an ongoing project though. I pick it up and drop it from time to time, depending on my free time.

Small break.


When I write something, if at some point I get stuck, a little or a lot it doesn’t matter, I go back and read what I have written. And doing that now, I realized I have probably written a lot for an introducing post. So I’m going to try and wrap it up. I bet you’ll get to know me better as time goes by, as I plan to stay engaged. And through time more info, likes and dislikes, hobbies, everyday situations and the like, will come to light. Although my writings I believe will introduce me better than anything else. And that I left for last.

Next to last, is how I got to be here, though. Accidentally actually. I have taken a course on Udemy for iOS development. And they sent me an ad about cryptocurrency investment, though why is still unclear to me. Fate maybe? I knew of Bitcoin but that was it. And I thought, what the heck. Let’s find out what that is and if we can make a buck. Of course, after that came more ads and one of them was for a course by @jerrybanfield. In this course he talked, all so enthusiastically, about this great new cryptocurrency, that was also a social medium, with a bunch of witnesses watching and these witnesses, they pay you for posting and commenting and witnessing too if you like! Ha! I’m only kidding. He did a hell of a lot better job at explaining what STEEM and steemit is. And here I am! Thanks, Jerry!

What I believe I have to offer to this community

And finally the writing thing I mentioned before. Well, I write a little. That’s it. But I never considered myself a writer and perhaps that’s why “writer” is not included in my profile. I have written for theater mostly and other little things, that never saw the light of day. I’ve never written for blogs (well, except a couple of times, years ago) or magazines or newpapers. On Facebook I have posted some small pieces, nothing much. And now that I said Facebook, allow me another small sidetrack. One at the beginning, another at the end. See? 😉

I never really liked the social media. I basically have a Facebook account but I don’t usually post. I use it to read an interesting article here and there, watch for any auditions, a couple of groups about things I do and stuff like that. I have Instagram and Linkedin and Twitter but I don’t use them. I have like 10 pictures on Instagram and I follow like 5 people on twitter. I just don’t like social media very much. No, don’t like them is a strong statement. They just never piqued my interest.

But this here gives me another vibe. I have a different feeling about this, what do you call it?... steemit, right! 😛 A social medium that pays you to post and comment and like?? Well, I won’t lie, that’s what reeled me in. But after looking into it I got the feeling that this is something more. The community decides who will get paid and how much. The collective wisdom of the members reward the best content. The content that offers the most to the community. And although you are encouraged to post without thinking about the rewards, a wise approach, the fact that you may make some money out of each post makes you wanting to provide meaningful content to the community. And that there is, I believe, the breakthrough of this idea. The encouragement for meaningful, helpful content! Of course, meaningful and helpful mean something different to each one, but I believe that the average quality of the material posted in here will surpass any other social medium.

For me, meaningful means that which makes you think, provides you with a different way of looking at things, contains some philosophical aspect and, if it can, help you bring peace in your life, all the while entertaining you (and the sidetrack is officially over). And that’s what I want to offer to this community. Writings. Stories.


But there is an original (I believe) idea here. I want to write a story in series. A collective story. I will start with a chapter and then anyone who reads it can write in the comments how they want the story to continue. The idea that has the most upvotes after a period of time will be the basis for the next chapter of the story. And so on and so on, until we collectively decide that the story should come to an end.

I’m actually pretty excited about this little experiment. Will people get involved? Will it work? Will I be able to incorporate all these ideas into the story? Will it make any sense in the end? Well, who knows. But it’s really something that I want to get started with.

And before I close, I want to share with you a little something I wrote a couple of months ago and that I posted on Facebook (one of those few times), to give you an idea of my writing style. Besides when I’m telling my story. The post was written in Greek, of course, but I’ve tried to do my best to adapt it in English. And on a final note there, I don’t know to what extent I’ll be able to write as good in English as in Greek, since it’s not my mother tongue. But I’ll do my best.

The story of the wasp…


I’m sitting on my balcony and I’m watching a big, black wasp (boumpoures we call them in Crete) examining the flowers of a tree, right there in front of me. He goes to one, goes to another, he doesn’t seem to be finding one to his liking. I’m watching him as he flies slowly around the plant and I’m starting to feel a fondness for this little guy. I catch myself thinking that this little guy, who does this every day during the short time of his life, must be happy… Especially now that he found the flower he was looking for. He grabs it with both his black legs and shoves his face in, drinking the tasty nectar. No! The flower proves itself a treacherous one! It leaves the tree just when my little friend must have been enjoying the fruits of his labor and I see him, in a tight embrace with the fateful flower, disappearing into the green foliage of the plant! I’m worried, but still, I can’t hold back a little chuckle. I know it’s not right to laugh at the misfortune of your friends but how could I hold back when faced with a mishap so, how do you say it… cute! The fact that 2 seconds later our friend was flying full speed away from the sneaky plant, helped me in not feeling guilty.

And here is the original story in Greek, just in case you are a fellow countryman, dear reader.

Κάθομαι εδώ στο μπαλκόνι και βλέπω ένα μπούμπουρα (έτσι τους λέμε εδώ στην Κρήτη, μη με ρωτάτε) να περιεργάζεται τα άνθη ενός φυτού εδώ μπροστά μου. Πάει στο ένα, πάει στο άλλο, δε φαίνεται να βρίσκει κάποιο που να του αρέσει. Τον παρακολουθώ πως πετάει αργά γύρω από το φυτό και νιώθω μια συμπάθεια για τον τυπάκο αυτό. Πιάνω τον εαυτό μου να σκέφτεται πως αυτός ο τυπάκος, που αυτό κάνει κάθε μέρα για όσο διαρκεί η σύντομη ζωή του, πρέπει να είναι ευτυχισμένος... Ειδικά τώρα που βρήκε το λουλούδι που έψαχνε. Το αρπάζει με τα μαύρα πόδια του και χώνει τη μούρη του μέσα να πιει το νόστιμο νέκταρ. Όι! Το άνθος αποδεικνύεται προδοτικό! Αφήνει το δέντρο τη στιγμή που ο φίλος μου πρέπει να απολάμβανε τους καρπούς των κόπων του και τον βλέπω να χάνεται, σφιχταγκαλιασμένος με το μοιραίο λουλούδι, μέσα στις πράσινες φυλλωσιές του φυτού! Ανησυχώ, αλλά δεν μπορώ και να κρατήσω ένα γελάκι που βγήκε αυθόρμητα. Ξέρω δεν είναι σωστό να γελάς με τις ατυχίες των φίλων σου αλλά πώς να κρατηθείς μπροστά σε ένα πάθημα τόσο, πώς το λένε... cute! Το γεγονός ότι 2 δευτερόλεπτα μετά ο φίλος μας πετούσε με όλη του την ταχύτητα μακριά από το ύπουλο φυτό με βοήθησε να μη νιώσω τύψεις.

So, if you liked this small (ha!) introduction of this guy here, called Michalis, if you liked my story, if you liked that little story about the wasp and my idea of a story in series created collectively, then please upvote this post and follow me. Also, keep an eye out for the tag #thestoryinseries. Under that I’m going to be posting the story.

So… Glad to have found you and happy steeming!

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Hello and welcome to steemit.
I found your post to be very valuable. I watched the videos and bookmarked them.

Thank you for sharing I'm looking forward to more of your posts.

tip! post


Thank you @sneakgeekz! I'm glad you resonated with those concepts and I'm happy to have provided you with some meaningful content! I'm following you.

And thanks for the tip! Just realized what that meant!

Great Posts! Definitely a Fan of Jim Carrey. Don't think he is losing it :P he always has been down to earth person


Thank you! I've loved him on Truman Show and The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind! What great movies! And the Mask, of course. And I'm so happy to see famous people discovering profound truths and being afraid to go against the norm and awaken some consciousnesses.



Thank you! Good to be here!


You wrote a lot but how many people will read this? Because the platform is monetised my feeling is new users like us may have missed the boat.
Is there meaning in fashion, of course, it's a codified system of values and communication, I did enjoy watching Carey swish his way around a philosophical quagmire in a cosmic Hugh Heffner jacket.
I like to question the need for fashion, philosophy and also the obligatory Steemit profile pic which is indeed a collision of pixels and hexahedrons with no connection to reality ;P


Well, some people read it, you amongst them. And maybe the next one will be read by a few people more. And to tell you the truth, if just one person finds something that clicks for them, something useful and meaningful, well mission accomplished, don't you think?

And the platform is still young I think. 400,000 users (and how many of them are really active?) is nothing in the social media world. Have faith! I believe that truly meaningful content (and their authors) won't be lost!

This video of Jim Carrey is truly enjoyable and I second all your doubts, especially on the steemit pic. I felt a little awkward taking it, I must admit! And yes, that collision of pixels and hexahedrons, as you so elegantly put it, has little connection to me. This picture exists, no doubt, even as nothing more than a representation on our screens. We live in a world of forms and that's ok. It's the identification with those forms that gives rise to all of humanity's issues. The picture is a form and so exists in this world of forms. Same goes, let's say, for my body. But my body isn't me. And that picture definitely isn't me. So yeah, it has little connection to reality! 👍

Hopefully, we'll have more interactions like this in the future!

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welcome to steemit community.. :)


Thank you very much! Good to be here!

Hello Michalis! Awesome to have you here. I want to share some beginning info with new accounts that show promise, and the info may help you too.

There are a ton of other webpages to help you with Steemit. Here are some of the best for beginners:
(special thanks to @finnian for this list!)
https://steemd.com/ (This site is used to keep track of your voting power and other stats. You do not want to run out of voting power, and you only get so much per day. I keep my voting power around 80% for example.)

https://steem.makerwannabe.com/ (This site will tell you who follows you, who unfollows you, and who mutes you. It is great for meeting new people too. I regularly check it to see who has followed me to see if I should follow them back.)

https://steemit.chat/ (This site is the official chat webpage for Steemit. There are Discord channels too, but I usually stick to the official site. Come in to network and meet new friends. You can directly message people there too, so it makes it easier to communicate with your closest friends.)

Oh yeah, there are a lot of bots on here. If you see a cookie cutter reply, especially to your intro post, it is almost certainly a bot. Check the account's reputation. If it is low, I would recommend just ignoring them. Everything is public on Steemit, so you can go look at an account's comments and replies. Are they all the same? It's a bot.

Adding photos to your account as a new Steemian may be confusing at first too. The easiest way it to click to "Submit a Story." Once in there, use the built in Steemit tool to upload an image from your computer. Below the posting window, you will see "Insert images by dragging & dropping, pasting from the clipboard, or by selecting them." Click on the blue text. Once the image is uploaded, you can copy and paste the link into your account settings.

Verifying your identity is very important because it will get you more support and people will trust you more. The best way to verify is to link back to your Steemit account by using another public social media account. For example, I posted my Steemit articles from here through my Twitter account. Another person posted their Steemit information on their Facebook account. Some people will even post a video of themselves writing out their account information since that cannot be Photoshopped. The more famous a person is or the more valuable their content is, the more important it is that they verify. If a new account falls within those two categories and fails to verify, it may get blacklisted.

Again, welcome, and I've followed you! You can use SteemFollower to keep up with your follows and follow people back if you like their content. If you have any questions about getting started, look me up on the chat site or at http://juststeemit.com


Thank you for all this info. Some of these I already knew, some I learned now. Either way it's great to welcome new users with this useful info. I'm saving your reply offline for easy access.

Very long introductions but it was creative, surely you will have a great success here in Steemit. You will probably contribute your creative writings. Following you. Looking forward on your post.


Yeah, I tend to draw it out sometimes. Thankfully you found it creative! 😃 Hopefully I'll deliver interesting content in the future as well! Following you back!


Yes.. as long as you show your talent , then all will be ok.

Hi Michalis... Nice to meet you... Welcome to Steemit.... This is a nice intro post... I must say that you are a multi-talented person... Your blog presentation skill is good... I hope you will do great over here as a steemian... Follow Me @onority


Thank you for your kind words @onority! It's good to be here and I hope to write interesting things in the future as well. And yes sir, you are being followed! 😜


You are most welcome.... :)

Great post and very informative. @michalis Have learnt a lot from it.


Thank you for your comment! I'm so happy you found it useful!

Hello, @Michalis, Let me welcome you to Steemit. Hope you gonna have fun with our community. Feel free to follow me @rightuppercorner Have a great time @rightuppercorner


Thank you!

Oh, you are the new guy here :) Welcome to steemit mate, sometimes you going to love it sometimes you gonna hate it lol Depends how much of free time you have on your hands, but be persistent, keep posting engaging content and it will come to you. Following to see what you have got :)


I followed you yesterday when I came across one for your photos! It was just a picture of a girl but I found it very beautiful in it's simplicity. So I'm looking forward to seeing more from you too! 🙂 And hopefully I will keep it interesting.


I am sure, you will. Thanks mate.

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Upvoting because I struggled with a printer for about 3 hours this weekend..... also.... welcome to Steemit!


Failing technology troubles us all! 😄

Welcome to Steemit! This was a great post. Thank you for sharing. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you future work! I think you might like my work as well so feel free to take a look sometime.


Thank you for your kind words! Glad to be here! Hopefully I'll keep sharing meaningful content. And of course I'll check out your work!

Welcome, I hope you enjoy Steemit :)


Thank you! I believe I will! 😃 And although you are not Greek, I hope you enjoyed the translated version of that short story, nevertheless.

Nice post and as well as you are IOS developer i love this profession so you earned my respect as well and after going through your post i might so you are multi-talented person nice work.


Well, I'm an aspiring iOS developer. I have a long way to go and many things to learn before I can call myself that. Thank you though for your kind words!

Hello, @michalis. Welcome on Steemit. I've read your small (ha!) intro to the very end and it piqued my interest. :)
It's great that there are people who write meaningful posts. Thank you!
I follow you and waiting for new stories.


Thank you very much @ladykatybit! You are very kind! As it happens not an hour ago I posted the prologue of #thestoryinseries. You can read it here.

And as it seems if I follow you I might have the chance to learn a little Russian! Done! 😃

Your story is incredible!! It remembers me my own experience from studing electronics to theater. Love all about your country, of course most of all mythology and ancient greek theater!!! Greetings and good vibes from México!!!


Thank you very much!!

A beloved drama teacher of mine told me once: "Although people think that science and art, theater in this particular instance, are mutually exclusive, I've found that people with scientific backgrounds often become very good actors. It's their way of thinking that complements the way actors think". And here we are! Living, breathing specimens of this peculiar species! 😜

Btw, if you found the idea for "the collective story in series" interesting, you can read the prologue here.

Sunny greetings from Greece!


Wise words by your teacher!!! As the matter of theater is life, I think every kind of person is valuable for it!!! In my case my parents were influencing my decisions when I'd have to decide my carreer, I liked electronics, but when I step on the stage for the first time, that was the moment when I feel the true electricity!!! :) I´ll be checking the proyect "collective story", meanwhile, big hugs and all the best!!! :D

Welcome to steemit! You truely are an interesting person and i hope to see more from you in the future =)


Thank you for your kind words! Make sure to check out the Prologue of #thestoryinseries project here. Hopefully you'll like it!

welcome @Michalis, your post had me laughing in several places and smiling a whole lot. Your reel of commercials was charming and I look forward to more from you!


Thank you @natureofbeing! It's great to be here! It's really been a great first couple of weeks!

I'm glad you liked my post and even more glad and thankful for your participation in #thestoryinseries project!