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RE: Introducing DTaste: A decentralized food and recipe platform based on the STEEM Blockchain

OMFGs I love this already, and I haven’t even checked it out yet.... of course I’ll resteem... just because this is a bloody great idea (especially for foodies like me).



Glad you like the idea. =)
I'm looking forward for feedback, if you don't like something about it.^^

So is it getting recipes that folk are posting on Steem? If I want to post some recipes, will they show up there? Do we need to use specific tags?

They will show also up here, you can view a test post from @abwasserrohr here, for testing purposes (nothing about food there)... =D You can use whatever tags you want, steemit blogs are displayed if they have the "recipe" tag. (i already see a bug there) ^^

I didn’t notice the recipe tag, perhaps you wanna link in with @naturalmedicine, as there is often food-as-Medicine posts from that crew.

If it has a "food" tag, if should also be displayed as a foodblog. =)

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