Introducing DTaste: A decentralized food and recipe platform based on the STEEM Blockchain

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Hello Steemians,
today i want to introduce myself. I'm DTaste, a decentralized recipe and food website based on the STEEM Blockchain.

I'm really thankful that you're here and found this introduction post, you may want to get 1 STEEM* and a chance to win one of two 500 SP delegations for one month for resteeming this post if you like it.
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  1. What is DTaste?
  2. Why DTaste
    1. Rich metadata
    2. Easy submittion process
    3. Review recipes with stars
    4. Collections and Favorites
    5. Keychain support
    6. Fast search
    7. "GDPR compliant"
    8. Multilanguage
  3. Who is standing behind DTaste?
  4. Summary

1. What is DTaste?

DTaste is a Steem frontend that encourages Steemians to view, review, collect foodblogs and create recipes, without focussing on the earn money part. DTaste is free to use for users and authors and a ad-free alternative to existing recipe sites.

2. Why DTaste

With DTaste, you have several advantages over current steem front-ends if you're creating a recipe. I want to point some of them out to give you an idea.

2.1. Rich metadata

Metadata is text what you may never directly view as a regular person, but search engines are watching out for these and like if they get some interesting data about the site they are watching. This is very powerful for recipes and other specific posts in general.

Because metadata gives the search engine more to know about what it is viewing, we can tell it what is relevant, like the title of the recipe, the category, ingredients or the preparation steps. Thanks to this, the search engine knows it is a recipe and can display it better as a result. But thats not the only thing, metadata can help us, also digital assistants can help you and navigate you through the recipe, but this is not tested because i don't want a spy in my house tough.

2.2. Easy submittion process

Like on other Steem Front Ends, it is very easy to submit a new post. DTaste is guiding you with a easy type and click recipe builder and creates a easy to read recipe with a logical layout for other steem front ends and DTaste itself.

2.3. Review recipes with stars

Since this is a recipe platform and you may want to know what others think about a recipe, DTaste is offering a new function to review and rate any steem foodblog or recipe. This helps you to directly know what's good and also gives recipe creators more feedback about the quality of the recipe itself.

2.4. Collections and Favorites

Sometimes you may really like a recipe or a foodblog and want to keep it. But some of you may know, the bookmarks in your browser can get really messy and may you never gonna find the recipe again.
With DTaste, you can create unlimited Collections which you can name and fill with recipe and foodblog posts you like on the steem blockchain. Because the favorites and collections are stored on the blockchain, you own it and can't loose it. Also you are showing visitors of your profile the collections and favorites too. As a recipe creator, you can create collections of your own posts with specific topics to help visitors navigate.

2.5. Keychain support

You may already heard of STEEM KEYCHAIN, a browser extension for steemians to protect their keys from being stolen. DTaste is fully supporting steem keychain and suggests to use it as only option to use it. Although, there is a bug which may interfere with the user-friendliness, it works great with DTaste and is the best option to do it, because you don't have to worry about giving anyone access to your account. If you really do not want steem keychain for some reason, DTaste also allows to use a private posting key.

2.6. Fast search

Currently, it is possible to find recipes through search engines. But if you want to view recipes or foodblogs on the steem blockchain, inexperienced users may only get a bad experience because usally there are no pictures, ratings or search settings. DTaste is giving users a fast search with a big preview picture and allows to filter recipes and foodblogs for tags, ingredients*, cooking time* and category*. *Only for DTaste recipes, currently.

2.7. "GDPR compliant"

Every connection on DTaste is going through the DTaste proxy to ensure full privacy. Also DTaste does not store any cookie and saves only elemental data directly in localStorage. Since DTaste is located in germany, this is forced by law and may slow the site down a little bit but protects your personal data, like browser information, ip address and access time. Also, DTaste is storing your ip address only for 3 days until it gets anonymized.

2.8. Multilanguage

For many people, it is hard to read not native language. DTaste starts with 6 different languages. I really don't have the skills for all the 6 language pairs, thats why most of them are translated by a machine translator.

3. Who is standing behind DTaste?

DTaste is created by @immanuel94. Because i'm not a trustworthy person for you guys on the blockchain, i am are very glad that there is now steem keychain. I created most of the sites by myself, but it has to be mentioned that i still learn to code. I used a template because im not very good with css. :P I worked fulltime in a restaurant for a while, so im not a experienced coder and simply wanted to try how it is to do something like that.
Since I am in Germany, I have to comply with the German law and provide an imprint, the privacy policy and all terms of use in any language that i have on the website.
Please note that i don't know korean, greek or any other language than german and english. Because of this, i already want to apologize for embarrassing translations on DTaste or the privacy policy, terms of use. The european law forces me to make a version in every language on the site. If you find any error, we would appreciate if you share this with me on Discord or here in the comments. =)

4. Summary

I hope, i could convince you that DTaste is a good extension to existing steem front ends which gives some advantages to users and creators of the food and recipe section. I want to point out, that this is the first version of DTaste, it can contain serious bugs and is labeled as Alpha. Although i tested it, you may encounter bugs which you can report in our Discord. This is also a reason to use steem keychain.

Now, i want to remind you about the offer you may read in the first lines, if you liked the introduction of this post: Everyone who resteems (excluding bots) gets a chance to win one of two 500 SP delegations for one month and the first 25 steemians (no bots) who are fast to resteem this post also get 1 Steem for free after 7 days if they created a comment about it.

Please tell me, what you like and don't like about DTaste in the comments. Because this is the first (real) approach to do something on the steem blockchain, i would really like to hear what you think. =) If you're interested, i'm also developing @steem.craft, a minecraft plugin, where players can use the social aspect of steem (like posting content and voting) within minecraft.

Check it out here:
SteemKitchen Discord:

I wish you all a nice day,



This could be a wonderful platform for food lovers like me and all the Steemians. We can learn and share many recipes and tastes in a organised way here. Wish all the best times ahead.

Thank you. =)

The force is with you! You got a 50.00% upvote from @steemyoda courtesy of @deven11!

Dtaste sounds awesome, and your front-end looks already well designed. The food and recipe community is huge and they definitely deserve there own "Homepage" to share there content. I also like the fact that you implemented the "Star-Rating" for every recipe. I would like to see a section where "How to cook - videos" can be published or a general Video-Review section. Another addition could be a glossary about all the different ingredients and there regional cousine.
Do you also consider to implement "SMT" as your own community Token the TASTE Token???

I already thought about adding something like that. I wanted to keep it simple for now, since people can upload their own video using DTube, which show up on DTaste as well. I thought of making a IPFS node to keep all the recipe videos from DTube available on DTaste and then adding a seperate space for those videos. I really want to hook into other dapp posts and use the opportunities of being on the same blockchain as much as possible to make it more decentralized.

Adding something like a glossary, where ingredients and regional cousine could be found sounds impressive. There is already @hede-io, linking to hede might be a great option, because it does that kind of job really good, IMHO. =) But did not really thought about it.

SMTs are nice and i'm sure that there could be some interesting use cases for recipes and creators. But i currently can't really tell you how people would benefit from a TASTE Token right now. But i'm going to look into possible opportunities and if i might find something, it is going to be a thing! ^^

DTaste is lacking of so many features i wanted in the first place. But it takes a ton of time and i found myself too busy to do it all at once. Thanks for your feedback, i noted all your ideas and going to mindmap how to make your ideas possible as well as others. ^^

Thanks for taking the time to do this especially during these testing times. I wish you nothing but success in your venture and will look forward to taking a look around and joining in.
Best wishes to you :-)

Thank you for the exhilarating words, lets hope for a better financial time here on steem. =)

OMFGs I love this already, and I haven’t even checked it out yet.... of course I’ll resteem... just because this is a bloody great idea (especially for foodies like me).


Glad you like the idea. =)
I'm looking forward for feedback, if you don't like something about it.^^

So is it getting recipes that folk are posting on Steem? If I want to post some recipes, will they show up there? Do we need to use specific tags?

They will show also up here, you can view a test post from @abwasserrohr here, for testing purposes (nothing about food there)... =D You can use whatever tags you want, steemit blogs are displayed if they have the "recipe" tag. (i already see a bug there) ^^

I didn’t notice the recipe tag, perhaps you wanna link in with @naturalmedicine, as there is often food-as-Medicine posts from that crew.

If it has a "food" tag, if should also be displayed as a foodblog. =)

Thank you for taking the time to post this. You have received a Preemptive Strike from @patrickulrich who is one of the simulcasters on @thesteemingpile.


This post will be featured on our LIVE broadcast Tuesday night at 9:30pm EST on @vimm! If you're available we'd love to have you join us to discuss your post by jumping on the Pile! Again, great work and we hope to see you Tuesday!

Thank you, looking forward to see DTaste at your show! =)

As a fellow simulcaster on @thesteemingpile, I can second my great excitement for this idea!

I'm interested in exploring the idea whether or not a pre-taped show would work on there...

In addition to more traditional uses of course!

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i think @dayleeo will love this! :)

you're so right about this! already have some ideas ;)

Thanks for tagging people who might be interested into DTaste. =)

Ok, that is great! I am fan already :)

Hey makishart! ^^

I'm glad that you like the idea, if you're getting into troubles while using it, just tell me about it. =)

Another great project coming up! I love it! So many talented coders here this is unbelievable. I like to cook and so far I did not post any recipe yet, but I certainly would with this new platform. Very well done so far and I wish you all the best. Upvoted and resteemed!

Thanks @peter2017, I first caught this via your resteem. I’ll keep an eye on this tag! I hope it means you’ll be sharing your nasturtium flower salads. ;)

I still haven’t eaten one, but I think of you when I see their cheery blooms! 🌼

Good idea with a post on the nasturtium salad. Actually the flowers are just an eatable decoration on top of the salad. But everyone is very surprised when eating the flower, how spicy and good it tastes.

Thanks for you support! Highly appreciate it. =)

This looks really great, nice work. However, the name ... Sucks. Generally all of the names dsomething, are not catchy names. They won't stick in people's minds.

Yeah, i feel the same somehow.. =D But it is really hard to find something unique and catchy.^^

Tell me about it. The best we could come up with was SteemSTEM. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue and inspire people to remember it either.

I guess things can always be 'rebranded' down the line... if they are successful and can afford real marketing wizards.

Yeah, it's hard, but even successful startups with these wizards can get in trouble. Since it has to be usable and in the best case catchy in multiple languages as well, which isn't that easy to accomplish.

A great idea! I am a member of the Polish community and the guardian of the Polish culinary tag #pl-kuchnia. If there is a possibility of adding recipes in Polish, I will be happy to promote DTaste to the Polish community (of course most people can publish in English, but probably not all of them).

Congratulations on great job and greetings from Greece :)
(resteem of course)

Looking at how the Polish tag about cooking has grown, sooner or later - DTaste will support you :)

Great site! Resteemed.
I would like to post some food waste recipes on Dtaste. I have to login via to have a recipe post listed on the site, or is it enough to just post via Steemit using the #recipe tag?

You can create a recipe with DTaste or any other Steem app with the tag "recipe" and it should show up there too. Because DTaste is using steem keychain, you don't have to worry about your keys.

BTW, thank you for removing the $ on DTaste from posts, one of the most distractive parts of any content on the Steem plattform. I will definitely test out this new front-end.
Keep up the good work.

Hehe, yeah... I tought money isn't the right place for recipes, rating with stars is way better for recipes, imo.^^

I have seen that you already created a collection! Congratulations. =) If you have had any problems or ideas, just tell me. :3

Awesome! @joannewong gonna like this.. Resteemed!


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Thank you for your support! =)

I look forward to seeing what and how this place develops. I love the idea of having recipes to look at as I enjoy cooking. Funny enough i am doing my first cooking post today.

I'm very busy these days, but if i have leasure time, i'm trying to develop DTaste further.^^

Welcome, nice job putting this together, definitely a niche here with potential. I have resteemed and wish you the best of luck.

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Yes, in my opinion, food is a big thing here on steem. =)

resteemed. great initiative. english speakers should go to and spanish speaking to

Yes, that may help some people, i hope.^^ I just hope the machine translations aren't that bad...

impressive nevertheless, congratulations, also upvoted and following you (and resteemed). and i would recommend to default to english, for practical purposes

It should be english by default, i have to look into it... =) (It takes the language which is prefered by the browser)
EDIT: It should take english if there is no language set, thanks for your feedback. =)

This is wonderful, especially for those who love to cook. The good thing is that it is multilanguage, greater acceptance by the different communities. Reesteem done. Good luck


Thanks for your support. =)

Hi dear @dtaste good to see how new initiatives come out every day. Since I joined this community, I have noticed that there is a lot to learn.

Yes, i also like to see new stuff coming to the steem blockchain. I'm really hyped for SMTs. =D

Wonderful, now I have to see recipes. I recently graduated as a chef
Resteemed and thumps up

Congratulations to your graduation. =) Also thank you for your support.

My friend just call me to tell me about this application @dtaste. Very interesting that applications for this type of content are created. Resteem done. But I do not understand should I capture that and put it in a comment?

Hey, thank you!^^ You don't have to capture it, because i can check it out trough blockchain explorers. =)

This is amazing o/

Thank you for reesteming. I really appreciate your support.^^

Nice Job!, resteemt obviously!

Thank you for your help. =)

Great initiative!
Can't wait to post my first recipe on DTaste!

Hey @dragraff!

Great to see you here. =) I already watched you'r blogs, they seem very tasty.^^ If you're posting recipes on DTaste and find some things that you don't like, you can just tell me everything you like or don't like, you don't have to hold back anything... :)

Welcome to Steem @dtaste.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Resteemed. Greate idea!

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Thank you for resteeming this post.^^

Finally somebody actually launched a recipe platform. After all previous hints at one... someone actually made it happen.

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Yeah, there were some ideas of recipe sites in the past and i'm really looking forward to see how other food sites going to look like, maybe this also helps them. =)

Hi guys,
I have published a post where you can find free resteeming services.

I love this idea. Vegan food for all

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Glad you like it. =) You can also specify the "vegan" tag and search for "cake" as an example to get vegan cakes only. ;)

I love this all.about food,let me see how could I contribute later.Thank you so.much.

Nice to hear that. =) If you find i confusing how something works, just tell me.^^

Good luck on this n this new project. Resteemed.

Thank you for resteeming.^^

Thanks, i appreciate your support. :3

Nice one, @dtaste! I also share food blogs from time to time and would like to try this one day.

Thank you.^^ Looking forward to see your collections someday.. =)

Wow this is F"#"# amazing. I am a kitchen lover. So it's a gift for all of us.

Thank you for your resteem.^^

I'm excited about this @dtaste . Resteem done

Thank you :3

It's a great idea. The site looks fab.
A logical steem app.
I wish the project all the best.

It's a great idea. The site looks fab.
A logical steem app.
I wish the project all the best.

Glad to have it on steem platfor. At first i thought of it like tasteem for reviewing restaurants but looking at tge recepie is going to be a hub for Ll foodie many delicious stuff to taste and ponder upon all the food item.....resteemed👍

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Lets see how DTaste is going, it is far away from being done. Hivemind and things like that are sure a must-have in the future!^^

Wao...Visiting DTaste watered my mouth...
I already feel hungry!!!lolzzz
Good luck DTaste and Steem

Thanks! Haha, there are some delicious food and recipes on steem that are worth being made and collected, of course. ;)

Great @dtaste lets see how things go =)
i wish you a nice day too
a BIG resteem for you.

Yeah, lets see. I'm hoping for a good future in terms of crypto prices, i also wish you a nice day.^^

Good luck on this n this new project @dtaste. Resteemed.

Thank you.^^

I didn't happen to see this before there were over 86 comments, but I'm resteeming anyway. Hope it all goes well. I love food and good recipes.

Interesting..good luck with project!

Thanks! If you have any questions regarding how it works, just tell me...^^

I don't want a delegation to win or a 1 SP bonus for resteeming.

I'm also (of course) don't want to get 1 SP or delegation to win. =)

Nice love this and i am curious this is your platform @immanuel94.
Congrats :) Reesteemed.

Yes, i created steem code for it with dsteem and steem-js, but the css is not all mine. =)

With a food show IN production I can't help but think of it and this together.... 🤔

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Haha, yeah, there are very delicious recipes displayed, which steemians posted... =D

yes, but I'm speaking about more than just displaying recipes...I'm talking more like a vlog of sorts with post edits and what not

Yeah, that kind of thing is currently not that good to post on DTaste, since there is no editor for it. =D But i understand that a editor for food blogs is also needed. =)
"Food" tagged posts on other steem apps are also displayed on DTaste.^^

With a food show IN production I can't help but think of it and this together.... 🤔

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Best of luck with this endeavour! I love cooking and creating new recipes. I like researching and discovering new fo9ds and recipes. And I'd love to share some of the creations I have came up with.

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Thats nice to hear, i hope you have a great experience with the site and if not, just tell me, what should be improved, i try to make it better.^^

Wow, a really fantastic idea! I am really excited to check this out. I have resteemed this article..😎

Thanks! If you find anything that disturbs you on the site while checking it you, just tell me. =)

dtaste is wonderful = D. I just posted a Fruity strawberry smoothie earlier. I am very happy. You have created an incredibly great food blog. There are so many nice recipes, pictures and information here.

Thank you! I appreciate that you're testing the site out.^^

I love food but I'm not into how to make/cook the food, lol.
I just checked the site now and it looks great for a beginner, hehe
Great job @immanuel94, I will try to share this platform to some of my friends who love preparing foods.
Resteemed :-)

This comment was made from

Thanks for resteeming. =)

Hi, I like a lot this platform.

This platform is for Food Lovers.

I need to join hear.

How to join and how I give my post hear.
There is any post related this.

Thanks for making platform for Food Recipes.

Hey, @lavanyalakshman. =)
Currenttly, there aren't any posts about how it works. But DTaste is working like any other steem dapp, you can login and then post, comment and review right away with your steem account. =)

I am excited to participate in Dtaste. I love cooking and creating recipe. Can't wait to join.

Thank you! =) Please let me know how it worked out and if you had any troubles.^^

Thanks for doing platforms like this. @dtaste

Thank you for commenting, really helps me a lot. =)

This an awesome idea, and the site looks nice !

Fantastic dear upvoted,reesteemed done :)
Good luck on this project

Thank you for your upvote and resteem! =)

I've resteemed and will be sharing this with my foodie friends to encourage them to start using this platform! 😍

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Thanks for you'r support and sharing.^^

This looks really great, I have already been playing on the site :)
I love food, shopping for food, growing food, cooking and eating food. This DApp was made for me, thank you :)

I have re-steemed the post - I think it will appeal to lots of my followers, like @plantstoplanks, @mrscwin, @gillianpearce, @cryptocariad and @akipponn and her bread bakers (to start)!

If I am lucky with the 1 STEEM or 500SP delegation, please transfer or delegate to @needleworkmonday; @needleworkmonday supports lots of other, small accounts and it would really help to grow that community.

Good luck, hope you enjoy lots of success!

Wish you look, in 6 days, i'll announce the winner. =)

As a minion of the @breadbakers I'm happy to see such a gathering place for recipes and food and the people who love that - let's fill it with life and great tasting things :)

Resteemed. -

Und nun schaue ich mir mal die Homepage an. Ich hoffe, Ihr habt nicht Google sondern DEEPL zur maschinellen Übersetzung verwendet. - Eine Frage bliebt allerdings offen: Welches EU-Gesetz zwang Dich zur Mehrsprachigkeit? Ich kenne nämlich keines.

Also soweit ich das richtig verstanden habe, muss man laut Datenschutz-Grundverordnung die Datenschutzerklärung in allen Sprachen verfügbar machen, in denen man auch den Service anbietet. Kann mich natürlich auch täuschen, was mich sehr freuen würde, wenn ich dazu nicht gezwungen werde.^^

..DEEPL wäre möglicherweise die bessere Wahl gewesen... =D

I'll be honest and admit that I can't cook to save my life (beyond frying up an egg), but this is a cool idea. Stuff like this will help the Steem blockchain move out of BTC's shadow. Resteemed and upvoted!

Thanks! =) Yeah, cooking is not that easy, but recipes are a great way to get into it.^^

Hi [email protected] good to find a platform like this.
I love to cook. Resteem done.

Hey @mavi89, thank you. =)
Hope you like the appearance. If you find something that doesn't work right away, just tell me.^^

Of course honey :)

I think I've fallen in love with this, Dtaste, I was dreaming for a while until it came true, is what I needed in my life and in steemit of course

I hope you like the appearance of the site and if you have any feedback after using it or something that confuses you on how something work (or doesn't work), just tell me. =)

Are there any rewards for the delegators?

Hey there, @moderndayhippie! =) Currently, there is no reward and dtaste is not going to vote on recipes right now. This may change in the future.^^

Gave you a resteem. Looking forward to see how this project develops. You shouldn’t have a problem getting a tonne of support given the size of the food community here.

Thanks for resteeming! =) I'm currently very busy but didn't want to wait any longer to make it public, since i don't know how people think about it. But i'm looking forward to make it better if i have some leisure time.^^

Wow, I can’t wait to show my wife, @consciousangel7!!

Thanks for your support!^^ If your wife finds something annoying, i would be glad if you share it with me. =)

I'm very excited for DTaste, I always like to share my recipes and also see the others, so good that there is a space for it.

Nice to hear that, if you get any errors, just tell me here, the site is still in alpha and there can be bugs. Thanks! =)

hi @dtaste and @immanuel94 !

That is great news you bring here ! First thing first, I have to confess that I was thinking very strongly about launching a Dapp relative to food, cooking and recipes ! Hahaha ! ;-D

You have been quicker and I'm not a dev at all, but I had the idea in my head from some times, and didn't know from where to start ! But anyway, it's great you launch this initiative and I'm more than happy !! If your looking for any help, don't hesitate to ask, I'll make my best (translations, possibles delegations and how knows (?)) have a great and succulent week and see you soon !


Hey @anttn!^^
I'm also not a real dev :P. Just wanted to create something to show food within the steem blockchain.^^ If you want to help, you can join the SteemKitchen Discord and make your own suggestions what should be added or changed. =) Also there may be translation errors on the site for the french version. If you see any, just tell me, i'm glad if i get feedback. =)

I wish you also a juicy week. ;)

hi @immanuel94 ! thank you for your answer and sorry for my delay ! I have joined the Discord and I will be happy to make suggestions in the future ! See you very soon ;)

Nice write up sir, thanks for that interesting piece

sir, I upvoted, followed and resteemed your post.

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I wish a great success to the platform @dtaste =)

Thank you. I also wish you great success here on steem.^^

Great idea!

@maquemali Isn't this a wonderful resource?

Super yessssssssss! 😍😍

Thanks for the mention! Indeed this is one happy dapps hahaha.. and just thinking about i am already drooling.. you really know my weakness!

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This platform looks awesome.I am a food lover so i will try this.I wish you good luck!

This platform is very good idea , I wish you the best… Reesteemed.

Congrats for the beautiful idea!!😊
I think I am gonna love this platform!(My blog is mostly about food!)
I will try to make my first post on Dtaste!

I’m excited to check out @dtaste!

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OMG! Finally! I’ve been wondering if there is a platform that we can get or write recipes and share it with the rest. This is so amazing. Thank you. And I am looking forward to try this. Thank you.

Looks great to me. We have an account for a regional group and were just talking about doing a weekly share a recipe post. This might be a great platform to do this!!

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Hey mate do you think you could make the site use SteemConnect? It just helps me to put my trust that my posting key won't be stolen.

Hey @ninja25538! =)

I can understand your opinion, with steem keychain, you don't have to give the site or steemconnect your keys, which is the best solution in this case, i would say.^^

You can find steem keychain here for the chrome as addon:

Oh wow that's really cool, you'll be having a new user to DTaste really soon :)

Hi @dtaste i heard you have a discord group would like to join :)

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