Introduction to California Roadtrip

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This is not my first post but the first in which I talk about two of my biggest passions in life: Travel and photography. To me, life passes so fast, like a blink of an ​eye, unless you are on a trip. All those moments you are traveling​ are well-lived. This is why I love having flexible schedule and travel; of course​ my camera is my companion. In the next couple posts, I will post the pictures I took during my road trip to California.

The picture below has zero edits.



It was a 20-day road trip​ around California, started from LA, went south to San Diego, drove north up to San Francisco​, went east toward sequoia​ national park and Yosemite​ national park, passed through Joshua​ tree national park and ended back in LA. Stay Tuned!


for more travel photos please
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I also had a California roadroad couple years ago. I visited San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Horseshoe Bend. It was an unforgettable experience!

A trip I would enjoy making. Enjoy!

safe travels, I will go to Colorado for my first trip to that area

I have road tripped​ through Colorado as well. Will share pictures soon :) Just followedyou.​.

Great pictures and beautiful sunset @maryarez Upvoted and following you =)

Thanks @aayalac22, Followed back. Thanks.

Hola amiga maryarez tus post son bastante buenos me gustan, cuenta con mi apoyo, te sigo.

Me sumo al apoyo del amigo jexus77, te sigo también.

Me sumo al apoyo de los amigos jexus77 y shaotech, te sigo también, tienes nuestro apoyo.

if you make friends with your lenses, it's very interesting while we relax in a coffee while enjoying aceh coffee.
I'm sure the spirit of hunting your lens more cool 😁

welcome to steemit. I hope you will enjoy your account and keep posting your original content and the nice photos :)

@lopezdacruz hope you come back and follow my upcoming posts on California!

Very nice trip, I hope come to Califonia oneday :)

You will ​if you want it so bad! stay tuned.

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wish to see u for long time with such lovely lovely posts and pictures....
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ya corrected it in my next post thankx for the help and suggestions... as i m new i have no idea about so i would be very happy if u help me to get a bit popular.... eu 5

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You are welcomed, hope you luck and saccess

Same to you, hope to see you back for my upcoming posts.

so excited to join you on this roadtrip through your posts. keep it coming girl. thanks for sharing

Thanks Kenhudoy. Just followed you hope you follow back and see my later posts.

Sure and let's keep steeming hot. Do also check my recent posts a d the health tips

Hello @maryarez, I already love those two photos you posted. I really love to travel and take a lot of photos. Continue your passion and keep on dreaming! Looking forward to more of your travel post. Btw, I followed you.

just followed back. Hope to see you engaged in​ my upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

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Thank you :)

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beautiful sunset @maryalez i wish i could do travel too:-) but sadly i have no option at all, im a mom of such a special unabled kid and hard to travel or leave my kid to anybody, love to take care by myself ofcourse:-) thanks for sharing your journey here on steemit, looking forward for another travel post friend,upvoted and following you....feel free to follow me back:-) @gyn

Taking care of your little fighter is itself a nourishing journey. Best of luck to you.

My two passions too. :-) Photography for me is work, but is still a great passion. I love that second shot with the crisp silhouettes. It's a beautiful coastline to travel. :-)

Thank you :)

You are welcome!

I like your photo reminds me of my husband when he was in Seychelles

Happy you liked it :)

Truce: wow nice shot

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Nothing like a California beach.

Exactly. Hope you come back for my later posts. just followed you.

Hello. Im @apilopoly. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too. Stay tuned. California pictures are coming.

Great post will be following so I can see more of your photography.

Thank you. Just followed back.

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What a blessing to be able to take a 20 day road trip around our great state! And that is a great sunset photo! As long as I have lived here I have never had the opportunity to visit Joshua Tree. I hear it's nice. I really have to carve out some time for that.

Yes, Joshua tree is so special. Camping inside the park, if you like camping, is highly suggested. You can do stargazing since there is no city light.

Thank you @maryarez I'm really looking forward to a going out there now. Thank you for giving me that final nudge to plan a Joshua Tree camping trip.

Great. Thank's!

Hello @maryarez,

You have inspired me to go on a roadtrip with my family... we may start in Australia first I guess. Thank you. :)

Looking forward to more our your photos and journey.


Mel @coachmelleow

You should definitely do it, ​especially​ if you have kids ​since they learn so much during road trips​.

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Great picture

Thank you. Come back for my later posts.


Thanks for sharing, and welcome to Steemit. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Everyone here is nice and helpful. If you get a chance come over to my blog and see what we are about. Good luck and have fun!

This is not my first post and thanks for offering to answer my questions!

What a beautiful view . I would love such trip some day soon. nice post.

Thank you. Hope you come back for my next posts.


Really beautiful sunset 🌅

🆒 The best in life are travels, roadtrips, making the moments eternal - totally cool trip idea. Would like to see more of that, @maryarez, and those quality photos, of course, too. Followin' and steemin' 👌.

I love your Steemit account! I'm thinking of doing a similar one with all the travels I did with my girlfriend. Good job! You got an upvote and follow!

Saludos te sigo...

Great pictures and loved the article. Feel free to check out my blog, this way we can support each other! :) upvoted and followed :D

follow me, good

California is a great place.
Especially as a business location.
Travel too is a great way to spend life.
There is a saying that, “The world is like a book, and those who don't travel only read one page.”
Thanks for sharing.

I really envy your photograph skills ! Am looking for your upcoming posts and thank you for visiting my introduction post :)

Great pictures @maryarez, that must have been one hell of a roadtrip :)

I like your picture ....

you should have posted more pictures,
the location seems mesmerizing , especially the time it was taken ..
Happy Steeming

Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome to Steemit!
Just keep on Steeming...

California dreaming. Nice stuff. following already.

welcome to Steemit I love road trips soon going on one with friends

The pictures are so pretty and never give up on what you love!!!

Hello, I really like the publications and especially the magnificent images that take us to those beautiful landscapes, I follow you and you have my vote, stop by my blog:

nice pictures .. continue @maryarez
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Hello I am from Venezuela I love your country, despite I think it is one of the few that I have not been able to visit, do not hesitate to send me your post so I know your country even in photos, thanks they were good, good images

I am in awe! Nice to meet you @maryarez!

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Welcome to this amazing community @maryarez. :) You got really good pictures. see you around.

Amazing sunset!! I'm already following you. Go check my first post

Mary, I'm Joey, and California is cool and romantic.

Thanks, ​Joe, good seeing you here on my post :) Hope you come back and check my later posts. Best!

The colors of that sunset look beautiful! Driving down PCH is really the best. Enjoy!

Welcome to Steemit. We are both in the right place at the right time. I honestly believe Steemit is going to be the future of social media.

I think the same. Welcome to you as well/