my first days days in steemit introducing me ..

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I think that life goes around a lot and it is a continuous learning. And, sometimes, we have the feeling that he "gets angry" with us because he wants to teach us something or give us lessons which we must learn. Then, there are family losses, illnesses, job dismissals, economic problems, lack of love, ... until the moment comes when we realize that ... those things that previously seemed to happen only to others .... we have to live it to us in full in the first person.
And one day you wake up in the morning and something happens that completely disconcerts you and makes you rethink your life and its true meaning
But they know everything, I think it happens so that in us a spiritual transformation takes place ..


Hello my name is Maria I am 30 years old I am Venezuelan lover of life and all the essential and natural, course the tenth semester of agricultural engineering at the University of Oriente in Maturín State Monagas, lover of photography, poetry and good music dabbling in the world of cryptography thanks to all the vertiginous processes that Venezuela is suffering I have had to survive not to die jejejejeje. A year ago I had the privilege of being the mother of the Precious Alessia, which is a stage that allows me to mature, for me the most important thing is God my family and my little home with a lot of love for the land of Venezuela place of opportunities and immense riches and an exquisite human warmth.

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Welcome to Steemit @mariluna :)

Welcome to Steem, @mariluna!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of steemit @mariluna, May your time spent here on the platform be productive. This can be a wonderful outlet when properly used. The key is to network with others and make new friends.


Stop using the "introduceyourself" tag. Every tag in this post except "life" is wrong.

The best tags for this post would be:
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Welcome to this wonderful community Maria! ☺️

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Te doy una cálida bienvenida @Mariluna... Que tengas éxito en Steemit!

Just a tip.
You should not use the introduceyourself tag all the time it will be flagged as spam and damage your reputation and even get downvoted on regular bases.
I like your pictures you are a beautifull woman with a beautifull family, so instead you could use the photography tag.
By using the correct tags you will generate more income.
Good luck on your journey on steemit, if you ever have any questions please hit me up and I will explain whatever you don't understand.

Welcome to Steemit. Enjoy the privilege of being a mum. Your angle is beautiful. Raising kids with faith gives them a firm foundation. Please follow me as well. Thx