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RE: New Introduceyourself post. Meet A Black Boy Ready To Share Stories And Insights About His Roots.

Hello, Chinagorom, and Welcome to Steemit.

As a teacher, it sounds like you have lots to offer on this platform, and you'll probably find a ready audience.

Starting out here is a bit daunting, but you learn as you go. Start creating some high-quality posts, and then simply keep doing so. That's one of the tricks to success here on Steemit.

Below are a few basic points of advice re posting on Steemit.

  1. Longer posts are more lucrative than short posts. If you make a post of 20–30 paragraphs, it's more likely to earn rewards.
  2. Include some photos, images or graphs, to complement the text.
  3. Make sure the text and photos are formatted properly, so that your post looks attractive and appealing.
  4. Be yourself.
  5. Be interesting and informative.
  6. Create quality content. Steemit is intended to be a platform of quality content. (You will see many insignificant posts with meager content and no quality. Most of those of posts [called “shitposts” by Steemit whale Stellabelle] will earn few rewards and soon pass into oblivion.)
  7. Get online and start curating. Read various posts, comment on those posts you find interesting, and upvote those posts. That’s the best way to attract followers.

Hope this helps for now. Good luck, and Full Steem Ahead!


I'm encouraged @majes.tytyty. I'm following you right away. I will do as you said

Great. One more point. Submitting photos in the various photo contests is a great way to earn a bit of Steem and to attract followers. Here are links to 2 contests.

@photocontests, organized by @juliank
#tepchallenge, organized by @theexplorer

Alright bro. I will give it a try. Thank you so much.

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