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The attractions of Dieng Banjarnegara indeed attract tourists. We must often hear the name Dieng Banjarnegara, in Central Java. Dieng itself is a plateau with a form like a cluster of hills. Dieng Banjarnegara is one of the volcanic mountains that is still active, but it also includes into the largest volcano to Asia. Dieng plateau itself is located in District Batur, Banjarnegara- Java Tegah. Not only presents beautiful scenery alone, Dieng also presents some interesting attractions that must be visited by tourists.

Telaga Warna Dieng

One of the interesting tourist destinations in the Dieng Plateau is Lake Dieng Color. One of the most interesting things in this tourist attraction is the water color of the telaganya that can be fluid, can be rainbow and can also be yellow. This is because the sulfur content contained in sulfur is very high, it can cause the lake changing colors when exposed to sun exposure. Lake Dieng color also has an exotic and stunning scenery with the hills around the lake.

Telaga Warna Dieng

In the afternoon, the lake will be covered by thick fog so it can cover the scenery around the lake color. Therefore, tourists can usually enjoy the tour in this place every morning and afternoon. Not only the interesting scenery around the lake alone, you can also see the attractions Semar Mandalasari Cave Hermawan Begawan Jati Sampurna.

Wells Jalatunda Dieng

Another interesting attraction on the Dieng Plateau is Jalatunda Dieng Well. This well is a unique and different well than the wells that we often encounter. Jalatunda Dieng Wells own a diameter of 90 meters, but the depth of this well is still not predicted with certainty. To climb this well there are as many as 257 steps that must be passed by the visitors.

Wells Jalatunda Dieng

Telaga Menjer Dieng

Another Dieng Tour is Telaga Menjer Dieng which offers a very exotic lake nature charm. You can get around using the boats provided at this resort. Not only that, Lake Menjer Dieng generally used for hydropower by the local government.

Lake menjer dieng

Arjuna Dieng Temple

Tourist attraction that is not less interesting and worth to be recommended in Dieng Plateau Wonosobo is Arjuna Dieng Temple. The complex of Dieng temple is the oldest temple in Java Island. The names of the temples in the complex Arjuna Dieng Temple is Dieng Temple, Arjuna Temple, Candi Putra Dewa, and Srikandi Temple.

Arjuna Dieng Temple

Mount Prau

You can reach the highest peak of a Dieng mountain in Mount Prau that presents the habitat of flora and fauna. Prau Dieng is the visitors or tourists can watch the sun set and sun rise is very amazing and spoil the eyes of the visitors.

Prau Mountain dieng

Sikidang Dieng Crater

Not only the white crater in Bandung area that offers a view of an exotic crater, but Dieng also presents the beauty of Sikidang Dieng crater is very charming. The scenery is amazing to make tourists never forget when visiting this interesting tourist attraction. >

Sikidang Dieng Crater

Bukit Sikunir Dieng

You want to see the phenomenon of sun rise and sun set is very interesting? Yes, right on the hill Sikunir Dieng you can directly witness this phenomenon. If you travel to this place, then you have to pass a rocky and steep road. In addition, to get to the top of Bukit Sikunir this also you have to go through many ravines. So it is very important to hire a tour guide to guide the road to Bukit Sikunir Dieng.

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