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I breathe and, while I breathe out, very slowly, I start to open my eyes. I look around me and I cannot believe what I am looking at. I see an incredible world that wants to be discovered. I see plants, I see water, I see animals, I see a lot of life around me, I see history, I see development and I see culture.

I have to blink twice, I cannot believe that all this beauty is real. But it is. It is my world and I feel an emotional burst inside me: I feel love, passion, desire, gratitude...

And there are a lot of people around me, people who deserve all this, engaged people who just want to know, to discover.
I feel glad. I just want to share everything I see, I hear, I touch, I eat or I smell with everyone. Everything is so harmonious, so fascinating, so perfect...

I close my eyes again and I breathe, smiling.

Slowly I breathe out again and I open my eyes, anxious to see again the sensitivity of this world, but what I see scares me.
I do not see birds flying above my head, I cannot hear the sound of the water flowing, I do not smell the flowers that just were around me. Everything is destroyed, there is no nature left, there is no life anymore. Those dreamy people had become automatons with empty eyes attached to a screen.

I have to blink twice, I cannot believe all this unsightliness is real. But it is. It is my world and I feel an emotional burst inside me: I feel the missery, the sadness, the apathy, the fullness...

I closed my eyes again and, at that moment, I heard the world crying, asking me for help. But I was only a little particle wandering in the infinity. I thought that I could not do anything. What I did not know is that even each small particle has its own light, and I have mine.

With this bright I want to light up everybody around me and everybody who has ran across my little hideout.

I use photography to capture the things I see, always taking everything from a different perspective. Drawing is my way to forget about limits: everything I imagine can become true in a paper. I need words to express my view of the world because, even if it is true that an image is better than a thousand words, a perfect combination of words can provoke everlasting feelings, and that is what I will try to do.


I hope you have liked it and, if you did, do not forget to follow and upvote me, I will post texts like this one daily.

This is only my presentation. It is only a part of me.

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Very different introduce yourself post to what I'm used to it. You seem to be a creative and original person. I liked the story but I would still like to see a post about yourself ;) It's of course up to you if you share something like this but I like to get to know a person behind an account a little bit better :)

Welcome to Steemit and I'm looking forward to seeing you around here :)

Have a great weekend!

welcome to steemit @luzdelua many successes

Your post is full of beauty and I do indeed identify with it strongly. The unlimited beauty of the world vs. the sad reality we live in today and I love the particle metaphor. I think of things much in the same way and how true it is that even the tiniest particle can make a difference. We need but keep going, even though in the beginning progress seems slow. The photo complements the words in the text and puts the reader into a receptive state from the start. I wish you the best of luck!! And I will keep reading your content.

Thank you very much for such a beautiful comment. I'm glad that you have understood perfectly the meaning of the metaphors. I will try not to disappoint you with my future posts 😘

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beautiful your content, I will follow you and I invite you to go through my profile, it is about the dreams and nightmares that I have fortunately been able to have, thank you.

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Welcome to steemit @luzdelua.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Good advice. I always feel better when I do that, when I breath in and out slowly. Thank you so much.

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