Why do we hear our "ugly" voice in a recording?

It has not happened to you that when sending a WhatsApp note you get goosebumps when playing the recording ?, we feel that our voice is horrible, and we have wondered why this happens?

For my part I decided to investigate this curious case that occurs when I made the recordings of my songs at the beginning, I did not like my voice and it always ended in XD crisis.

In order to understand what is happening with our voice, it is necessary to understand How does the ear work?

It happens that when we record our voices, when playing them we notice a voice that is finer, stronger and very different from what we hear, that is why there is a great difference between how we listen and how the people who listen to us perceive us, this due to the way which is predisposed the ear and how the sounds travel through it.

It happens that the mouth being very close to the ear, generates a unique voice that we can only hear when we speak

the recording of our voice requires some low frequencies that only we personally perceive

then the recordings serve as a reference to know how our friends listen to our voice, remember that we have two voices, those that others perceive and a voice that we only hear and that nobody who is not yourself, will listen.

So nothing, stop worrying when sending those WhatsApp notes because your voice sounds "horrible" that "horrible" voice is your second voice. : D

and good up to here this post, I hope that it serves you something what I share.

I send a greeting and a very strong hug to you who came here

Thank you so much for the visit ;)

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