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Hey everyone. I was asked to do an introduction post. Now that i think about it, it seems like a good idea.

So here goes... I am a person of the male sex from the glorious country of Croatia (aka. Hrvatska).
My defining characteristics would be unextraordinary. 😀
Id say my life is a cliche from some cheesy soap opera.
Im an ex basketball player that "had" to give up basketball due to injuries. Yes you guessed it.. Knees. I took too many arrows in that particular area so i had to take it easy. (Arrows as in medical instruments poking around)
Im taking up boxing as a way to stay in shape and the cool thing is that im tall so its hard to punch me in the nose. 😂


Im also a business owner, another cliche for someone from Dalmatia, i run an "apartment complex" (its basically just a 3 story building with 10 apartments on the adriatic coast)...
On a side note im trying to finish up university, couple exams away from a marketing degree.

If i would have something else to mention its that i lived in US for 2 years, something thats not that common for someone from Cro, from 1997-1999 finished few years of elementary school there so i have a decent grasp of the english language i use to make fun of my countrymen.. (Weird since this post is probably full of grammatical erores😂)...
Another thing to watch out for are my poor attempts at humor. This post a showcase for that.

Im extremely interested in crypto and have some surface level understanding of how things work. Watch out @utopian-io !

You could say i dont stand out much from the crowd and you wouldnt be far from the truth.
Id just want to find a group of people here that share my values and are just a bit whacky...
Thats about it..

Almost forgot.... I love cake.... But pancakes, not so much. 😉

Heres a photo of me for the ladies.
bad humor all around



Dobro dosao!
I ja sam upravo stigla. Upravo pripremam svoj prvi post za introduceyourself. Moram priznati da imam tremu, pa rekoh da pogledam malo kako to drugi rade.
Pa, svaka cast! samo nastavi tako...

Hvala na lijepim rijecima. Nemas se cega bojat stvarno. :D
Nije pretesko a ljudi su dragi vecinu vremena.

Welcome lordbutterfly !! (interesting name) I'm new too so I hope that you beginning in steem be grate, your introduction was good. I have to say that my english is not good too (I know, I have a lot of mistakes), well my principal language is spanish. Bienvenido!

Well there is a pretty big Spanish community here so even if your english isnt on the highest of levels im sure you will fit right in. :D

Welcome lordbutterfly..really soo incredible name..
I am new too.
Hope u will rise .

Nice to know u... I also love cakes...

Welcome to Steem, @lordbutterfly!

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dude... i used to be basketball player too... I need to find a picture of muhself... it was like 100 lbs ago mind you, but I could even dunk (can't touch the net today).

hahahah well, nice intro post!

If we ever run into each other its game on. Haha.
My first big injury (we count those like scars in battle haha) actually came from trying to dunk over a 7 footer as a cocky kid playing a wild league. Hes getting inducted into basketball hall of fame in the coming week. Played for Celtics.
One of his teammates stepped on my foot our next game, called me a loser, sent me crying to the emergency room.
Worst pain in my life, 3 months of crutches, but i get to tell this story. 😂

i played point guard professionally for almost two years (almost). Injuries as well... but never tried to dunk in a game...

As a matter of fact, one time I jumped for a rebound against and a 7 foot beast came running and jumped too.... all i saw was his shoe in front of my face and heard the DUNK as i fell into the floor off balance and twisted my wrist... not foul, since there was no clear possession...

You do know how new this is to me. Haha. Meno basketball player.
The 7footers are tanks. I was a point guard as well and a SF during my time.
Glass cannon positions.
The bootprint must have stuck for a while. Haha. The biggest guys dont take lightly shorter people making them look silly.

Wowo....arrows...the pinching on the skin with a aneedle..ufff.....😯
@welcome @lordbutterfly another basketball (ex) player on steem check out awakentolife he is pro. Seems you already have a secent stay till...any reason for late intro?

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Well ive been around for quite a while, never really used this blog for writing. Decided to give it a shot. Bought some steem so thought it would be a good idea to grow my blog a bit with bots.

Ohh thats true...it is right time to invest. ..you reputation and so late intro surprised me.....

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Hi i Welcome to the Steemit gang @lordbutterfly :)

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you enjoy the platform as much as I do.

Hi you are welcome to steem

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welcome to steemit @lordbutterfly! I love cake too! What type of cake do you like? I love German Chocolate.

Pozdrav iz Beograda!

Buena presentación!

i love cake too 😅😅

Hello and welcome. Also hi everyone!

welcome! I also like cakes!

Hey welcome to Steemit, I am following your work now. Please check out my work and follow me.

@lordbutterfly, I do not understand anything written

Good introduction :))))

Screw pancakes! I'm right there with you!!

The picture is amazing,i had to like it since it was for the ladies,,haha.Great article ,nice to know you.welcome to steemit

Haha. Thank you for the nice words.

bienvenido a la comunidad excelente presentacion y pues aqui estamos para formar ese grupo de personas que puedas compartir los valores

Welcome.Nice to know ya.

Hello, welcome to Steemit! I am also familiar with how an injury can affect the sport you love. Thankfully, there are always alternative forms of exercise and sport. Good luck with everything.

Theres always curling. 😁
Thank you for thr nice wishes

Welcome to the community, I hope it works well for you here.

Very interesting introduction post.

Pozdrav! :)

Nisam previse duzio. 😁
Pozdrav i tebi.

this is great, I am new to steemi and this platform really has a very good variety and they are all very friendly

Well, your story is not so soap opera, it just shows that you are human.
If everything went perfectly in life, it would be very boring.
Be careful not to neglect yourself in boxing because you trust your height very much... even tall buildings can be collapsed
Learning English with friends is a great way to express yourself correctly so as not to fall for their jokes... but it does not prepare you to have a perfect calm grammar ;)
And do not worry that here you will find a big crazy group in which you feel comfortable, as long as you are yourself, without masks :)

Just a regular Joe, like me haha. Welcome, bro. Hope to see more of you in this platform

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welcome my friend :)

Good to have you. You are most welcome! 👊

Hi @lordbutterfly
It's funny #Introductionyourself post that have been posting about few times you on Steemit platform. But not so bad, I want to regarding you "welcome to steemit and hope you'll enjoy and success on this platform"

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Welcome. Sorry to hear about the basketball. I've always thought it looked like a great game to play.

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