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Hi Steemers!

You finally convinced me. I'm moving to steemit from Google+. I'm building a new home here! But I don't know how to build it in this platform. I have questions that I will arrive at after a short background story.

First impression of steemit.

I started my steemit-journey by following a few people here, to help me get a feeling about this place. Let me use a picture to express my feelings right now :)


I find a lot of energy here! A lot of people with a lot of interesting thoughts. It's exactly the kind of stuff I enjoy to read, understand, and curate into an interesting feed. But most of it is hard to find. (It was hard to find it in G+ also.)

Short introduction

I enjoy curating the internet.
I collect essays, stories, predictions and #techporn (And Yes, it is safe for work. I'll explain below. It seems the concept is not yet rooted here :).

I like to collect posts about The human mind. I love to explore our strengths and weaknesses as humans. Cognitive bias, often our weakness, is probably the most interesting topic. It touches all other topics, and is at the root of our ability to make sense of the world around us. I also love to find stuff about group behavior and collaboration, often our strength as herd animals.

I also love to curate texts about one of the most impressive tools we humans have invented. Money, a tool to create more efficient collaboration. It is a concept we all use and benefit from every day. But strangely we don't all agree what it actually is. It seems to be an invention so genius that few of us actually understand it. And the more I study it, the less I think I have it figured out. There are so many interesting angles to this subject. And yes, the blockchain is a part of this topic.

Other topics relating to group behavior and collaboration are:

  • Science, and other systematic processes that exist in order to convince other people and/or convey information.
  • Fairness. Concepts like Unearned income, Economic rent, Distributive justice, Procedural justice, Interactional justice, Environmental justice, Sportsmanship and Social justice.
  • The commons. This always relates to fairness in one way or another.
  • Sharing. This also relates to fairness and Reciprocal behavior. Herd animals expects sharing behavior.
  • Ideologies. Btw, The most successful ones seems to share an interesting trait. They all have antagonists. My number one recommendation for people that want their ideas to spread faster is to start a successful counter-movement.
    • I know a lot about Geonomics and Georgism. And so does the steemer @ekklesiagora
    • Gift economy (Reciprocal gifting between people)
  • Democracy and other forms of collaboration. (The power struggles found everywhere, especially here on steemit. I really enjoy to study the relationships between the "whales" and the "small" steemers that are Upvoting and flagging each other like a beautiful symphony!)
  • Leisure, work and robots. When Robots do all the work, What are we humans then supposed to do with our lives?
  • Most of the above topics are also part of the topic Universal Basic Income. But this topic is literally to BIG for me. So I have specialized my knowledge in three branches of the movement. The branch that wants a Citizen's dividend , the branch that believes in QE for people and those that want a Carbon Fee and Dividend. Key concepts in these branches are Economic rent, Demurrage, Seigniorage, Pigouvian taxes and Monetary theory.
    These branches are small in relation to the rest of the movement. But they are worthy more attention. My current understanding is that the key concepts are hard to explain and understand. And this creates a barrier of understanding. Nowadays I mostly experiment with different Mental models on my friends in order to understand how to explain the concepts more efficiently. So far I have failed to find an easy-to-understand-mental-model. But the search for it is fun and interesting. Some credit is due, I really enjoy reading the material created by steemer @mark4ubi and @scottsantens .
    Basic income movements.jpg
    Source. Recommended reading!
  • Cryptocurrencies relating to the above topics. Examples:


I have two thoughts right now

Thought one.
The value from my curation has previously been in the form of a feed. I have collected well written related articles and created a kind of corpus of thoughts and ideas in different topics. I believe an individual post is less interesting compared to a good collection of them. But this platform primarily rewards individual posts. There is no reward in curating your own feed by removing, or rewriting, your failed posts that others did not find interesting. The decision to delete a failed post in order to create a top quality feed is in my humble opinion as important as the creation of new good posts. Sometimes you even give more value to your followers by deleting/hiding something of low quality in order to enhance the feed itself. Your followers can then enjoy the best material.
This line of thinking could be the solution to all the spamming in this community. The quality of visible previous posts could have an impact on the rewards for new posts. This could bring people to curate their feeds and only leave the best ones for people to scroll through. Has this been discussed before?

It is important to reduce the amount of valueless information that is taking up our valuable time. Cleaning up the mess should be rewarded.

Do you have any suggestions how I could make the best use of this platform and provide this community with top quality collections of interesting material?

Second thought.
Why stop rewarding a good post after 7 days? This enforces the spamming behavior. Only new posts are rewarded. This makes people create as many new posts as possible in order to get the rewards. Well written posts older than 7 days are treated as worthless by the community and are no longer rewarded.
Old evergreen posts are the backbone of every online community. They are the reason people decide to spend time in the community. But they are not rewarded. Why is this?

I want to reward old wellwritten steemit posts. How would you suggest I do that?

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Welcome to Steemit @ljung
I hope you find yourself comfortable in this amazing community.
If you have any questions about the functioning of the platform let me know and I will try to help you as much as I can.

Welcome to Steem @ljung.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you enjoy your stay here.

I recommend that you add a self-image or "avatar" to your Steemit account.

Hi welcome on Steemit. I am happy that you came over to steemit and i was lucky enough to see your introduction blog, cuz most of your topics are the ones that take like 80% of my spare time.
I am looking forward to see some blogs from you :)
Have a nice day and greetings from Germany :)

Bienvenido a steemit, espero tengas mucho exito...

Me gusto mucho tu post, sigue así y llegaras a lo alto!

Welcome to steemit @ljung. Join @minnowsupport project for more help. Checkout @helpie and @qurator projects.
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One of the most intriguing posts I've read, if not of the most forward-thinking that the comment I write now preceded the wave of insight you've unleashed.

I like to collect posts about The human mind. I love to explore our strengths and weaknesses as humans. Cognitive bias, often our weakness, is probably the most interesting topic. It touches all other topics and is at the root of our ability to make sense of the world around us. I also love to find stuff about group behavior and collaboration, often our strength as herd animals.

Had to re-read this, so that its effect doubled, is really like an itch in the mind; the kind of consideration that mulls around the tip of the tongue and somewhere in the air between shouting at the top of your lungs in public. Thank goodness we've got things like Steemit, where we can offer endlessly up our opinions and perspectives, or in a bountiful world, all would be worthless. Rather priceless, what value is someone's time to another person or task/skill set? Whilst we work out the details, we the artists of our own lives continue to mix and mash the colors on this universal canvas.

Your final thoughts, too, lend plenty of space for the imagination to play with for the future of Steemit. I have some optimism for the upcoming SMT program integration, as well as the stream of continuous progress in Steemit blockchain, every day I'm excited to be a part of this new wave in social media online.

Thank you for sharing!

Time is Art. In Life, all we have is Time. Why not make Art all the Time?

I am a proud @earthnation Steemit Guild Community member!
Thanks to their loyal support, I am able to create a passive income stream that funds my creative output and delivers this original content directly to YOU.


The SMT concept makes me think about this youtube video


From the SMT white paper, this is where I was sold:

"Due to suboptimal transaction cost structures that incur fees for basic actions such as voting or posting, misalignment of interests between meta and core tokens that aren’t built for influencing distributions based on Proof-of-Brain, private key hierarchies that don’t cater to social versus financial operations, and slow transaction speeds that are out of sync with real-time websites - none of these protocols could ever provide an acceptable user experience for content websites, such as Twitter, Reddit (even subreddits) or The New York Times."

This is exactly what gets me excited and attracted to blockchain technology and why I will continue to invest my time and energy in building the new from the old; Facebook and the like are already going the way of the dinosaur because they've failed to innovate ways of doing what they do best better for their users. I wrote about this in my earlier post series, This Brave New World, I talked about this digital transition I am going through, sharing a bit about me, and how I find more people every day making the switch from these legacy social media networks. If you're a content creator, producing your art or developing media, this is your time to shine through the shadows of tomorrow a light for today.

I feel that most people are growing increasingly tired of being exploited for their personal and original content for these networks to make HUGE profits for simply linking other people (some of which are our own family and actual friends). Facebook's integration has even made it a valid authentication online for places of business and certifying our presence in the workplace. Everyone deserves rights to their own content, producing, sharing, cultivating it is the art of our history. It is our modern culture.

Another thought brings me back before all of this, to this video called "The Future of Communication" I've favorited since I first watched it back in 2009 (maybe earlier, I remember watching this continually into college and I STILL refer to this video. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS), much of its content still relevant, over time has come to be a bellwether on this phenomenon that we're all experiencing.


I feel that most people are growing increasingly tired of being exploited for their personal and original content for these networks to make HUGE profits for simply linking other people (some of which are our own family and actual friends).

Yes, I have found many users that feel exploited when posting their original content here on Steemit. The whales make HUGE profits because of the value created by minnows. The whales earn large amounts because other users attract more readers and authors to the platform. It is mostly the users with low SP but interesting posts that make other people register and invest in this platform in order to interact with them. With other words, the whales collect unearned income because of actions performed by everyone else. And most of the whales don't even post anything. They collect money by selling upvotes and other interesting schemes. It is very interesting to study and be a part of this. It is one of the reasons I moved from G+ to this place. I want to experience this rent seeking first hand.

Nice video. It got many things right!
And interesting blog post!

Welcome. We have some common interests. I’m going to follow you and watch for future posts.

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Nice to see you here! With the kind of content you publish, I think you'll be very happy in SteemIt! :-D

Remember, this is just a frontend to the STEEM blockchain. If you don't like this interface, please check out https://busy.org.

I prefer Busy's interface... and it has notifications, too! :-D