I'm Lexie Takis, a fine artist from Detroit, MI and this is my first Steemit post!

Hello Steemit!

My name is Lexie Takis, and I am an emerging artist from Detroit, Michigan. My wonderful and brilliant photographer friend @johndykstra introduced me to the budding creative community here on Steemit! With all your lovely faces I just couldn't wait to join and share my perspective and experiences with art.

A Little Bit About Myself:

When I was young, art was a pleasure for me to experience. I have always been attracted and drawn to the mystical, spiritual and the creative side of life. As an artist today, I find myself still choosing to be surrounded by idealism, I love to work with bright pastel hues, iridescent mediums and rainbow spectrums, with paint (and sometimes epoxy resin!) being my vessel of choice.

As someone who started off drawing all their life, I was too intimidated to begin painting, until I decided to face my fears on a whim in one of my art classes. That was only two years ago- since then, I’ve been making my living entirely off of my work! I love to share my ideas and my experiences as an independent artist with other creatives, and alongside my interest in cryptocurrency, Steemit looks like the perfect place to share these experiences.

For all you wonderful art enthusiasts, and for all those interested,
Let's take a quick trip around my gallery:

New Works from "Starlight", 2017

"Moon in Pisces," Acrylic on canvas
"Where Flows," Acrylic on canvas "Epiphoria," Acrylic on canvas

Here is a taste of a few of my most recent works for our gallery show, "Starlight," shown in Mount Clemens, Michigan.
For the show I wanted to refine my usage of acrylic media, creating a smooth, oil-like rendering of skin tones and other textures. You can see this in my most recent portraits- for example, "Moon in Pisces" as shown above. Simultaneously for the showcase, I also I focused on letting my paint medium breathe, flow and resonate together, defining its own form ("Where Flows" & "Epiphoria" ). These impressionistic pieces were an exercise in simplicity and balance- and to compliment the other entries in the show.

Click on any of the images above to see other works from the show.

Watercolor, 2015

"Untitled," Watercolor and Ink on Paper

"Decomposition," Watercolor on Paper "Flower Face," Watercolor on Paper

When I first began to explore the painting universe, using watercolor was a nice halfway-point between ink drawing (what I had been doing up 'till then) and painting. Most of my early watercolor techniques started as an outline from where I built up the color ("Decomposition" & "Flower Face") or started off as a color wash, which I later inked a sketch on top of ("Untitled (Pizza)").

It might show that this entry point to painting is what influenced my later acrylic work (And you wouldn't be wrong!). Most of the techniques used for texturing and laying watercolor can be seen in my current acrylic pieces today. Color washes, drips, pooling, and using water spray to lift up certain colors are all visible. Often times, I use acrylic in replacement now, dubbing it a "more-permanent-watercolor for use on canvas." My next photo series below, my "Astrology Sky Series" is a perfect example of this.

"Astrology Sky" Series, 2017

In order from top left to right bottom: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer; Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio; Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, & Pisces.

This series, which started out as a small exercise, expanded into the set you see before you today. Influenced by the presence and sensual design of Art Nouveau (Ex: "Cancer Sky" & "Capricorn Sky"), and the more current popular influence of illustrative techniques (Ex: "Leo Sky" & "Gemini Sky"), these elements presented themselves distinctly in my work.

Each of these Astrological pieces have their own story, symbols, and meaning behind the composition of the completed work. I would love to tell you all the imagery, why I created it, and what it means to me, but we will save that story for another day.
If you all are interested, each month (or half-way through each month, as the astrological calendar goes) I will showcase the current zodiac sign, explain a bit about the process of the piece and give you all a little taste of the energies that come with it! Let me know if this is something you would be interested in!

In the meantime, I would love to hear what you all think of my work. Feel free to follow me if you want to see more of my art! I'm looking forward to sharing new work, discussing old work, and writing my thoughts about art, energy and astrology right here on Steemit! :)



Great art and nice intro :) I think you will do fine here! Resteemed you for some publicity! Greets :)

Hi, I'm @edosweet. I stopped by to give you a warm welcome to the Steemit platform. I wish you good luck and many good things as you join us.

Welcome to Steemit @lexietakisart upvote :D

Thank you so much! Please follow me if you wish :)

Nice self-upvote there Jonathanxvi...

What a truly remarkable talent. Welcome to steem, you will do very well here. Best of luck to you.

Thank you so much! I would love to show you more as my posts continue, Please feel free to follow and stick around! Make yourself comfortable here :) All the best!

Welcome to Steemit, Lexie!

Lexie, you rock!! Glad to finally have you on board!

Thanks John!! It's wonderful to finally be on board!

Just be aware @johndykstra is the second coolest John on the site. ;)

Also having more artists from Michigan here is awesome. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Haha its so great to meet more artists from Michigan! Let alone, another John :) Thanks for your well-wishes!

Hahaha, thanks John ;)

Your work is gorgeous! And your introduction post lovely :-) I'm glad @johndykstra brought you to the Steemit community - I'm following and looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

Good luck here :-)

Welcome to Steemit! Wish you good luck and a lot of success!

Isabelle! Thank you and good luck to you too!

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Hey @lexietakisart, welcome to Steemit!

What a beautiful style you have. I'm thrilled to see your Astrology Sky series. I will also add that "Untitled" may inspire my dinner choice tonight. Muchas gracias!

I just followed you and look forward to see what you post on your feed! Let me know if you're on discord chat, yet! You might be interested in checking out some of the groups on there. I am in a few that may be of interest.

If you decide to pop on, feel free to add me @intuitivejakob#7088!

That sounds great! I am not on discord yet, but this makes for a lovely invite, so I'll look into it! Thanks so much! :D

You're so welcome! I invited some friends from some of my fave discord servers to see your introduction post here, such as @sumayyahaidso @vegan.niinja @steampunk-penny & @torquewrench1969 from Team Girl Powa.


If you feel so inclined, just click that gorgeous banner and you'll be taken into our discord community where it's supportive and cool.

Beautiful! I will do that :)

@intuitivejakob Which Astrology sign are you?

Cool, glad your'e checking out the group!

My sun is Aquarius, if you're asking about sun sign, though I'm someone much more ruled by the moon (Cancer Asc/Leo Moon).

How about you, @lexitakisart?

I'm an aqua sun, cancer moon and libra rising :)
I will tag you when I do posts for each if you like! I love to give thorough analysis and discussion about each of the signs.

How very cool @lexietakisart! I see we have a lot of planets in common already! I would love to be tagged in your posts for this stuff. I'm all about this subject matter.

And happy full moon to you!

Awesome stuff! I will be watching your posts. :D

Thank you! Do you have a favorite piece? And what is your astrology sign?

It all looks really awesome! Picking a favorite is difficult!

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Welcome! Your art work is amazing! 😄

Thank you for the warm welcome! Do you have a favorite piece?

I really love all the works in your Zodiac collection. A far as singles it's a toss up between "Decomposition" and "Flower Face." My daughter loved the "Untitled." But really all you have posted so far is beautiful.

Wonderful, thank you so much! Which zodiac signs are you and your daughter?

I am Gemini and she is Taurus.

@yorutsuki I have been doing steemit articles on each of the signs as the months roll around, when I get to Taurus and Gemini I will absolutely be sure to tag you! In the meantime, here are my poetic descriptions of Gemini and Taurus that should tide you over in the meantime :)
Also, thank you so much! Please follow me if you aren't already! I would love to post more content for you guys.

Thank you. we appreciate it, and yes, we follow you. 😄

Welcome to Steem @lexietakisart.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Welcome, welcome @lexietakisart I love your artwork. I would love to hear the story behind the zodiac pieces. I am wishing you do a post on each. Wishing you much success on Steemit. Also will you be looking taking on any art projects (to clarify that is work requested by Steemians) on the Steemit platform? I am now following you.

Yes of course, I do commissions for many kinds of art forms. I am a graphic designer in addition to being a fine artist. Whatever you imagine I can make it!


Welcome to steemit.com !

Great art, though I'm not much of a judge of art.

You're gonna fit in great!

Thank you! Which is your favorite?

Welcome darling! Love these paintings so much! Wow!!! I am looking forward to your posts here on steemit! Have fun and enjoy the journey;)
Love, Niina

Niina, Thank you sweetie~!!

Fabulous work, fabulous intro. I sincerely hope you do really well here and get the recognition your talent deserves, sadly this isn't always the case but don't give up :-)

Hello and welcome to steemit! I look forward to seeing more of your art.

Thanks so much! Do you have a thought of what you would like to see more of? (Watercolor, Astrology, Abstract, Portraiture, etc)?

I like the Decomposition and Moon in Pisces you posted above. I like the light and dark in Euphoria, but it's not the style of art that I really get into. I say post what you like to post, the people that matter will flock to it.

My favorite galleries to explore are the 19th century impressionist exhibits. Specifically Edouard Manet, though. Something about his style just really caught my attention, and more than just the nudity involved. There was a certain beauty to his style that you could tell he drew from the hyper-realism of the painters before him, when everyone else was moving to the super expressive. It's a fascinating juxtaposition.

The local art museum has Olive Trees by Van Gogh, which is a great piece to just sit in front of and take in. That's the kind of art that I love.

@ddrfr33k Thank you for the feedback! I too, have many different styles of art that I love. Manet is excellent, I find myself coming back to his pieces from time to time, each with a different take on what I can achieve in my art and what I can appreciate in others'. I have always loved impressionism as well. Some of my early painting was influenced by it as a way to interact with the media by focusing on mixing color rather than form. It was a wonderful way to warm up to painting in acrylic :)
I actually used Van Gogh as a study in his "Two Cypresses", you can see it here!:
I would love for you to follow me if you haven't already, I would love to have more discussions like this!

Just realized I hadn't done that. Fixed!

I'll check out the cypresses when I'm not on my phone.

For sure, thank you! Also, what is your astrological sign?

Right on the cusp of Gemini

Cool, I'll update you when I do a Gemini post :)

Welcome to another (Metro) Detroiter (though I am a Detroit-native, born and raised). Your art is lovely.

Detroit represent!! Haha thank you so much!

@sumayyahsaidso What is your astrology sign?

I'm a Capricorn.

Sweet! I'll tag you when I make my first Capricorn post :)
Until then, I write poetic descriptions of each sign on my website, including Capricorn, so feel free to take a look!

I would love for you to follow me if you haven't already, thank you so much!

Welcome to Steemit! "Where Flows," is my favorite.

Thank you so much! What is it that you like about it?

Hey! welcome to Steemit hope you enjoy it here :) following

Welcome to steemit!
I really like your Astrology Sky series!

Thanks Amber! Which sign are you ?

I'm a Leo. :-)

I know Leo season is a few months away, so I'll tag you when I make a Leo post! Please follow me if you aren't already doing so :) Until then, I write poetic descriptions of each sign on my website, so feel free to take a look! It should tide you over until then :)

Thank you so much!

Oh yes, I'm following you.

Hello, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and you are lovely and I love your art and I draw too.

Welcome to steemit! New members always welcome hehe ^^

One of the best introduction post i have gone through.u won my heart.following u

Thanks so much! :D

welcome to steemit @lexietakisart, I really like you artwork, I think you will do well on here, My advice is to get involved with others on here through their blogs and have fun.

Ah damn. I'm on the cusp Libra/Scorpio so will have to wait months for you to get to my signs! LOL

@glugster, I'll tag you when I do make the articles! Until then please follow me! And I do write poetic descriptions of each sign on my website :) Maybe this can tide you over in the meantime:

Thanks so much for your comment!

Hi Lexie! Welcome! I'm new to the community and an artist as well. I really love your zodiac series. I'm a triple cancer :)

Followed! Welcome to you too!
Cancer season is a few signs away, but I'll tag you in the first Cancer post I make! Until then, please follow me :)
I do write poetic descriptions of each sign, including Cancer on my website, so maybe this can tide you over in the meantime! :
I'm also a Cancer moon too :)
Thank you so much <3!

Welcome to you and your art on steemit :)

Thanks Berien! <3

Nice Michelangelo's allusion with pizza intermediair)). This work is real mem, i do not know why.

Welcome to steemit Lexie. Wishing you a great great experience here on steemit :)

Thank you, Syedubair! I'm glad to be here :)

Awesome stuff @lexietakisart!

I loved the Michelangelo 'esque pizza slice work and the Astrology series is kick ass.

I lived for a few years in Detroit in my 20s. I miss it sometimes. I know it's been trying vitalize itself and some say it's going through a renaissance of sorts. Your work is evidence of that! Cheers!

Following you... Can't wait to see more.

Thanks @freeinthought! I make stickers and prints of the Pizza piece and the Astrology series if you are interested :) Detroit is such an artist city now! We are so thankful to be a part of the community here. I can't wait for the turn of the renaissance. What is your astrology sign?

Wow some seriously awesome work you got going on here. Welcome to steemit! Look forward to seeing more of your stuff

Thanks so much, @rumble! Do you have a favorite piece?

These are gorgeous! Your work is deep and exciting, I love the color spectrum and content focus!

Welcome to Steemit!

Upvoting and following :)

Wow thank you @stirling! Followed back! Do you have a favorite piece? And what is your zodiac sign?

Welcome! Love the astrological paintings and descriptions :)

Thank you @kimberlylane! What is your sign?

Scorpio! Sun and Moon :)

Cool! I'll update you when I do my first posts on Scorpio :) Until then, here are my poetic descriptions of Scorpio to tide you over in the meantime :)
Please follow me if you haven't already!

Wow your art is incredible!!!
Followed you for more. I love the pizza piece, Epiphoria, and the scorpio astrology piece. I was born in November, and your scorpio art is really beautiful.

Aw thank you so much!! I know Scorpio season is far away but I will tag you when I make a Scorpio article :)
Until then here is this!

amazing art!! im a pisces but the virgo one is sick, hope you stick around!

@trismegistuz Thank you so much! If you're a Pisces that means you have a Birthday around this time (Happy birthday!!)
Have you seen the recent article I wrote about Pisces? This one is part 1, I'll be happy to also tag you in part 2 as well when I write it later next week :)
Please enjoy! (And please follow me if you aren't already!)

Hello Lexi welcome to the community of Steemit ❤ Great post.
I must say that I loved your #Introduceyourself is great for me to read the "presentations" of the other new Steemians like me on this platform ... Thank you for taking the time to write about yourself, about your life and let me know a part of what you are. I hope to read more about you soon, as well as I hope you can succeed in this social network.
By the way, I want to take this opportunity to tell you that, like you, I'm also new to this platform and I made my first post, I would greatly appreciate it if you read it and if you like it, give me a vote, comment something, give me resteem or follow me, I'll do the same if you want.
Without further ado, I say goodbye. I remain attentive to your next publications. 💋
@Mjzo here to support you in what you need. Regards!

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