Hi, I’m Leon Fu, Software Engineer, Mobile App Developer, Bitcoin and Blockchain Advocate, Technologist, Investor, World Traveler

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Hello Steemians!

It seems like a proper, formal, introduction is the custom on Steemit. My name is Leon Fu. Some of you may know me as Leon Fu Dot Com, the Oracle of Austin if you follow Tai Zen and I on YouTube. I’ve been involved with computers, software, and technology my entire life. My first computer was a clone of the IBM AT from the mid ’80’s. It had a 80286 processor, ran at 12 MHz, 640 kb RAM, 40 MB hard drive, and ran DOS version 3.3. My parents ran a business and needed a computer. Our family business is container shipping and helping importers move their containers from Asia to the United States. I taught myself programming on this machine in my early teens. I built most of the software my dad uses till this day to run his business while I was in high school.

Learning how to program, build apps, recognize useful technology, and knowing how to apply them to solve problems from a young age has been an empowering skill to have. It’s opened up opportunities to make money, travel the world, put anything within reach, and make life the way I wish it to be. It’s my desire to share my knowledge and experience, so others may benefit. Blogging and making content is how I give back to the community and industry that has given me so much. The most valuable thing I can offer anyone is my knowledge, experience, perspective, insight, and analysis. Everything can be achieved with the right information at the right time.

I view life as a series of defining moments that shape the future of what our lives will be. Sometimes, these moments are obvious and we know we’re at a critical moment in time where the outcome and decisions of key events will shape what the rest of our lives will be like. Many times, we don’t know at the time, but realize what these moments were in hindsight. For myself, I see the following events as the defining moments that led me to where I am today. I’d like to write separate SteemIt posts detailing each of those events as time allows. 

  • Learning about computers, technology, especially programming, and software development. I was already a competent developer by my mid teens. I was able to build complete applications of several thousand lines of code from scratch. I could also build relational databases, and knew how to integrate Microsoft Office Suite apps to build solutions and apps for small businesses such as my dad's.
  • By the time I was almost out of college in the mid ’90’s, the Internet .com boom had exploded and was in full swing. Demand for the types of skills I had learned as a teenager was off the charts. I had received salaries and job offers that were unheard of at the time for someone with no experience or college degree.
  • Then the .com crash happened in the early 2000’s. I took this time in my mid 20’s to go after personal goals such as bicycle racing, traveling the world, and experiencing the parts of life I had felt I had missed earlier.
  • By January 2010, I watched Steve Jobs present the first iPad. Based on the success of the earlier iPhone, I recognized the iPhone/iPad was going to trigger the ongoing revolution in mobile computing and apps. iOS app development is still my full time job today.
  • In late 2012, Tai Zen had told me about Bitcoin and asked me “if it was a scam”. I read Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper and immediately recognized that this invention was going to change the world. This is another revolutionary event in our lifetime that we are currently in and what Cryptocurrency.market is about.

Besides technology, my other interests include traveling, economics, finance, investing, cars, and politics as it relates to those other topics. As a technologist and pragmatist, my focus tends to be on knowledge and ideas that can be applied to improve our situation in life.

Here is my Twitter account: https://twitter.com/leoncfu

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Can you get leon-fu.com to verify your identity? :D


My website is actually leonfu.com, but I haven't updated it since 2010. I post most of my stuff on Facebook, but now want to switch to Steemit.


LOL... I was messing with you Leon!... I cannot believe there actually IS a website.... you should think about resurrecting it. Tai needs to stop tell people not to head over there... it does exist!

Good to have you on Steemit though, looking forward to your contributions!

Welcome to Steemit. Like Bitcoin, Steemit will die many times but will still continue thrive. Steemit will be making powerful changes to better the future.

welcome aboard @leon-fu dot com! 8]


@leon-fu Welcome to steemit! Interesting post, I upvoted you. I saw your interests and thought you looked like you might be a good fit for our group over here...

Check it out and let me know! Thanks!

Welcome to Steemit.
Might I say I admire your taste in cars.
I like the way you roll, son!

Welcome to Steemit Leon!
I really like your story and hope you can use your skills to help the Steem development team.

nice one idol. good to have you here at steem. looking forward to more of your updates in crypto world. thanks

Welcome to Steemit. You are awesome!

Welcome to Steemit, Leon! It's great to have a seasoned veteran from the industry here. Do share more about your personal journey through tech.

Nice ride, by the way. :) Is that a Maserati Quattroporte?


That's the Maserati GranTurismo I got in '12. I drove it for 3 years. These days I drive that black Tesla Model S. 😀 I'd like to do some car posts too.


Nice! Ah yes, the black one is the Tesla Model S.

Would love to see some car posts! Haven't had any thus far.

Welcome to Steemit!

Nice cars bud.

Welcome, to steemit !

welcome to steemit!!

Glad to have you aboard leon-fu! I watch you guys sometimes on YouTube for my crypto-Info:) Thanks-

Welcome Leon..


Hy Leon nice to have you here,you and Tai Zen are amazing people and we are lucky that we know about you two.

Welcome aboard!

You are my hero Leon. Stay cool.

Hi Leon-fu! I'm glad you're on Steemit now! I'll be sure to watch your posts as they come up! I learned about you from Tai-zen on the CryptocurrencyMarket YouTube channel. Thank you for all your wisdom and insights so far, and I'm so eager for more! Congrats on a great introductory post! 😄🐝❤️🎉👊🏽

welcome "oracle" ! ;) anyone into crypto should know you and Taizen by now.

wow! cool
Welcome to Steemit @leon-fu!

Can you write an article about steemit on your site to prove you did an intro? These days people scams like if it was mainstream.


Here's a link to this post on my Twitter: https://twitter.com/leoncfu/status/758272279256064000


leoncfu Leon Fu tweeted @ 27 Jul 2016 - 12:06 UTC

Intro to myself on Steemit

steemit.com/introduceyours... / https://t.co/HsF7fyjZwK

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thanks,I'll follow you then,thank you for the verification,sorry if I bothered you with the question, you can join minnowsunite anytime! :P

Hahaha... leonfu dot com is here!! steemit is going to get exciting.

Nice) Good idea!)

The moment we've all been waiting for.: VIPs start joining Steemit and add more value to the community!
Welcome and may I say nice wheels @lean-fu!!!

Glad to see you here leon-fu! I watch ya'lls YouTube vids all the time. Thanks for all of your insight and help.

Welcome to Steemit @leon-fu !

I really like your story and i also appreciate your deep passion related to programming and coding.

I also want to say thanks to you and Tai because of the cryptocurrency.market project (i know there is a lot of work behind), the advices from the unique videos are goldmine, something which you can't find in another places with such a good explanations and arguments.

I will follow you with pleasure !

Hope you can use your skills to help the Steem development team make a silk purse out of this sow's ear. 😉

look for the truth

Hi Leon! Welcome