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Dear Stranger,

To the person I left behind. To the person I will never see again. To the person I met during my travels. To the person I met when I was a child. To the lover I left behind. To the friend forgotten. To my Bully. To the Tormented. To the person who haunts me day and night. To the person whose name I can never remember. To the child I was. To the human I am going to be. To my neighbour. To the morning milkman. To the bartender. To the lady I met on Friday night. To my High school secret Santa. To my first crush. To the land I love most. To the people living across the coast.
There is a story I want to say to you for I met you once and may never meet you again. This is me writing you a letter, saying the things I never got to say when we knew each other. So here I am, enclosing it in a glass bottle and throwing it across the vast Infinite ocean, hoping that one day you may find them.


Our Second Campaign
A Message from the Sea Initiative:

For people who want closure, to not be stuck in the past, to move on. Write to people you have left behind or left in the past. This way you can to find the closure you need to move on. Write everything you need to write in the form of a letter and cast it away. But it need not necessarily be about people who were very close to you, it can also be about random people you met and know are never going to meet again.

Why on the Internet?
We believe that internet is one of the most powerful tools that brings us together. While we love face-to-face interaction, the reality is that we live in a globalised world. It's becoming more and more essential to develop human connection that transcends face-to-face interaction!!!

LeaveALetter is a youth non-profit. We at LeaveALetter truly would like to make this world a better place for us to live in, like many of those before me. As Dalai Lama once said " it is not enough to be compassionate, we must act". So write to us . Participate in one of our campaigns and let us know your progress. Or become Our AMBASSADOR.
If you would like to support us then you can always donate to us or you can simply follow and upvote,comment and resteem this and our upcoming post.

P.S Our logo is coming out today!!!!Hurray!!!
P.P.S We are not able to mask our sites URL properly at the moment. So if you cannot go to you can also visit

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Wow, I love your article/idea and project! I would be glad to check more about it, and definitely advocate and represent it if I can! =)

PS: I found your letter because I was reading the article which has been recently added to the category #art in the steem-center (here the link) and I get suddenly inspired and felt I needed to go at the source in the #introduceyourself and then I found this article, than you for your sharing and inspiring message.

Welcome on steemit and congrats again for your initiative =)

Thank you So much!!!! It would be really lovely if you can join and be one of our Ambassadors and if you have any ideas for Campaigns please feel free to suggest. We believe that no matter how powerless or non-influential a person is, that individual will be able to make ripples around this world by his actions. It need not be ground breaking actions. It could only be a simple, thoughtful act. I believe that you change the world by being yourself!!!!! Hoping to here more from you!!! Take care!!!! -Love Stranger

Thank you for your beautiful messages and initiative! I am glad to be part of such lovely project which aims to empower people. I would be glad if you could join on exchange further and see what we can do together with notably @globalschool and and friends. You can find me with the same username @jnmarteau on discord. Looking forward to read from you! All the best, and a lot of love! Take care <3

Inspiring! Let's have a try on Monday =)