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RE: Traveling scientist #1: Introduction, Why travel if life is perfect, Why Instagram is evil (and why I'm here)

Very interesting post. I am looking forward to seeing more.

Your point about Instagram is perfectly valid. But once Steemit reaches a critical mass of users posting great content, does it not risk developing exactly the same problem as Instagram?

I would love to hear other opinions on this.


At least, here the rules prohibit posting what you are not allowed to post.

You are right and that is certainly a very good thing. However even with people posting only their own original work, I can still see the situation you described in your post possibly developing here on Steemit, once we develop a very large community of people posting great content.

For example, I absolutely love travel and nature photography. I am following several people on instagram, all of whom are photographers posting their own work. The sheer volume of original posts in my feed from these sources alone can be so overwhelming that I find myself focusing less and less on studying an individual post to really "absorb" it. Of course, when you factor in people re-posting other people's work the situation becomes even worse.

I am very hopeful that Steemit can overcome all these challenges, and it has made a very good start.

In addition, I'd prefer to have a model of "one story one post" instead of "one photo one post". That would help to bring the quality up.

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