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Hello Steemit, we are Kinder. Kinder World is a new platform for all the people interested in the complex world of charitable giving

What we want to achieve

We are here to disrupt the complex world of charitable giving. We want to restore trust in the charitable sector by making donating easier, more effective, and more rewarding, ultimately nudging charitable organisations towards improving their performance.

Why we are doing it

Trust in the charitable sector is broken. In the past few years major scandals shook the sector and people got frustrated by costly and annoying donor recruitment strategies. As a result, people’s faith in charitable organisations has dropped dramatically (UK data).
We are the first organisation to address the needs and concerns of people like you who (potentially) want to donate. We thoroughly vet the performance of charitable organisations and allow donors to act instantly when confronted with the world’s problems.

The Kinder Team

Image of Kinder Team

This is only a small portion of our team which consists of over 20 members right now!

How we are fixing the world

I. Research & Knowledge

In collaboration with Erasmus and Duke University and inspired by the “effective altruism” movement, our research team has developed a state-of-the-art vetting framework. Within this framework, bright Master's students from several universities assess the performance of charitable organisations, vetting their transparency, efficiency, and accountability.

We not only use this information to inform (potential) donors, but also share it with the charitable organisations. Not to police, but to help improve their performance.

Image of Kinder Team

II. Awareness & Trust

Insights of the research team are often groundbreaking, but how can we translate them into bleeding-edge content? This is where Kinder World comes in. Kinder World is our platform to reach the public with inspiring articles about the needs of the world. We’ll give you stories that show obstacles, solutions, and what you can do about them. You’ll be surprised to discover the tremendous impact that you can immediately start having on your own and other people’s lives.

The goal of Kinder World is to empower people to act instantly and let them experience how improving the world is the best form of self-improvement.

Image of Kinder Team

III. Action & Change

Our developers are building smart donation tools that use the findings of the research team to provide you with a seamless donation experience. We will allow you to manage your "donations portfolio" to keep track of your money, to discover important causes, and to maximize your impact.

Image of Kinder Team

Sign up here to be the first one to know when our donation tools go live.

Kind is not enough. Join Kinder!

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Really cool. Welcome to the steem ecosystem

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Thank you very much! Happy to be here.

This is great. I recently had a conversation about how this technology can really help with charity and making sure the donated funds go to the right place etc. This time last year was a very sad and frustrating time for us with the Grenfell fire and many were angered about the handling of the donations amongst other things. You are embarking on a wonderful cause. Wishing you the best of luck!


Thank you! Best of luck to you aswell!

Good going guys, there can never be enough on charity.

Its the directors and the salaries that scared people away and gave the organisations such a bad name. I saw for myself last year after our hurricane how much charity organisations can do for us..such importance!

Now the real question is: How do you guys want to implement blockchains into your projects, as it is the future!?


Hello karinxxl, thanks for your reply! We are not really looking into implementing blockchain... yet. Who knows what the future may bring us. We are certainly open to the idea.

Welcome to Steem, @kinderworld!

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you guys sound awesome! Full power at you. The world needs amazing people, and charity is in serious need of an overhaul. Steemit might well be the place to do it :)


Thank you very much for your positive reply. We thought so aswell so we decided to give Steemit a shot!

Have a nice day :)

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Welcome to Steemit @kinderworld
It's good to see your post.
For your kind information keep safe your master password.
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Welcome :)

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Welcome to Steemit Kinder!Amazing Team. Wish you all the best and enjoy the experience. By the way, Please don't forget to follow our blogs and vote. Thank you.

Amazing platform! How do you select the organizations?
I was wondering if there is any chance that Kinder could support NGOs in Latin America?


Hello, Thank you! The organizations are carefully vetted using our vetting framework; that is a protocol of questions that guides vetters in their analyses. Thanks to this framework, we can ensure that organisations are assessed consistently.

And to answer your second question: Yes, why not!

For more questions you can check out our FAQ


Have a nice day!

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Welcome to steem community..

Welcome. Amazing platform and an amazing thing to do.
Like I normally say we are alive for people lets spread love and helping hands to those in need.
I will like to find out is there a way you guys can reach out to people in africa Nigeria to be precise

@kinderworld Hey please help me to join me your community my friend please follow like comment share I hope you like my content plz support me brother.

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