Fibonacci Fractal: Please, Let me Introduce Yourself

Fibonacci fractal.jpg

I am an bipedal, aquatic ape trying to be ethical by "being true to [my] genetic heritage".

I am a sweating Fibonacci fractal on a wet speck of dust in a dust cloud... In a dust cloud of dust clouds. I am a part of the whole thing and the whole thing in and of myself.

I am you. You are me. We are it. It is us.

I am a voluntaryist.

I am a free-range slave on a global tax plantation trying to escape/liberate the other free range aquatic ape slaves (most of which are hopelessly unaware of their bondage) from the pervasive, intraspecific psychopathic parasites (the hordes of ppl known as "Government") using cryptography, blockchain technology, and the most powerful tool at anyone's disposal: Words (etymologically).

I hope that in posts, articles, videos to come I will be able to share useful content that brings value to your life. And in so doing, liberates myself and you as I/we can spearfish amberjacks off some tropical beach after building earthships, and hanging out in our permaculture food forests all day...or whatever we can think of that does NOT violate the Non-Aggression Principle.

I am.

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"Know thyself"



Indeed, indeed. We am getting there.

Welcome to Steem @kieranpearson I have upvoted and sent you a tip

welcome here wish you have a good time


I will if you do!

Hey @kieranpearson! Welcome to the platform :]


Thanks for being here with me!

Great post and I wish steemit had a sticky or pin option because this is one of those special posts. ??


Thanks Jerry that means a lot.

Welcome to the fun house!


Like TV Fun House "fun house"?

Salute! This seems like a brand new account so I wanted to give you my welcome. I just upvoted you for this as you deserved it and maybe upvote some of my stuff too!
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Welcome to Steemit! You made a great choice joining this awesome community. You’re going to have a great time here.If you have any doubts, you can always join and ask for #help.

Poetic, authentic, and beautiful.


Thank you. Coming from you, I hope you know it means a lot to me.

Well said Kieron , amazing introduction!! I see you and resonate deeply with your words :)