Hello, I am a survivor of ritual abuse and I'm here to expose their systems

in introduceyourself •  last year

When I was a kid, I was taken to a house by a lake in the UK where children were abused in an organized, ritualized process. I have joined Steemit to talk about how these networks of abusers exist within the context of an abusive society, and to describe and deconstruct their methods of torture, coercion and psychological conditioning.

I hope my account can be used by others to piece together their own stories and share information on the systems used by our abusers.

I want to talk about how networks of abusers in the UK specifically pick out children who are non-conformist and target them for the most aggressive torture. I will describe how this process is used to maintain power systems and hierarchical control by splitting the psyche into fractured compartments. I will also look at how this associative-conditioning is used to destroy children's ability to make changes in our corrupt societies. And how this is directly tied to our political and judicial institutions.

In short, I will recount what is going on here in early 21st Century Earth.

I also want to talk about my experiences as a kid in the context of a country where the political leaders and national broadcaster were running pedophile rings. And I want to talk about how the British political class were raping and murdering children at the highest level:

I want to talk about how, and why, these organizations get away with the crimes they commit. I will also describe, in detail, the techniques these organizations use to destabilize adult survivors and attack their credibility.

This is my first time talking about this aspect of the violence and sexual abuse I experienced as a child. I have chosen anonymity during this process because these groups are still operating today. They are well-resourced and deeply connected to government and media.

It's usual for someone who experienced what I did to be in a position to tell their story. Most children are destroyed by these systems and conditioned not to remember the source of their pain and confusion. Many turn to the most dangerous drug in the world, alcohol. This liquid-based consciousness-contraction agent and depressant is sold to survivors en-masse by the same networks of people who abused them as children: Central government.

I also want to explore the larger global context in which I was abused. I will argue that the Second World War never ended, but instead metamorphosed from an overt, visible violence into a covert, invisible violence. I will attempt to show that what we witnessed from the Nazis was not a geographically-limited glitch in an otherwise peaceful global system, but was a brief moment where we got to see what was, and is, going on beneath the surface of all our civilizations. I will explain how the torture and abuse experienced by soldiers in war is simply an acting out of what many children are subjected to in infancy.

I will also look at known examples of government collusion with pedophile networks across the world. And how known child-conditioning torture camps, like Colonia Dignidad, are run in discrete locations across our planet, endorsed by the powerful.

I am Kid A.

I'm glad to have made it this far.

Now it's time to debrief.

Thanks for reading.

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Wow I had such goose bumps reading your post Kid A.

I am so so sorry that you went through all of this but so pleased that you are hear now on Steemit willing to share and expose all that has happened to you.

I am an energy healer and have been working on child abuse for sometime now, most of my work has been with those who were abused within families, but I have been aware of this ritual abuse and satanic rituals and been working on them, also the MK Ultra programs.

I write posts here on Steemit for @olaat which is One Life At A Time - the intention is stop children going missing to disappear into these pedophilia rings.

Also on Steemit is @andreasadegh who is the mother of a child that is undergoing this torture and abuse in Austria. I'm sure you will have similar information and the more we can all collaborate the better.

There are also people here who have researched pizza gate, check out some of the tags for pedophilia and pizza gate.

I've recently done a post on Pedophilia - How Can Energy Work Help? - https://steemit.com/conspiracy/@michellecarter/pedophilia-how-can-energy-work-help

Please do join us in Steemit chat or Discord @olatta or message me. This is such important work.

I look forward to connecting and reading more of your posts. May we stop this horrific behaviour forever. Blessings Michelle


Hi Michelle, thank you for your supportive message. I have followed your page. I'll be writing more over the next few months. Good luck with your project and thank you for all this information.


You're welcome KidA and thanks for following.
I hope all is well with you, speaking out is quite a challenge and very emotional. I do hope it helps you to move forwards and may all this evil corruption be brought to Light and Justice.
Sending Love, Light & Blessings

Welcome, I'm so sorry you had to endure this, I am glad places like Steemit are giving users the ability to speak out anonymously. I just posted about some of the most recent hollywood pedophile allegations. We live in a terrifying world. I wish you the best and hope you are able to live a peaceful life.


Thank you! My life is now much more peaceful, although I continue to fight the systems that perpetuate abuse in our societies. I have been following the recent revelations in Hollywood and, in my experience, these refect what is going on in society at large.

@kida Thank you for your courage! I can't wait to see your next post where you gonna expose this psychopats. Please people, resteem this post! You have my resteem on every post.

Do I have your permission to make post where I'm gonna invite people to follow you?


Thank you for your support. It's taken some time to reach a point where I feel safe and secure in talking about what happened. I now feel I have space, geographically and technologically, to expose what is going on. You have my permission to post and invite people to follow me here. Thank you for your kindness.


I will make invite post tomorrow :)

Thank you for coming here to get your story out. I think this community will bring about closure for a lot of people who are scarred by these terrible activities. Will follow your work.


Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to have found a space where I can speak out. I will write more over the next few months. This process is quite intense for me.

welcome @kida I am so sorry you had to go through such horrors. I've been investigating this subject for quite a while now and I believe the truth is even more horrifying than anyone could ever suspect. I know someone who dug too deep and had a few threats. The last one was when they told her to keep her nose out or her family would die...I believe that says enough about how deep the rabbit hole goes. She was on to something...Please check out @familyprotection where people post about their experiences with anything that has anything to do with child protection services and how the state abuses their power. The community here is great, thank you for sharing.


Thanks for this great information and for supporting my post. I will write more soon.

I am also aware that child abuse permeates deep into our society and fuels many power structures. I also feared for my life in speaking out about the scale of these organised groups of abusers. They reach from the family, into the school system, and through to government. Many people do not want to risk their lives in remembering, and talking about, what happens to millions of chldren.

I hope to add my voice to those who do speak out.

Thank you for listening.


There are many people here who listen and the support here is amazing.
I hope you will feel right at home here, I know I do.
Thanks again, for bravely sharing your story. The world needs to hear this.

I've already posted to you under my name Michelle Carter, but I also wanted to say welcome to Steemit and please do connect with us as OLAAT.
We are very committed to wanting to stop all child abuse, pedophilia, torture etc and would very much like to connect with you.


Thanks again, and you are welcome to connect with me here or let me know another way you would prefer to message. I share your enthusiasm for stopping these abusers.


I wanted to resteem this but I don't see the normal resteem button by the reply button. Does anyone else have that problem? Powerful post, very brave, look forward to supporting more. best. Kate


Thanks, @kate-m
I'm not sure why there is no resteem button. Maybe it's because the post is from a month ago. Is there a time-limit for a resteem?

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Welcome to Steemit @kida. Thank you for sharing your experience. I look forward to reading more about the abuse of children and others by those in positions of power. It is important that these sort of atrocities are exposed.


Thank you. I'm dedicated to exposing what those in positions of power are doing to our societies. I'm glad to be here.

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upvoted and resteemed your post and sending to @originalworks for upvoting. Thanks sooooooo much for your post! If you would like to be interviewed on my youtube channel You Are Free TV, I would be honored. Thank you for your courage!!! @dakini5d

ohhhh very well you #introduceyourself. you point out a very serious issue in your story. great work @kida. i supported you and apprecitead you as well. keep ot up.


Thanks! I will keep going. You too :)

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Happy to see you here on steemit @kida. I hope you can do some good, help the ones who need your voice, who haven't found their own voice yet. Glad to meet you...


Thank you for your kindness and support. I am happy to be here and speaking out.

nice post


Thank you :)

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Welcome to join the steemit community. Hopefully useful and successful ..

Hey , how are you ?
welcome to steemit @kida
following you now.

Wow welcome to Steemit, I think you'll find people here are very welcoming of this type of information. I'm sorry to hear about what you've been though.


Thank you. I hope the infomation I share will help others to understand what is going on in our societies and make changes.

This is why I come to steemit every day! I noticed that you joined recently so I thought I'd say hi and welcome you. Hope this upvote helps and don't forget to upvote others!
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Thank you for speaking out!

And welcome to steemit. You will find many people here to help you or have gone through their own private hells.

Hoping and praying that you can heal and be the fine person you were meant to be!.


Thanks for your support. I also hope that speaking out will give me an opportunity to heal even more fully from the past.

Wow, Well done for posting that and thank you to steemit people now have a safer, uncensored place to get the truth out.

I think you are amazing for speaking out and will make sure your posts are shared. People like you are so very important to changing the crazy times we are living in.


Thanks! Yes, I'm very glad Steemit and other technologies have arrived that allow me to speak freely and safely about the scale of abuse that children are subjected to. I hope for change too.

May your every breath be blessed.
Mine was different trauma, different tormentors, but I know that telling your story means you have to remember things that are painful, all over again. But if you do not tell the world, who will?
Thank you for your courage. It HAS to stop.


Thank you for your courage too. I am thankful we have a platform to have our voices heard.

A thousand welcomes. Respect and gratitude.


Thank you for such a nice welcome :)

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This is an amazingly courageous post. My friend has been telling me about this for a longtime. And it's happening all over the planet now. I am so deeply saddened by what you have been through, and so happy you had the courage to speak out about this. I have aradio internet, Jane's CHAOS Show, with my co-host, @globocop. We air on MSP Waves Radio (mspwaves.com), on Friday evenings, at 6PM Central (12 AM UTC).Each week,we feature a "Steemian Post of the Week", and I was wondering if I could have your permission to share this deeply personal, and important post on tonight's show. This is a story that needs to be shared, as far and wide as possible. These monsters need to be exposed. @kida


Hello, sorry I only got around to replying now.

I would be very happy for you to share my story, or any future post I make on this account. I plan to write more very soon.

Thank you for your encouragment and support.

I hear you @kida! I hope you are safe and able to return to steemit if you so choose. I wait in optimism.
Best wishes friend!

I read a book on the subject by a clinical psychologist, Alison Miller, it is called Healing The Unimaginable. I read it because I had a boyfriend whose family belonged to a religious group called N-C.. Clearly, he treated me in the way he was treated, so he lied constantly and tried to be manipulative in the way he behaved. Of course I didn't know this at the beginning. I couldn't understand how someone so handsome, loving and tender could be so mean at the same time, as a form of control and to subjugate me. It was all extremely confusing, his behaviour was changing so much, it didn't make any sense. At one point he pretended not to know me, when the week before he professed to love me dearly. When I read the book I mentioned, I could see in him a lot of traits and behaviours described and explained. I am not saying that the N-C.. practice abusive behaviour intentionally, however their closed group mentality, the hierarchical system of power, the strong mental manipulations based on fear of the devil from a young age, the withdrawal of affection to those who simply raise questions, etc. may create traumas and puppets prone to follow orders and perpetrate abusive conducts. I am really sorry to say this, because I can see that potentially, there was a lot of good in both the person I knew and his family, but how can one reach the point of saying "you are lucky we are Catholics, or you would have found two bullets in your head"?
It never happened to me previously in my life.