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RE: PLEASE HELP - addicted to STEEM - I put my life savings into STEEM before making my first post ~ I only have 1 question

Welcome to steemit; you have jumped in the ocean in a big way, as an instant dolphin!

On your question -- There is only so much steem available every day for payouts. If the devs change the payout cutoff from 30 days to never, then existing posts may make a little more over time but new posts may make a little less.

I think others probably do what I do -- if I come across a post I like which is older than 30 days, I check the person's blog and try to find a new post that I would like to up vote. So the person's account is still getting a reward from me that day. Further, I may Follow the person and up vote them on future posts. So older posts act as a sales funnel to get new followers/customers.

I followed you, and I hope your huge investment works out. I do feel that Steemit will work out for all of us!


Hey man, this is a good idea, wish a lot a Steemians saw this post.

great idea and contribution you are doing. I do the same and follow all who follow me amongst other things. Hell, this is about all of us as a community getting paid.

upvote,reply,resteem and follow @victorvazco

Thanks for this. I was wondering how to reward better :)

These are very valid points.
I still feel that having long term payout on posts is important as really good posts take a long time to write and edit. If a post doesn't do so well and doesn't make any more down the future then it becomes risky to invest the time in really comprehensive posts, especially without massive followings.
Also because the system is incentivised for immediacy older posts get little attention. There are LOTS of really good old posts but few people ever check out old posts. I feel some incentive for old posts would be great for the long term sustainability and for interaction of the community.

I feel that the long term payouts could possibly be better for writers, but it's hard to tell without having two steemits each with exactly the same qualities but with just the payout parameter being 30 days or forever, and then collecting the data to tell which is better over time.

This won't happen of course. Maybe it would be better to think about your payout as a whole, rather than the payout on any individual post. Although you won't get pay for a post older than 30 days, you may get payout on newer posts if someone finds your older post.

Plus, since Steemit articles rank Very High in Google searches, you will still build your own brand by people finding your older excellent articles while searching for terms that relate to your article. This build name recognition and will ultimately benefit you.

So basically I take a wider approach to being here. It's more about the whole experience than any one post, to me. But it's great to hear all opinions here, stated with respect to those who differ. We're not drama free here, but I find less of it compared to other places online!

This made a lot of sense and helped me understand how steem works a little. Thanks man. As a guy who started a day ago I wasn't very sure of where to go next. But now I just might have a chance.

rains are beautiful but beware you become wet too.

I don't disagree with anything you put forth here~
I am fine with it as I love Steemit, I just personally would prefer if there was incentive for people to not only look through but also UPvote really good timeless content because it deserves it and also helps bring more exposure.
Thanks for your valuable input of which I feel many can benefit by!

Thank you for this comment @kenny-crane!

I like your explanation. It sounds reasonable. Good poster will get attention and reward one way or another.

Ahh, I see, but I'm afraid that mere mortals such as myself who only are inspired annually won't benefit, or give curators much reason to dig for gems. I refuse to dilute my eternal canvass.

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Thanks memories