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An Introduction

Hi Steemit!

Allow me to introduce myself. The cliché "My name is..." feels a little awkward, but here goes nothing...
My name is Kaitlyn Anderson and I attend school in Massachusetts. I live on a farm with an eccentric but lovable family. I'm interested in joining the steemit community to learn and share my passions. My blog is going to be a smorgasbord of all my many interests, from my poetry, art, and opinions, to lucid dreaming and conspiracy theories. Basically just a big page of things I like. I love learning and hope to share my finds with my fellow steemers. Most importantly I hope to express my most authentic self here on steemit.

I have been writing and drawing for as long as I can remember. I have always been the girl whose schoolbooks are more full of doodles and poems than actual notes, and walls are full of taped up art. I remember even in preschool, I would spend my recess drawing obsessively and teaching my friends tutorials. During car rides, I either had my nose stuck in a book or my head caught up in my stories (all of which had unicorns back then). I never outgrew these habits, and to this day, my passion for creativity only grows.

These are some of our first doodles:

And here are some more recent sketchbook pages:

Today one of our hens hatched four new chicks into our ever growing family, and more are on the way. On days like this I can't be more grateful to live how we do, life would be so dull without our animals.

Here is mother hen with her four new babies.
Here is the tired mother hen and her new babies.

Here is one of the chicks. Any name suggestions?

I'm excited to share my thoughts with you all



Welcome to Steemit! Love the drawings and the pictures of the new family of chicks! I hope to see you join the warm family of steemians. Cheers.

Welcome to steemit. I hope you will have a great time here :D

Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome, I'm sure you'll fit in super nicely here on SteemIt. It also sounds like you have a ton of things to share with us! I look forward to seeing your post especially the post on conspiracy theories! I don't typically believe anything from them but I find them very interesting none the less.

Hi @kaitlyn.anderson i introduced you in one of my posts as well check it out if you can thanks.

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Heyyyyy Kaitlyn I'm on steemit now love the intro post

Hello! Very nice to meet you. I am very happy to have another artsy person in my list! Looking forward to seeing all your "best of the moment" type posts.

If you lived at my house, your new chick's name would be Chicky, another would be Clucky and then Henny. You'd have to go read about my Molly dog to truly get the naming joke.

Nice to meet you too! I couldn't find your story about Molly but I really like your blog. Great content!

Did you notice I'm a little all over the place? I get a little excited about people who are willing to bring all their gem sides in and sparkle. They're always more fun!

Oh the Molly story, I'm sorry. It's actually named My day in 3 parts Part 3 in which everything goes sideways blue

Also, if you like the "you see, i see" style of writing that I use in some of my posts, you (and anyone else) are welcome to try it out. ... ohhh I have to go edit my last post and include that invite and link the very simple "how to"

Alright, I'm gone to do that. You can shoot me a message anytime on any of my current posts.

Enjoy have fun!

You are awesome! Welcome to steemit!

Welcome too SteemIt. Do you have many farm animals? Looks like your first post is off to a great start! :)

I'm a big fan of your crazy brother! look forward to seeing your content!

He is quite crazy but in the best way. Thank you!

@kaitlyn.anderson welcome to steemit. Wishing you success. See you.


Welcome to steemit @kaitlyn.anderson. You'll do fantastic here

This is my sister!!!

Welcome to steem sis!

I love how personal and interesting your introduction sounds! Feel really excited for what is yet to come! :)

You do a nice job You are going to do well here! Good for you! I am a country person also I live in Hawaii in a rain forest. A wild pig has been hanging around for 5 years now I named her Samantha. photo 1 (3).JPG She just had 8 pigglets and is hiding them out in the jungle. I saw them the other day 2 are brown ! Aloha!

That's adorable! I'm so jealous, I would love to live in Hawaii! Send my love to Samantha and her piggies for me.

Welcome! I vote to name the chick Puffy McFeatherton.

Another very suitable name!

Nicely done :D Best regards from Slovenia :D

I'm also in love with those chicks!! Super cute! Following you!

Thank you! I will post some more chicks for sure.

welcome kaitlyn! a name suggestion for the chick - why dontu call it cheeky ;) ?
a little bit like you i must say :D

You could name it Sir Frost Eggington !!!!!

Hey Kaitlyn! Welcome to Steemit! So nice you decided to join. I absolutely love your drawings! :)

In the beginning everything can be a bit overwhelming. But don't worry you'll get used to it. Don't get frustrated, but just be you and share what you love!

Here are two articles (not mine) that really helped me find my way on Steemit:




Welcome to Steemit, @kaitlyn.anderson!

Hope you enjoy being here!

This message was written by my introduceyourself bot.

Welcome, hope to see more.

Welcome to STEEMIT, you will find a lot of supportive and positive people here, thats why it is growing so fast and so great! This will be the dominant social media base in no time.

I upvoted and followed you, follow me for content, memes and information about crypto currency, business and how to have fun and success!

Much love and welcome again :)

Hi Kaitlyn, I am brand new to Steemit and just came across your post. I really am a bit reluctant to say this ... but that orange fluff on the top of the chick's head kinda reminds me of someone who gets a lot of press coverage these days ... :) ... but hey I won't go there, let's name the chick: Ginger Plum Muffin

Adorable chicks!

Kaitlyn! That was fun to read and I'm excited to see your conspiracy theory articles. I love that stuff and I am trying to be my most authentic self too. Starting soon. All I have written so far, at least to public, was my introduce myself post. I think it's nice like talking between friends. We can all use more of those.
Wow it's so late I need to get off. Time flies on Steemit. Have a lovely day.

Thank you! I'm am still wondering about what to do for my first real post as well, but so far am really enjoying meeting new friends on steemit!

hey Kaitlyn, it's nice to meet you and learn about you :) welcome to the steem it platform and if you need any help don't be afraid to reach out to me.

Well done on the figure earned on your first post that's amazing lol!

i would be honoured if we could follow each other :)... check out my blogs, maybe a few of them are worth upvoting :p

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Thank you! I'm all about the dream team

Wow, you're good at posting and also beautiful with cute eyes....

Welcome aboard! Amazing pictures!

Welcome to Steemit Kaitlyn! :) I'm new to Steemit as well! I can see you're passionate for animals! I am too 😊 I hope to have a small farm just like you one day. I'll look forward to your future posts and I will follow you now. Check out my posts too if you get a chance. Once again, welcome to the "steemit community"!

Welcome to you as well! I hope you can have a farm as well very soon, I would recommend it to all animal lovers!

Welcome, nice to meet you!

lucid dreaming is nice! 5htp gets me goin'! cool chickens by the way. i see too much eggs not enough chicks.

I've always wanted to try keeping chickens for the eggs...
Yes, is seems like you'll have a TON of things to share with everyone here! :)

Welcome onboard :)

Welcome to steemit kaitlyn :)

hey Kaitlyn. Nice to have you here on Steemit. I think you're going to love it here as it is a great place to share your passions! :)

That is exactly why I'm here. Thanks!

Concise but highly comprehensive. A perfect biography. I will be particularly intereted in ur conspirasy theory as i am less informed on that.. Ur highly welcome

I'm hoping to get some conspiracy theories up in the near future!

Welcome Kaitlyn

Welcome to Steemit! Looking forward to your next posts. I am a newcomer to Steemit community too, follow me @myprimetime

Welcome! Will do.

Thank you Kaitlyn!

Hi Kaitlyn, really nice drawings. I would be delighted, if you named one chick as "Kornilov", because I declare myself as chick also. Let me know your decision. I'm impatiently waiting for a good news. :)

Thank you so much! Adding your suggestion to the list!

Hi welcome, love the drawing @zimi

Hi @kaitlyn.anderson. Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome Kaitlyn, I like your sketchbook :)
Image of dksartSteemit

Welcome aboard!!! :)

Welcome, Kaitlyn! Keep up the doodling and I look forward to more of your writing :) Following and upvoting. Cheers from Salt Lake City!

Thanks! I'm looking forward to post some more of my work too:)

Great stuff Kaitlyn, welcome! upvoted a please follow back @sutekh

Of course, thanks!

Welcome lil lady!

Welcome! Love the baby chick pictures! Look forward to more of your posts. Upvoted and followed you.

Aren't the chicks too cute? Thank you!

Welcome to Steemit :)

Welcome Kaitlyn I look forward to following your posts. I too am new to steemit, so finding my feet and am happy to find someone who sounds like minded to follow.

Thanks! Welcome here as well! I hope i can also find my feet and I am also happy to find a like minded user!

Welcome to Steem @kaitlyn.anderson I have sent you a tip

Welcome On Steem

Hey .. @kaitlyn.anderson

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Will do! Thank you so much, and I will check out your blog!

I am the proud father of Kaitlyn... Nice start on Steemit! You all a very talented and interesting young woman. ;-) No bias, really.

Aw thanks, I am a proud daughter.

those chicks are too cute. Welcome Kaitlyn. I am new here as well. I have only been here 10 days longer and love it. SOOO much better than Facebook. I feel like I am actually meeting new people rather than the same old people I see every day. Look forward to keeping up with your posts!

Thank you! Welcome as well! I already love this community better than my other social medias.

me too. Facebook and instagram actually make me feel bad/depressed. i have gotten off them all together

A warm welcome! Nice to see some girl power on Steemit @kaitlyn.anderson :) You and I share similar interests it looks like, feel free to check out my blog. I write about the videos I've made and the photos I've taken on my travels and adventures :)

Will do. Girl power!

Welcome, Kaitlyn!
You sound like you have a bunch of interests and will have a nice variety in your blog. I will make time to read it, if I can.

A name suggestion for the little chick...how about "Picky Penny" or just Penny?

Adding the names to the list. Thanks!

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Can't wait for the poetry posts! Welcome to the club! I just joined this month too! <3

Hoping to post some soon! Welcome as well.

Following you right now! Welcome to Steemit!

The chicks name is "Toby" can be female or male.
Love the art by the way. Really cool stuff.

Love the name because we can't tell the gender until its much older. Thanks!

Welcome aboard!

Hii @kaitlyn.anderson, Nice to Meet U
by #aceh Steemit Community


Nice post. How about Alice or Jimmy for names?

More names! Love it! It's going to be hard to choose!

Welcome @kaitlyn.anderson - I see you art has come a long way, but the first drawing has a certain freshness about it :) Welcome to the community. Following!

Welcome!! 👍

Hey Kaitlyn nice to meet you, you are pretty cute, greetings from Argentina, welcome to the site. Btw your "hello Steemit" with flowers was awesome.

What other animals do you have? I helped a friend take care of ducks and turkeys one time! For the chick's name...Thrognaught the Mighty seems to fit quite nicely.

I love the name! Currently we have two horses, too many chickens, bees, three cats, and a dog, and are looking into goats. I would love to get ducks though, they are the cutest.

Bees are awesome!

Welcome to Steemit! Hope you enjoy it here!! 😉👍😃

Those are cool chickens! I've always wanted to live in a farm; I'm sure it's more peaceful than the city. I like your drawing and you are also cute! :]

Hi! I LOVE art as well and love to sketch... im sad because I've kind of neglected that part of me due to work and always on the go. Its so relaxing to just sit there and draw... your artwork is beautiful, and so are you!

@kaitlyn.anderson hello and welcome to Steemit!

Hello and welcome to STEEMIT! Hope you follow your dreams and become a great artist!

Great introduction! Welcome! I just joined yesterday, and am still figuring out my intro!

Thank you! Welcome as well!

Doodles and chickens.. Slice of life.. That is so lovely! :)
Looking forward to your posts! Have a great and blessed day @kaitlyn.anderson . Much love from the Philippines. ^_^

Kaitlyn, I have an idea. To keep all followers happy could every chick have multiple names, like an important queen or king. What do you think? :)

Hi kaitlyn. I'm also a newbie here. I hope we can be friends :)

Welcome to Steemit Kaitlyn!👍

welcome to Steemit

Welcome to Steemit!
I upvote this post and im following you, so I hope you follow me back,

Hello keitlin anderson,
Welcome to Steemians I'm Max @ Marduk777 sign up for me and I'll sign up for you

Welcome to Steemians I'm Max @ Marduk777 sign up for me and I'll sign up for you

Super nice to meet you! Love your sketches. When I was 9 years old I wrote an article called Dreaming Your Future, where 9 year old me wrote about how I liked to draw and would become a famous artist over the course of the next 5 years. I encouraged other young women to think about making their passions work for them. I am not a famous artist, but I still remember how drawing made me feel peaceful and centered.

Thank you! I find art to be a great way to relax and express youself, I'm glad I have it in my life!

Wow hi! You seem really interesting :) I'm totally new here too haha

Welcome on Steemit! Cool introduction feel free to check mine ^^
Now following you, follow me back @pandapoef thankyou ;)

Welcome to Steemit! Looking forward to many more posts from you. Please check out my blog as well and follow if you like.

Welcome to Steemit @kaitlyn!

Nice to meet you @kaitlyn.anderson I am new too.

Welcome to steemit! :)

Welcome to Steem, @kaitlyn.anderson! I love living on a farm...left mine behind with caretakers so I could come on a 5 year adventure to Japan with a job that I applied for and got! I sure do miss my chickens and goats though! I love your comment about having your feet on the ground, head in the clouds...wonderful! Following.

Welcome to Steemit! You are going to love this place! It's incredibly awesome and rewards quality contributors in a great way! Stick around for the long term though and follow some established authors here to quickly learn and grow with the community

Welcome and hopefully you succeed here #steemit
Let's continue to advance this media
Because here we will get many unique and interesting things
Please follow and upvote me @sallsteem
Thank you very much

Hi and welcome to Steemit, I wish you luck on your journey here.

Can I suggest you look into the #minnowsupportproject - a place for newbies to get help and support as they set out across Steemit. We have voting bots, a follow train where you can get followers and much help, support and advice.

Drop in to chat at https://discord.gg/v3GpU4N and tell aggroed I sent you

We are close to 2000 members. No.2000 to sign up and register will win SBD!

Welcome to Steemit @kaitlyn.anderson! Great introduction post. Love that you live on a farm and look forward to seeing more posts about the farm life. Wonderful sketches. I really like the one with the girl surrounded by flowers. I think you should name the chick Rocky the Rooster from the movie Chicken Run. If it is a girl chick then Ginger Chicken!

Thank you! Hopefully I can post some more art soon. I love those names!

Welcome to the club @kaitlyn.anderson! I sent you a tip.

ha ha what gorgeous chicks! And i love your drawing and steemit hello!

... Oh yes - i have upvoted and resteemed your post - have wonderful day!

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