Hello Steemit, a new libertarian content creator just joined. Maybe not the usual type, though...

Dear Steemit community

I'm happy to be given the opportunity to introduce myself and lay down my future plans as a libertarian content creator on this platform. As my title already mentions, my content will inherit a principled libertarian stance in Viennese tradition, also internationally known as the Austrian tradition. I am a German-Iranian libertarian, who got introduced to the Liberty Movement in the presidential campaign of Ron Paul in 2011. Since then I was constantly trying to learn and understand as much as I could about history, economics and philosophy to improve on my socio-political analysis.
While being under the public radar for the most part and only reaching out to some known figures in the Liberty Movement privately, I was asked to write an article from the owner of my favorite magazine (eigentuemlich-frei.de) couple of weeks ago. Always entertaining the idea of commenting and discussing todays hot topics and heated debates publicly, the publishing of my article, as well as the opportunity to reach out to and impact on like-minded people on steemit.com has set the ball rolling for me to really dive into content creation.

What's the content?

My main focus will be in covering political, historical and socio-economic articles and commentary in an understandable manner as well as digestible preparation of scholarly works, mainly by scholars and intellectuals such as Roland Baader, Rahim Taghizadegan, Stefan Blankertz, Rothbard, Woods and many others. As I develop my content I also try to reach out to mentioned scholars and interview activists and analysts from all spectrums of the political debate in order to find and dissect common ground or contrast in the discussed views. Examples of peoples I would want to introduce to my followers would be activists and journalists like Scott Horton (antiwar.com) and Luke Rudkowski (wearechange.com), CorbettReport(corbettreport.com) Adam Kokesh(thefreedomline.com), Abby Martin (mediaroots.org), Karin Leukefeld but also Martin Sellner (iboesterreich.at) and any representative of the diverse factions and movements willing to engage in an interview or discussion.

The main language of my work will be primarily in English, while some will be published in German language first and then translated into English. One direct ambition I'm having with this venture is to build a bridge between the liberty minded followers across the Atlantic by mutually introducing thinkers and representatives of both European and American spheres. I will start with translating and writing articles on my own, but I am eager to create audio and video content alongside with it as soon as possible. 

What's the reason behind it?

As major shifts and new emerging movements inside the political and social sphere are having an increasingly high impact on public debate and governing implementations I see the liberty minded movement being in a dire need of much more neutral, libertarian principled and less reactionary approaches to todays topics and discords. As so called progressive forces are pulling all kinds of levers from their ivory towers of establishment institutions to discredit any criticism of the system deemed polically incorrect, the reactionary forces also known as the alternative right are more than willing to dig themselves deeper into a mode of trench warfare through evermore reactionary ideals. Many libertarians today started to side with such forces in a kind of real political consideration. In my view, this lead to a very one-sided footing of the libertarian movement as a whole, to much residing in echochambers with unsound, yet unchallenged claims, away from principled approaches and neutral observations of the facts of the matters at hand. 

While I can understand the motivation behind it and don't want to comment this trend in a much derogatory way, I want to put in and bring forth a sound stance towards the public, without giving in to neither naive extenuation nor reactionist distortion and creating and maintaining an open-minded hub where affiliates and adversaries alike are free to speak without facing (or hiding behind) demagogy or false dichotomies. My goal is to spot and address the "elephant in the room", which seems to be consistently ignored in todays discord in many aspects. 

What does it have to do with you?

If you think there is, or should be a demand for a neutral and principled approach to todays international hot topics, where the important and distinguishable questions are asked, instead of having each side patting themselves on the back while engaging their own softball-arguments and strawmen from the opposing side and you want short, concise and non-hysterical content to consume and also share with anyone, then feel free to follow, comment and reach out to me here on steemit.
I want to connect with other content creators as well as followers to participate in discussion and be involved also in pre-creation of the content. Let's use this platform to connect and channel our questions, criticisms and votes to find the right angle and approach to a solution-focused and honest public discourse.

With Regards


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Welcome my friend to the community! I hope you can enjoy this beautiful platform. If you have any doubts you can consult on steemitchat.com. Good luck and have a great weekend!

Welcome to Steemit buddy

Awesome and welcome aboard! Look forward to some good Libertarian banter :)

Welcome to steemit I have followed you and look forward to your postings. Check out my intro post https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@ralsky/who-is-ralsky-and-why-is-he-here


Hey ralsky! Thanks for replying. I've read your introduction and I'm very curious about your content. Let's stay in contact. I'll be commenting on your post, too. Looking forward to read your answer!


Thanks kaeptnkook Im trying to build up some future posts this rainy weekend before I start posting on monday quality over quantity

I look forward to your discourse.

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

Welcome to Steem KaeptnKook! It sounds like what you're going to write about is right up my alley, especially anything Austrian economics related. I've been studying economics and philosophy for a few years now, ever since I had the good fortune to read Atlas Shrugged. My life changed after that. I consider myself an objectivist, and my political leaning is minarchist (although anarchy is very enticing). Anyways, as I said, I'm looking forward to reading your posts. I'm hoping to post some of my own, although I suspect they won't be as scholarly as yours sound. If you have a chance, check out my Blog which I started writing this week, and my post on Anarchy: https://steemit.com/peace/@infinite-monkey/want-world-peace-hug-an-anarchist


Hey, thank you for your reply! I'm looking forward talking to you. I may sound scholarly in this one, but actually my work will only be scholarly in its original use of terms. Namely for everyone with an open mind, eager to learn, regardless of any of the scholarly ranks known today.
If you have any idea to discuss or need any support with content, be sure to contact me. I'm looking for any kind of collaboration and more than willing to help to bundle forces in order to engage todays important threads.

Hello @Kaeptnkook!
A heartful welcome to steemit! As I can see, your account is now online after long hours of waiting.

Hallo @kaeptnkook,

willkommen auf Steemit, wenn Du Fragen hast schaue einfach mal in unserem Chat vorbei


Great post sir and i look forward to follow your writing. After first being introduced to the libertarian way by Dr. Ron Paul myself during his presidential campaigns i am starting to realize that there is a ton of us out there who all got redpilled by the same great man. It feels good to be around likeminded people for a change here at Steemit.

Welcome to Steemit Land!

Nice to have you on board! Follow me at https://steemit.com/@bitgeek