Hi, I'm David Kadavy

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Hey there, Steem. I found out about Steem through this post by venture capitalist Fred Wilson, regarding Medium's recent change of model.

I've long worried about the economics of the web. I used to work in Silicon Valley as a product designer, and even tried starting my own companies several times, but I didn't like the advertising model. I'm also a bootstrapper and solopreneur, so I don't like being beholden to investors, either.

Along the way, I became an author. My first book, Design for Hackers, breaks down visual design for engineering-types. I make my money from book royalties, online courses I create, affiliate relationships with other online course builders, and ads on my podcast, Love Your Work.

Lately, I've been writing a lot on Medium. It's been a great place to exercise my thoughts, and I even got paid a bit in their Creative Exchange program. They ended that program, and that's got me thinking about how writers can be rewarded for their work – aside from books, which I still believe have a bright future.

I'm still a fan of traditional publishing, and am in the process of trying to get another book deal, but I'm interested to see new ways that writing and thinking can be rewarded—especially during those long slogs thought experimentation in between books.

As part of my quest to make a living writing, I've moved to Colombia (from the US). The cost-of-living is much lower here, and I can really cultivate focus. There's something about being a foreigner that reduces cognitive load, because you aren't as exposed to advertising in your native language. Plus, the weather is great.

I didn't want to delay in introducing myself. I didn't want to end up lurking endlessly. Here I am, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this community works.

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I am also new to Steem. I find your background and knowledge vastly useful in today's world. I am just now getting into technology and the digital/virtual world. I started playing around with technology and online infrastructures as a way to gauge whether I could distinguish real from false... there's a lot of false ads in the internet that look legit! And a lot of real that look bogus. As for your post writing is changing and evolving along with out society. Written word has a certain beauty to it that can't quite be possessed through certain mediums. One thing I got an offer in was handwritten books, where the book was printed out using my own self handwriting for the original work. Hours and hours go into this process because it is so tedious to write elegantly and beautiful both in words and in viewing. It adds another dimension to the text... the authors personality. The tone of your story be grasped by the reader more intensely. I would like to create some kind of media or outlet for writers to pursue this style but do jot possess the computer skills. Full of ideas but no programming background.

commenter + OP = match made in Heaven

What does OP stand for? My best guess would be original post but as I clearly state technology is new for muah. So want to be sure I am reading abbreviations correctly. They have a guide in the medical world of standard approved abbreviations, does such a guide exist for the tech world?

original poster

Thank you, kind sir.

Great idea.. I have mused in the past about a sort of anti-font uprising, the idea of a resurgence of handwritten works in the blockchain-age is intriguing.

Especially intriguing if you know how to write in cursive! They don't teach our kids cursive anymore in the states... my handwriting is somewhere between print and cursive and my children can't read my words. Unless of course I print them out very stereotypical computer times new roman!! It's very sad to me that I can almost write in a secret language they can't read when it's done in their native tongue. Maybe an app that printed in cursive would be a better idea?! That way they can learn "old fashioned writing" as my kids call it.

Just listened to your episode "110. Making Money on STEEM..."

Thanks! I'm a n00b, it was very helpful.

Welcome to Steemit David! Creative people moving to places where the cost of living is low is more common than you think here. I'm not sure if it's the demographic that Steemit has attracted so far or if it's a wider trend that I'm not aware of, but it's something that has struck me as interesting about this place. What I'm saying is, you'll fit right in :P

Fellow AVC reader here. Welcome!

Welcome on board! Lets get in contact :)!

Welcome, David. I think you're gonna love here. I'm fairly new to the platform too, only started in October last year, but I'm hooked. I share consistent parts with you regarding activities: I'm also a solopreneur, I wrote and self-published 10 books on Amazon (the last one being co-launched on Steemit as well) and I plan to move in another part of the world in the near future.

As for your life here on Steemit, take it slowly. The community is still very small, compared with other online places, but it has a very strong dynamic.

I followed you and I'm looking forward to your posts!

Welcome aboard the Steem train! I sure hope your experiences both in the professional realm and personal realm will come to enlighten us with the goodness of your heart. Namaste :)

Welcome to Steemit. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the chat. There is also a site with some useful guides here: https://www.steemithelp.net/

Welcome to steemit, Interesting background! I would be curious about what was your full story on what inspired you to move to columbia! Following you now ^_^

Cool to see you on here! I remember listening to your podcast a while back actually... seems I caught it early on!
Your angle for the podcast is interesting too, making it stand out more.

I've been listening to lots of business/entrepreneurial minded podcasts over the years. Actually, the idea is that I'm gonna start my own fairly soon. But it will be focused on other topics that are of interest to me, rather than business/work.

Have you found any fellow podcasters here on Steem so far?

(I see you've got a bunch of messages here, so don't feel like you have to respond lol)

Whoa, that's awesome that you've listened to my podcast. Thanks for checking it out! I unfortunately haven't dedicated a lot of time yet to exploring here, so haven't run across podcasters. I'm really new here.

I certainly understand the time aspect here -- and social media can become very time consuming too.

There are a couple podcasts that I come to think of right off the bat. Mostly they are focused in one way or another around topics relating to the Steem blockchain; There's StemitTalkPodcast @steemittalk, Steemit Community Discussions @steemitcommunity, Beyond Bitcoin by @officialfuzzy and a few others. Pirate Podcast Radio just released their first episode, introduced by my former partner in crime @beanz and one of the new bloggers I follow @sirlunchthehost.

There are a also a couple of great writers. @neilstrauss comes to mind; He was also a speaker at the first SteemFest.

There really is a lot of great content on this site. It's just a bit chaotic and hard to find at this moment, mainly because of the beta stage and the issues that can come with running a start up in general I think.

-I should probably tell you something as a new member that might come as a surprise otherwise. There's something here called a "downvote" or a "flag" depending on who you're talking to. This is a hot topic, because of how Steem is set up as a more or less decentralized network.

The thing is that the downvote was made into a a "flag" with several rules/guidelines for flaggging, but in the end they just now ended up changing these guidelines to be no more than a list of a few common reasons why people flag. Now the "flag" is once again really just a (sometimes potentially very powerful, depending on who votes) downvote, but with a confusing icon.

The above is the reason why I've recently decided to include the short line "[I] Flag based on Steemits guide" in my profile description. This way I'm hoping to avoid some of the confusing discussions that we've had over flagging/downvoting for some time now.

The main thing to rememer is probably not to take a downvote personally so far; It could be due to any reason what so ever.

ps. there's also this blog post, where you can chime in on the matter real quick should you want to

Hey im new too! welcome!

Cool welcome to steemit! I too am considering a future move to a place like Colombia. I am an Engineer and CAD artist by trade. Working from a remote location and earning cryptocurrency is what Im planning on doing. Sounds like freedom.....

Sounds very cool! Medellin is a GREAT place to live.

Are you familiar with anarcho-capitalist philosophy? Your Solopreneur's Manifesto has an ancap feel to it. Especially things like

Optimizing your actions solely on money is a perversion of the very idea that the money should represent value.


The Solopreneur knows that money is worthless without freedom.

It also sounds like textbook Austrian Economics. Either way, it's clear that you have a good handle on economics! :)

And the section on Shareholder Value is reminiscent of Market-Based Management.

Upvoted and followed, welcome to the blockchain! I look forward to reading more of your work. :)

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Steem ON BABY! Only share original posts! Liked the intro!

Hi David, welcome to Steemit. I live just North of you in Panama. I look forward to your content. Upvoted and Followed.

Welcome to Steem.it!
I am looking forward to your future posts. It looks like you have much to offer.

You're quite an interesting fellow. Upvoted, resteemed and followed. Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome. Glad to have you here.

Hi, David, nice to meet you! I would love to hear more about life in Colombia. Welcome to Steemit, I'm looking forward to your future posts.

Welcome David, glad you have decided to join us here and continue branching out your writings into the various possible future pathways which everything may take. Hope to see more of your material in the future!

Also interested in learning more about the community! Welcome!

Welcome to Steemit! :))

Welcome to Steemit! Upvoted and followed 😊

Welcome to Steemit. Stephen

Welcome! Hope you have a good time with steemit.:)

Welcome to Steemit friend, if you need anything I am happy to answer any questions you may have. You should join us on steemit.chat and the 24/7 live radio show you can join in anytime : steemspeak.com/#!/ - upvoted and following you!

Hi David and welcome to Steemit! This is great to have you on board!

Welcome to the platform @kadavy. Your skill will be rewarded here.

Welcome @kadavy!

Welcome on Steem @kadavy!

Welcome! I will follow you!

Hey David!

Welcome to steemit!

This is a great community, you'll like it here :)

Let me know if you need anything, and I'll be happy to help.

All the best.

Welcome @kadavy! :)

Welcome on board :) Good luck with the new book deal!

Glad to have you here David! You're definitely among friends. Colombia sounds great right now, good thinking! ;) (written from the sub-arctic Minnesota tundra)

Congratulations. Steemit is awesome @kadavy

Welcome friend i hope you can Grow up in steemit, im new too. Keep the good work buddy. :D

Welcome onboard @kadavy! I'm basically a reverse. I went from fulltime safe-office space into ditching it entirely to explore Steemit (and some other businesses). Looking forward to learn from you! You seem to have the game nailed down!

Hello David, welcome to Steemit! :-)



Has anyone made any real money out of this?

Welcome. Looks like you are a good fit for Steemit. Looks forward to your input

Welcome to Steemit, David.

It's great to have you on Steemit. Thanks for the introduction and welcome aboard!

I have listened to some of your podcasts and enjoyed them very much. I especially liked the one with Seth Godin. I had never even heard of him. What rock have I been living under? Your podcast is how I found Steemit. Thanks for sharing all of your great info on the podcast.

Welcome! I'm looking forward to checking out your work. I think you'll find that this is an awesome community. That's pretty cool that you relocated in order to chase your dream... and the sun. Kudos!

i loved your beginners guide "Making Money On Steem" episode!! it gave me a lot of insite into this crazy place called Steemit! thank you for all the awesome tips. and @kadavy, please check out my intro post and see if it's up to snuff. haha! :) xoxo Ben Kweller