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RE: @zero-profit back in HF20 and better than ever

Hi @zero-profit, I have 47 SP. With the new Dust Vote Threshold Changes ( re:. if vote-value < .02, vote-value = 0), there's no point in me voting. I also don't plan on doing any blog posts unless/until my vote-value is > .02. Can I delegate all 47 SP to you and have you use those to vote on other people's posts until my curation rewards generate enough payout to return to the platform? If that's possible, what do I need to do to set this up?


Hi @justmeagain

You can delegate all your sp to me and I will automatically use them to vote on other accounts if you don't post and pay you weekly dividends. There is nothing you need to set up, just delegating to me is enough

Link: 45SP, where you need to sign with your active key or master password. Find your key going to wallet -> permissions tab and then press the 'show private keys' button.

But there is a better option. You can delegate 40 sp to me so you keep 7 steem allowing you to make a post once in a while and comment a bit. Then you set my voting limit to 7000, giving you one massive upvote per week. That vote will be worth up to 0.20$ placing your post easily above the dust level. You gain full profit from your investment and can start building followers and interact.

If you want to do that use the following link to delegate:
and then send me a transfer with the memo 'limit:7000' (or any other limit depending on how often you want to post. Anything above 1000 should be safe from the dust limit)

Thanks for the advice @zero-profit. I won't do another blog post unless/until my vote-value is > .02. I will be making update comments on my last post and may also comment on the posts of others from time to time. If I were to use the second method, will you upvote my occasional comments (if I send transfer memo) and then resume the auto-voting on other accounts?

Yes, this is all handled automatically by me. When you write a comment I do not automatically upvote that. But you can send a memo with the link to the comment for an upvote.

I work like a battery for steem power. Your sp is stored and charging up all the time and can be used to upvote posts. As soon as the capacity is full I will vote on someone else and give you a weekly payment for your votes. You can even go a little into debt and upvote when you are empty!

OK, I just signed up for your second option, but please let me know later if the transaction processed. I received an error on Transaction id:ad3b707ceb2124ff6fbde5bb193eeb3f60293fce

Steem Block Explorer
Error serving request
Transaction database is down for maintenance.

Thank you, @zero-profit. :)

Dont worry, it worked on my side. You are successfully added.

Perfect! And LOOK! You upvoted my comment above with $.14. You have made me very happy @zero-profit! Thank you! Now I will be quiet and save my credits for YOU to do your MAGIC! Cheers to YOU, a real CHAMPION of to POOR! :)

You got an upvote from @zero-profit at the courtesy of frdem3dot0

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